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  1. First time baby backs on the pellet. Did 250* with 3,2,1 method. Think I'll do 225 next time. They were delicious, regadless.
  2. What a shame what's happened to South Africa. U.S. may have a similar fate in its future.
  3. Pork butt and belly on right now. Jalapeño popper dip going on soon. Drinking and crawling happening later. Bon fire and flag retirements after that.
  4. We are all currently Americans. No one alive was the subject of American slavery. What's sad, is to compare the 4th of July and some Marxist attempt to divide Americans.
  5. White chick. She's an admin type working from home. No idea if it's across the board or what. I hear some hilarious inside scoops on their liberal policies. They have people who's sole job is to deal with their homeless issues since they've allowed them to hang out all day in and around the shops.
  6. My sister in law works for Starbucks. She was given a day off for it. Unreal.
  7. What was the record attempt? Distance? Landing looks really tall but maybe just perspective.
  8. I did steal this and post elsewhere. New head of ATF hates guns and private ownership. Makes sense his head of Land Use hates any kind of access or public use.
  9. Most people are spineless Muppets. They only wore a mask once it was pushed enough and they felt out-of place without one. They will now wait until a majority are without one. I am still seeing people wearing them inside their vehicle. Total F-ing insanity. And they vote...and breed.
  10. Imagine how many billions of "covid relief" went to buying drugs.
  11. DesertWhips is definitely lame. I stumbled into the Sand Asylum facebook once. That was a real Crapshow.
  12. Cal/OSHA is still saying employees have to wear masks. At least per my employer. I haven't wore a mask more than 3-5 short burst times at work and that was only at our main office. No one else has either. Just like politicians, it's for the optics but no one really gives a crap or wears one when the cameras are off. Except the lunatic fringe that literally loves wearing masks.
  13. Went to check on my big, beautiful Wall Saturday. Tested out my smoked cheese and made smoked tuna whip today.

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