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  1. Actually this is in the county... Glen Helen Specific Plan Contact County Supervisor Josie Gonzales office. Josie Gonzales
  2. Took her to the Vet today. All checks out well. Perfectly healthy, 4 to 5 years old, spaded, 93 lbs. I am finding it difficult to believe this pooch just ran off from someone's home. She has made no attempt to leave an unfamilar place. Doesn't even attempt to chase our cat. Go figure.
  3. Hey Bryan, What an amazingly small world! Thanks for calling this morning. The age is a guess. I have her at home for now. Preping found signs to post. Thanks, Bill.
  4. Yeah, it's important to find it's owner. We lost our Balinese cat about a year and half ago, probably to coyotes, as he just couldn't stay indoors. Daughter looked for weeks after and just broke her heart know he was gone. A few years back, camped in wash 32, a couple pulled in from wash 25ish around 11pm Saturday night asking if we have seen their small dog. "Nope, haven't seen it, but will keep a look out." Thought that dog was a gonner. Next day, that dog show'd up in our camp. Couldn't believe it made it thru the night. After luring it in with some hot dogs, we got it leashed and set out to find the owners camp. No luck, but they had posted a sign on wash road. Called them up, they were ecstatic, kids crying, parents crying, but they had left already. We told them no problem, we are heading home Monday and would drop him off. Fortunately, they had friends out there that had not left yet and they came down and picked the pooch up. Great ending to a long weekend. Looking for the same happy ending here too. Thanks...
  5. Hey there, No, we are on the left hand side going north on North Kendall, between Palm and Little League, maybe a mile up from Palm. Large new tilt up... She a good looking, well taken care of shepard. I am guessing maybe somebody's fence blew down with all the wind today and she wandered off. Going to be checking out the neighborhood tomorrow on the other side of the 215. The families directly across the street from us didn't recognize her. Already took her to Pet Smart for chip scan...negative. I can't believe someone would just abandon her. Brought her home for now for safe keeping. No way she's going to a shelter. If you see any missing dog signs in the area, please post. Thanks for your reply.
  6. We had a female German Shepard, about 5 years old or so, very well mannered, wander into our factory today. We are just south of Cajon Blvd on North Kendall Dr. adjacent to the 215 fwy in the Devore area. If anyone out this way is missing their dog or know of anyone missing their dog, please post. Thanks, Bill.
  7. Finally, I get to see who you are for the first time in 20 years of being my agent! Nawww, just kidding, it's the second time...LOL. I'll try to get out there to say hi. Make sure Michelle is working extra hard... See ya...Bill H.
  8. Digital all the way. Quick access is king. Mechanical can slip, typically the middle number, one to two number up or down. As for the digital lock, make sure the safe has a UL type 1 lock. There are several electronically operated lock out there that are just a simple solenoid operated mechanism and look just the same as a type 1. Type 1 locks are typically manufactured by Sargent Greenleaf, Kaba Maas, La Gard, LP, and Securam. Also, if the safe has the UL RSC label, the electronic lock has to meet the UL type 1 requirement. The CS20 that is on sale at Costco is a good buy for a first safe and it does have the UL RSC security listing. Gun capasities are always subject to the individuals gun collection and will vary. there are several local dealers in the inland empire, Southland Safe in Cororna, US Safe in Murietta, Ammo Bros, and Keep Safe in San Diego. There are a couple of manufactures in are too, Amsec in Ontario and Cannon adjacent to the 215 near Kendall Drive.
  9. surf-n-sand nailed it. The state just keeps running off the tax base, revenues go down, budget shortages get spread out amongst those who remain, running off more tax payer, the circle continues. We're all cutting our budgets to live within our means yet the e'ffn state can't do the same and now we will all have to cut more so they don't have to. Makes we wanna just puke.
  10. This was going on towards wash 25 on Monday...Didn't see any "interval" for access. Anyone noticed the bolt holding the I-beam in at the bottom of the post in the picture of the installed posts?
  11. Been doing this for about 10 years now. You do need a commercial d/l with the doubles/triples indorsment. I also believe you are limited to a length of 28' per trailer and a 65' overall. I did notice the footnote that states triples (should mean doubles?) with an overall lenth of 70', but not sure if that is totally accurate. The commercial d/l can be a pain to get through but doable. The biannual physical is a pain as well but at least I get a checkup every two years. Bill
  12. I have six Jaz Jugs of which four of them state that they are not to be sold or used in California. They were manufactured after Jan 2001. I found a link to the following which talks about the rule being adopted as of Jan 2001. Clicky
  13. Yup, them there are some gawd awfully ugly hands...
  14. ^^^^^^ Well, I need a new key board after that image...soda every where!
