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  1. Some of the guys at our shop refuse to get the poke, I cannot renew my cage code, so the Army can't deal with us anymore, I talked to the head guy today and he told me to wait a month or two and the rules might change. He said he would hold the work till then. Union Pacific gave us till Dec 7th to get poked, Bnsf just sent the same letter and Cal Trans too. UP and Bnsf said F em they'll just pay by credit card for a while. The head of Cal trans said they will find a way around it. I was beginning to think we'll just shut down for a few months till the stupid is over with. Time will tell. Go Brandon.
  2. All my dune friends quit going and saw a flier on the original Buggy Roundup. Went by myself, met a bunch of good people. Found a good group to hang with and have been going there 10-1 over Glamis ever since.
  3. On your fire sprinklers in cold weather have them put antifreeze in the lines. I have a house in the mountains that I do that to. Its non toxic.
  4. Walmart sells Hyper Tough products for hanging stuff in your garage. Good stuff
  5. I bought a couple of these. There great, Warn 885000
  6. I had a 440 that always ran great never got hot. The ignition module burnt out and I went to a local parts shop and bought a new. Every little hill after that it would get hot, took the module back but no waranty's on electronics. Bought another one same thing. Talked to a Chrysler friend and he asked if I used a aftermarket module and I told him yes. He told me the ignition curve isn't right. Called the dealer with the Vin and picked up a factory one, never had a problem again. I could tow anything never budged the needle.
  7. It's going to need race gas or just rejet to E85. There was a guy off the 91 that did alot of these turbo VW's. If it has a bus trans it would be a good starter. I always found on the VW cars that you should count on rebuilding the motor and freshing the trans shortly after you buy them. If you can do it yourself there great.
  8. I agree on this, I started going to Glamis in 87 when nothing was there but the Glamis beach store, Dirty Bob's and Clean Genes. Fell in love right away, Started on the pads for years then moved to wash road. Stopped going when the rangers started handed out all the tickets. We switched to the other dunes but this year going to do at least 2 or 3 trip at Glamis
  9. Started going in the late 80's, it was a blast. Now I live in Honda Valley. Usually just cut across and head up toward Big Bear. It's been shut down for years, The locals will start going and when it gets crowded they usually just tell everyone to leave. If it's not busy will stop on the way back threw and hang out for a while.
  10. Years ago needed dozer for doing some work at the property. Hunted around and found a Komatsu (equivalent to a D9). The guy that sold it to me was turning over his fleet and said he did Cal Fire work. Told me when I was done let him know and he'd hook me up with Cal Fire to lease it out. Checked into it and got my self a low boy trailer and tractor. They rated it a Class A dozer and would pay $7300 a day with transport and two operators. First fire we got called to, they call you and if you accept your on the clock. First you head to where they tell you, then wait and have everything inspected, if pass then you sit and wait. They had us at the camp for 5 days and never unloaded and then sent us home. Couldn't believe it. One of the older regulars told me they call it white welfare. Says it happens all the time. Did that for 3 or 4 years until the state started going broke. They changed the rules and after that it sucked. But when a big fire used to hit they liked to let it get going big before they even tried hard to put out so they could get federal money. It's all political.
  11. Don't know if anyone noticed but the front arms are bolted to the front dif. This could be a real expensive fix if you rip a arm off. The show units should never been brought to the show, they were just slapped together. I'm sure this will be a real good unit when they make them, but it's going to be a heavy dog. Probably great for the dirt but a turd in the sand, I think it will drive like mom's station wagon in the dunes, but time will tell. I hope it works out.
  12. My friend is from Idaho and he bought some nice land with a little A frame on it 10 years ago because he eventually wanted to go back. He went to pull a permit to expand it and they didn't charge much and didn't care about the engineering on it. They told him they won't even inspect when it's done. They said if it falls down it's your own fault. Now he says because so many people have come up there that when he put a RV outlet on his power pole about a month later he got a letter from the building and safety that he must pull a permit and have it inspected or it must be removed. He's pissed, said way too many have moved up there and it's turning to chit like everywhere else. Prices are getting stupid, plus more rules. He's beginning to hate it.
  13. The wife and I were looking at a home to buy, standing in the front yard, it was still light outside and saw it streak across the sky. Badass. Gonna check the Vandenberg website later to see if its on time.

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