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  1. Been doing this for about 10 years now. You do need a commercial d/l with the doubles/triples indorsment. I also believe you are limited to a length of 28' per trailer and a 65' overall. I did notice the footnote that states triples (should mean doubles?) with an overall lenth of 70', but not sure if that is totally accurate. The commercial d/l can be a pain to get through but doable. The biannual physical is a pain as well but at least I get a checkup every two years. Bill
  2. Unfortunately, even if the ASA were sucessful with the petition it would have met the same fate as the Gray Wolf delisting... Gray Wolf News
  3. Since when has the judge become a biological expert? Just a breif query of the ruling screams out the judges subjective knowlegde of biodiversity and rather than trusting the bio experts (if such a thing) at USFW, comes up with her own conclusions. I would like to believe that the expert attorneys fightng for our sport's cause would have certainly scrutinized the BO so this could not of been an issue. Very frustrating....
  4. This would be a definite "Charlie Foxtrot"
  5. You really need to call Washington DC. I called Gary Miller's office on Thursday rather than the local office. Didn't want to have this sit on some local's call log sheet. (202) 225-3121, and ask for the office of your represenative.
  6. As a public owner of public land, I hereby give you permission to park on my .00000000384 undivided common interest in ISDRA. Bill.
  7. Well, I did recieve a response from the Governator. Just a bunch of warm sunshine being blown up the wazzo written by some staffer. Read on.... Here's an idea, how about a little less "blah, blah, blah" and a lot more "Git-R-Done"!
  8. The off road community has an excellent opportunity with what is appearing to be a shift in the momentum towards it's needs and not those of the GAG's. Set a common goal, measure the results, and just simply aggree to disagree on those interest and concerns that differ between the orgs, and great things will be accomplished.
  9. emailed the Gov, my assemblyman and state Senator, what's next, march on Sacramento? You read these reports and it sounds like an Enron or Worldcom book cooking contest....us and we are the shareholders of this fund and the board of directors have failed....
  10. How about all the ones that camped along the shoulder of HWY 78 before it was posted? That was absolutely insane.
  11. Lucky13...I am sure there are two sides to the STU & vendor issue. As I said, this was what I had experience when trying to purchase a new tire. I was just suprised that CG, who was suppose to be the local dealer for STU, had nothing in stock. Maybe the vendor had an axe to grind, don't really care, I needed a tire and neither of them had one. As for the current owners vs the established business vs the vendors in the flats, I personally cannot recall there being the vendor presents in the flats back in the late 70's early 80's like there is today. However, I can recall Clean Genes, the GBS, Dirty Bob's(?), and BMV. Whether they are the same owners now as they were then, well, I know the personnel at GBS sure seem to be the same today as they were way back when. Not sure about the rest of them. Don't get me wrong here, I have fully supported the vendors in the past and will continue to as long as they are there. They provide an excellent service for those of us in need. As far as the GBS, won't step foot into that establishment. I would die of thirst before that will ever happen.
  12. Are you sure about that? I will share an experiece from last Thanksgiving. Went to the buggy parts vendor at the flats to purchase a new smoothie. The vendor told me that they could no longer sell STU tires because Clean Genes was the local dealer and if they did, they would loose their dealership with STU at their store front. WOW, so off to CG's to by that tire. Guess what, CG has no tires, great. Off to try SM's. They had one, and $105 later I'm on my way back to camp. just my nickle's worth.
  13. I don't believe the AMA controls the number of people allowed within it's boundries rather the number of vehicles instead. Case in point, if the School bus duner could fill his bus up to the gills with riders and were to venture out to the AMA, his is still only one vehicle. I would agree with Vicki that if the green side were to gobble up the permits, it would only help with our cause to increase the number of permits available. I also am concerned about the "purchase" word. Are these permits going to be charged for? Bill
  14. Yeah, I figured it would be too much to hope for. It is the permitting issue that I am most concerned with. The central dune "temp" closure has always been our favorite area to explore. Pack a lunch and make full day of it. Thanks for the input Greg and especially the efforts of all to get this far. Bill.
  15. If the effort to delist is sucessful, how would the AMA be affected? Does it become mute at that point and no longer required?

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