  15. Haven't heard a plan or policy that makes any sense from Obama or Congress but to keep sending 700 Billion every year to some foreign country that would just prefer we didn't exist...
  16. ...with the approval from Congress. The President can request but Congress has to OK it. But since Bush is an oil man, he'll just write a personal check with all that oil profit he made... Yup>>>>>>
  17. Unfortunately, even if the ASA were sucessful with the petition it would have met the same fate as the Gray Wolf delisting... Gray Wolf News
  18. What I can't get past is why we continue to import oil at a rate of some 13 million barrels per day, sending our dollars off to support another country's economy while we have the available resources here at home to be self sufficient and put those dollars to use here. Think about it, it's billions of dollars per day. I would much rather see those dollars say home, employing our citizens, and helping our economy. It is definitely time to send the government a message to drill here and be self sufficient. It's just plain stupid. How about this, put the whole drilling issue up to vote on the Nov ballot since it is obvious that those who have been elected to represent us can't seem to pull their heads out their back sides and do whats right.
  19. I believe the point being made with reference to the Gun Vault is "quick access" and the design intent to secure weapon from the casual crook or from the hand of a curious minor. The Sentry is more of a document safe and nether of the above should be a subsitute for a gun safe. The Gun Vault unit does have a means of bolting it down and there is a security cable available as well. Bill.
  20. This should raise a red flag, "Taken straight out of the manual that comes with the safe, it states that: Testing shows that the interior tempurature remains below 350F (177C) degress for 1 to 2 hours during a fire up to 1700F (926C). " And this... "• Fire Tested for 15 minutes @ 1100°F" After looking at the way this safe is built, I would give it 10 to 15 minute MAX at 1200 deg heat curve, which btw starts at room temp and climbs to 1200 over a 10 minute period. But, price is king, which is what has driven many chinese built safes to come into the market. If you live here in Calif, make darn sure it has some sort of CA-DOJ compliance statement otherwise, when you go to purchase a firearm and the dealer hands you the form to sign that you have a compliant safe for storage, you will have no backup to your affidavit. Just a heads up. From CA-DOJ; Transfers of firearms to persons who demonstrate ownership of a qualifying gun safe. Ownership may be demonstrated by displaying to the firearms dealer: 1) A receipt indicating purchase of, or an affidavit, signed under penalty of perjury, stating that the purchaser owns a gun safe, and 2) An affidavit, signed under penalty of perjury, stating that the gun safe meets the standards set forth in DOJ regulations. CA-DOJ Std And yes,
  21. Dean's will treat you right... BTW, if you pick up a copy of the June issue of Shooting Illustrated, there is a great article about safes. Bill.
  22. Sorry, not sure why is doesn't launch...be right back. Ok, try this one. clicky
  23. Thank you for the suggestion I.D. but that would not be nescessary. I am well aware of the Sportman Steel product and the sale techniques used. I am well aware of the fabrication methods used in the safe industry. The majority of USA designed and built safes are made from a body, a top, a bottom, and a door which has been punched, plasma, or laser cut and then formed to a shape using a press brake. These component are then welded together to produce the safe. From there it is a matter of a boltwork system and locking device, plus any fire insulation material and an interior. It's really that simple. Every manufacture has their specific marketing plan. Most of the big manufactures, Liberty, Cannon, Fort Knox, Champion, American Security, attend the largest shooting and hunting industry show every year, and I have yet to ever see Sportsman Steel there in any capacity. They have chosen to market factory direct and kudos to them. They use to display at the Great Western Gun Show until it was shut down. Haven't seen much of them since except for some small ads in a few of the gun magazines. There is a video out there "racing to the bottom" and demonstrates two guys breaking into a safe. The link is below but I don't know if it will launch. If not just google "racing to the bottom" and it should come up. racing to the bottom Now what you have to keep in mind, this is a sales tool, but does demonstrate at least why you need to bolt down your safe. Also, the tools used are much larger than those used by UL when conducting their tests and all tests are performed in an upright position. There is a definate leverage advantage with the safe on it's back. Whatever safe you decide on is better than nothing at all. Chose one that you feel offers the level of securty and fire protection that you are comfortable with and go for it. Go to all the manufacture websites, visit some dealers or manufactures, and just become informed. There is a definate peace of mind when you leave your home knowing your firearms and valuable are secure.

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