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  1. We had a hard time selling our 2009 grand cherokee in December. Finally got $3500. Had a couple minor issues but drove great. I'll probably regret selling it by next year when my oldest starts driving.
  2. Ya, it does. I had to count $11k when we sold my father in laws Nova. Had to count it out on my truck seat. Nerve racking. The few, bigger transactions I've done, I try to have a buddy with me.
  3. My Mexican neighbor who grew up in TJ and Rosarito said they used to use sugar water.
  4. Ya, thats the stuff I use. No shine, just a nice black. Ill keep using it and mix in some 303 at times.
  5. Rode the border, drank beers, stopped at the pool afterwards.
  6. Nice. Been using this for years on my Banshee plastics. Recommend by a pool guy friend of mine. I've been using on my trailer tires to prevent sun/age damage. Never noticed how it looked.
  7. Just finished washing the trucks. As usual, an argument between my wife and I as to use tire shine or not. I like using it. Not the "wet" stuff but the standard foam on and leave, tire cleaner. She claims it ruins tires. I claim it makes them look good. Anyone know if this stuff is bad for tires or not?
  8. Never seen the show but been laughing at the commercials forever. People on shows like this should already have made more money from the TV show, than the treasure, gold, timber, etc that they're hunting year after year....
  9. Bansh88

    The Wash's

    Don't want it, didn't ask for it.
  10. The prospect of moving out of state was the initial interest in a trailer. After this weekends FFA for my daughter, other options occurred to us. Would I take it to Glamis? Maybe. But it's absolutely not why we're thinking about it. I Keeps It Real.
  11. Bansh88

    The Wash's

    Yep. Deeper washes have been ruined by easy access.
  12. Ramona Fair most the day yesterday. Oldest daughter sold her goat. Gotta work today but also pickup and take back the borrowed trailer this AM. Bumped into Aftermarket (Dallas) at an off-road car show there. Her Bronco won viewers choice.

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