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  1. Looks like a CarCraft turbo kit. My CarCraft turbo kit receipt is for $2500+ and that was about ten years ago. Engine size is like inches of travel. Its just a number and its all about the complete package. Just tell a potential buyer that it will pull 4th gear up Olds.
  2. This isn't correct. D+ needs to see 12v for the alternator to begin charging.
  3. I had an alternator that wouldn't charge because the light wasn't enough to excite it. If I hit the D+ with a direct 12v it would excite and begin to charge. If your light is going out then its being excited and should charge. The D+ acts as the ground for the light, once the alternator begins to charge the light will go out because it now sees 12v from D+ and there is no longer a ground. Remove the light from D+ and hit D+ with 12v. It should begin to charge. Check via your multimeter.
  4. http://www.hotvws.com/images/Back%20Issues...Index/index.htm Select any year and go to the October issue.
  5. Actually the free hat was if you purchased a motorcraft fuel filter. I missed the fine print.
  6. If you have a 7.3 Ford, Oreilly's has 15 Quarts of Motorcraft Oil and a Motorcraft Oil filter for $49.99 and a free hat after mail in rebate. I usually use Rotella and a motorcraft filter that I purchase at Walmart which costs around $65. This seems like a good deal. Anyone else know of a better deal? Its almost that time!!!
  7. Some people say their cars don't need them. Its not about needing them, its about having a good turning car and making it turn even better in any condition and at any speed.
  8. the sender unit is in the bottom of the oil sump i think. there is something coming out of it with a wire so im assuming thats it. i havent traced the wire yet. i dont know about timing or what advanced locked is? im still very new to this. learning as i go. The sender should be at the rear of the sump towards the pulley, not at the front near the tranny. Your distributor is probaly locked and most guys run their timing locked at 24* BTDC. To much advance while making boost isn't good. Another thing to try is to take the oil temp through the dipstick and compare it to your gauge. Some senders and gauges can be off by 20*-30*. An old VW trick is to pull out the dipstick and if you can't hold it for a few seconds then its too hot. (Not while its running of coarse. )
  9. Where is your oil temp sender located? What is your timing set at? Is your distributor advanced locked?
  10. The guy at Daryl Smith Sand tires said to use Berrymans Tire Seal-R. Has anyone tried it? http://www.amazon.com/Berryman-1316-Seal-R...t/dp/B000FW7UJC
  11. That came out nice. What size front tires do you have? How does it feel with those front tires and no power steering?
  12. they could have rc cars.... Maybe a rc quad.

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