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  1. My buddy works at a campground. It was booked almost 100%, 7 days a week last summer. This summer has almost got back to normal. 30% during the weekdays.
  2. Changed plugs in my truck. My arms look like a dog attack. Headed down to a buddies birthday party in about an hour.
  3. What if an employer denied a job to someone based on FBI statistics that they may be 5x more likely to commit a violent crime?
  4. As I know it, that the biggest bowl. On a full moon, everyone cuts their headlights and runs the bowl several times. We've done it on night rides several times. Fun as hell but scary as well.
  5. I've been using the amber colored for many years. My favorite. Good for low light too when you're on your way back from a later ride and don't have clears.
  6. Bummer. He was cool as hell. Always cooking and making fun drinks. I remeber one Halloween he had a table full of Jack shots with grapefruit juice.
  7. Our small camp always does a "night hike". Head up to the tallest dune behind camp. Do it without flashlights. Makes an interesting walk depending on the moon. Great views of fireworks some weekends.
  8. It's a Facebook thing. I started seeing it about 3-4 years ago.
  9. What a pud post. Someone brings up a "Hole in the wall" he thinks is cool, close to the dunes, locals only, one-of-kind type place. So you have to spam about your expensive meat and gay way of cooking. You must be a blast at parties.
  10. Glamis trips are the few times kids and I get off our phones and away from TV. Especially the kids. The few times I'm separated from work.
  11. Not sure how Car Clubs work. But how does one dude dictate what 50 other people do? El Presidente says "cancelled" so everyone stays home?
  12. I gotta take my daughter to the Dr tomorrow. I was going to call about getting an Antibody test while I'm there. I know my doctor wanted a blood sample anyhow.
  13. What's this about? The vague posts are striking my interest.
  14. I had to use the bathroom at Albertsons in Ramona last week. The urinal was like I've never seen. Had an weird angle at the back that caused all piss to spray back on your legs. Had to point straight down to avoid that. Of course, a puddle on the floor.

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