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  1. Wife has a 2017 Colorado ZR2 with 25000 mile on it and one of the rear shocks blew. Tore it off and figured I'd rebuild it, but can't find seals. The main seal was cracked and brittle. Can't believe the seal is only 4 or 5 years old. Anyway I can send them in and have them rebuilt for over 3800 a set exchange, ripoff. Anyone know where to buy seals for these things. If not switching to King.
  2. The salt water pool is almost maintenance free, the chlorine generators work great. The pool is 15 years old now, replaced one about 2 years ago. The wife takes care of it, but says she just has to add a little acid maybe twice a year. All we do is check the trap every now and then and clean the filter in the spring and fall. We also have a remote spa that I put a chlorinator on it too. Same thing very little maintenance.
  3. I have 3 Weboost signal amplifiers, they work great. I live remote in a canyon. No signal unless I go on a hill. Bought one of thees for the house, wifes she shed (bitch barn) and my shop. They work great. We didn't have internet so I had to hotspot my phone to use the internet. Go to Solid Signal website and order from there. They have a antenna that you mount up hi where you get a good signal and run coax cable to the transmitter in your house. Never has a problem
  4. I have two 35 gallon fuel tanks and 100 gallon water under the trailer and you would never know when towing. Way better than jugs
  5. I might have a set of 930 flanges, If I have them I'll trade you. I'll check tonight if you're want.
  6. Just got Star Link 2 weeks ago and shut off all my Direct TV boxes. I'm trying to see how far I can boost the Wifi signal on my property. I have a couple houses and some outbuilders I'd like to get the signal to. I have direct line of sight of all the units. Wondering if there's something I can use to reach them wireless. With Star Link you have to buy a service for each location with a dish.
  7. Just freshened up, Came out of a car that had been sitting for years, trans had about 5 hours on it before parked. Pulled it a part and replace the dogs and seals. Have pictures of the inside. 4.57 R&P, 1st 3.08, 2nd 1.93, 3rd, 1.56, 4th, 1.20. Set up for midengine. With bell housing adapter, Flywheel, Kennedy dual clutch $14000, without extras $13500
  8. I have a Su LS3 mid engine that came with a 2D, Gearing, 5.43 R&P 1st- 2.90 2nd 1.86, 3rd 1.39, 4th 1.14, changed to a PBS 4:57 R& P, 1st 4.57, 2nd 2.14, 3rd 1.67, 4th 1.32, it has 35's #2 cup, I run Dumont 3rd & 4th all the time. I'm just finishing up going through a S4S that has 4:57 R & P, 1st 3.18, 2nd 1.93, 3rd 1.56, 4th 1.20. This came out of a Buckshot midengine, I'm changing it to bigger trans right now. If you're interested going to put it up for sale probably next week if you're interested let me know
  9. The main car I like to drive has the turning brake back behind the shifter, this has dual levers. The other car has a single lever on the left. I don't mind the single lever just can't stand having it on the left. It sucks if you have to shift right away, changing hands on the wheel.
  10. Love summer, either take the sxs up in the mountains or pull the boat to Long Beach and head to Catalina of maybe putt in San Pedro or maybe to Newport., used to go to the river but the Ocean is way closer plus never get hasseled by the river police. Last weekend it might of hit 70.
  11. So many of my friends decided to sell and move somewhere else. Almost all of them only visited where they moved to. If they moved to Arizona now there crying it's too hot in the summer or up north they ask if it ever warms up. I've lived in quite a few states in my life time. will never move where it gets colder than here and can't stand the Arizona heat, everyone one of these guys go to the mountains the whole summer. I love where I live. Lots of land no neighbors and close to town but still country. I think we now have 100 hundred people in our valley now, some day it will build around us but bought enough property where no can move next to me so I'm happy. We have a house in Florida where they have this tax. No big deal just don't be a house flipper. Some day Cal will go broke and they'll have to change there ways if not oh well. Plenty of work around here.
  12. My son just went through this. Ambulance ran a stop sign and broadsided the car with the girlfriend and kids in the car. Insurance offered what was available through the adds. Problem was none of the vehicles had the same options. So he refused there offers. After 2 months they wouldn't budge. So he went and bought a new car. They sent him a check and wanted the title. Told them to pound sand. Still fighting it. Farmers Insurance by the way.
  13. I have three houses and my shop on septics, have only had the shop pumped once because we were having a problem with office drain. it hadn't been pumped for 35 years. They said nothing wrong with it. Dug up the around the tank added clean outs for the pipe and recovered it. a tree 150' away had a root get inside the drain pipe at a improper glue joint and collapsed it. Never flush the ladies stuff down, other than that if it's sized right never will have a problem. All my septics have leach pits but one in Florida is a leach field. My house has two leach pits because of the size of the system.
  14. Bought a new Ford 6.0 when they came out. It blew a radiator hose with like 500 miles on it. First service work on it. Had little problems here and there. Always took it to the dealer. When these came out the dealer didn't have but one mechanic qualified to work on the diesels. So it would take at least 3 weeks before I would get it back. When they had the two recalls on them they took away a bunch of power and the check engine light would always come on. California started the diesel smog and when the waranty was almost out I would tow my Samurai to the dealer unhook and go home. After returning it to them every two days after getting it back. The service manager told me to call ford and ask to lemon it. Ford wouldn't even talk, so I got a hold of a lemon law lawyer and sent him the records on it. He called and said no problem. Three weeks later he called and said they will pay the full purchase price, plus insurance and registration since new. This truck was almost 5 years old but only had 48000 miles on it. They wouldn't buy the lift kit and 39" tires though. I told no problem ,still had all the original parts. Put it back to stock, returned it to the dealer where I bought it and they had a check for me. Only took about a month.
  15. I've done this a few times, get a hold of one of the independant company that does registrations and do a lien sale on it. Place a value on it for storage (this is what you will pay tax on for registration) It will have a 30 day hold then they will issue a new title in your name. It's not hard to do.

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