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  1. They're going to relocate this and rebuild on Roadrunner. Rumor is, rules don't apply there and everyone is welcome.... Personally, I don't care much about all these things. They destroy themselves and give us something to countdown on. I dont think think they risk getting all of ISDRA shutdown.
  2. We've got a couple spots/things that we use as a "destination". I just don't post up online, generally. I share with this group on occasion.
  3. Social media and noobs are to blame. And yes, the few OG spots have been riddled with bullshit "memorials". No offense to those that have stapled memories up to every piece of equipment they can find out there.
  4. Doing a little popper type experiment while chicken is on.
  5. Cooked up some elk steaks yesterday. Damn, they were good. So tender. First time cooking meat in a cast iron. Cleaned up the Truggy's after last weeks front yard races. Wife leaving for Vegas work trip. Tested positive for Covid. I notified my boss, only because I thought + tests were somehow reported to my employer, so now I need to use vacation time/work remotely this week. I'm not checking test results anymore!
  6. Was this a question? Smoked at 250* (not 2500) for about 3 hours until 165 or so, internal temp. Lost track as we were pretty drunk. Done this 4-5 times now. Fantastic. Half have been cheese stuffed.
  7. Called today. Planned to pick up tomorow. God damn thing is on a trailer in Mira Loma. STILL. Nothing I/they can do. New ETA is the 26th. F Joe Biden.
  8. Comparing painting a rainbow/wearing a scarf to experimental injections? "Ain't even the same mutahfuking sport!"
  9. Test Test. 2 different attachment methods...
  10. ***SOLD*** Final price was $3500 if anyone uses this for a reference.
  11. I did. Barely. Supposed to pick up next week. I'll post it up then. Going to have questions....
  12. $4,000. Need this sold sooner than later..... CAN YOU F-ING BELIVE THIS COSTS LESS THAN A QUAD?!?!??!
  13. Cancelled Glamis trip as the sticker shock on a new truck hasn't settled in. Gonna party and BBQ at home Saturday. Do some RC racing in the front yard.

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