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  1. Chummin needs a 4x4 to tow his..... Speed Car this season....*hahahahaha*. But seriously, he was looking a year or 2 ago. I'll show him this. He never goes anywhere so the mileage ain't an issue.
  2. I'll see your trashcan and raise you a Weber turkey. Easy, perfect and fast. Limited to about an 18lb bird as it won't fit under the lid, any bigger.
  3. I did fried turkey a few times. Too much cleanup and oil cost. BUT, we use the hell out of these to fry other stuff. Use a shallow pan and do fry parties. Throw all kinds of stuff in there. Hands down, best thing is slice jalapeños, batter and fry. Fuggetaboutit
  4. He built/bought it new about 8 years ago (?)
  5. https://www.thepowersportslist.com/product-page/reliable-4-seat-buggy-ready-to-prerun-the-baja-1000 My buddy is motivated to sell. Now including a trailer with the car.
  6. It's yours. You know where I'm at. Otherwise I'll be out MLK. Maybe weekend before Christmas.
  7. Came from my buddy's 250R. Shows some cracking on sidewalls but held air without issue. He just prefers a knobbie. Free. Pick up in Julian. Sometimes I find myself in East County.
  8. Trail Tech 1 1/8 fat bar clamp for Banshee. All original hardware, great condition. I'll include new ProTaper pad if you want it. $40 shipped to you.
  9. They're white gas, not kerosene. The red one is cool. Not as common in CA as other states. I still need one for my collection.
  10. Thanks. But that's as vintage as a bud light Vortex bottle. And just as interesting. I gave away 3 of them last week.
  11. Realized these are $130 each. So come on everybody!

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