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  1. Where do you have the cable attached to the car at, front bumper? Any chance you could attach it somewhere further back (not sure if you have enough cable)? If so, here's a thought, a car being "pushed" from rear instead of "pulled" from the front may be more likely to roll over the steep fenders as opposed to being pulled hard into them by the downward angled winch cable. As Matt said, those fenders are steep but it doesn't look like you have much real estate for adding ramps on the ends. You may be able to get away with the smaller winch with a few tricks or go straight to a 9k and it won't care either way. After years of a snatch blocked 3500 on my flatbed, I finally broke down and put a 9k on it- so much easier now that it has room to spare.
  2. Would it be worth it to cover the magnet surface with something like a trashbag or thin plastic to avoid having to peel iron dust off the magnet itself?
  3. https://www.mhsrv.com/2009-weekend-warrior-road-warrior-diesel-toy-hauler-w-2-slides-used-toy-hauler-tx-i1855090
  4. Are we talking seam seal w/ new coating, replacing the rubber membrane or a complete tearoff and redo? I suspect the $200 is a guy seam sealing and coating in his driveway while the $6k is a complete tearoff and redo of the underlying structure by a pro. Looking to re coat/seal mine in the next few weeks and it appears to be about $500 for materials for a 34' 5er. If I had to replace, the membrane alone was ~$800 from what I found online + any additional sealer & wood replacement so likely closer to $1k+
  5. Exactly why I went with 5pts in the RZR; hate having to take the shoulder straps off like a backpack to get out. Would rather pull the red handle and bail out in a hurry if needed
  6. Glad you made it all the way up! So you came from the Queen Valley side (park by train tracks @ Hewitt Station Rd)? Happy to hear there wasn't too much damage from the fire. Fyi- from what I remember, the east side down is a bit knarlier than the way you came & went. Certainly so with the switchbacks coming down the hill, definitely need to pay attention.
  7. What's the purpose of core drilling with your Hilti? Noticed one of the photos had 40+ locations marked, is that to test concrete integrity or for locating/anchoring the machinery?
  8. Not sure if they are the same but my old swing axle car had a threaded plug in it if you wanted to go that route vs replacing a switch that could leak again. Found something similar at Pacific Customs https://www.pacificcustoms.com/941521211p.html
  9. We did the whole Montana Mountain loop this past springtime in about 4-ish hours from the Hewitt Station road junction with the RR tracks. Fairly easy ride for the SxS. Need to get back up there since the fire over the summer to see what's changed.
  10. Yup, at least it looks like they had diverging flight paths after takeoff so if things went south there was a bit more room between them.
  11. What about my street legal SxS? Doesn't street registration trump OHV registration?
  12. Seems they are not prorating for the upcoming elimination in FY21 And no news if you should avoid paying ahead 5 yrs so I doubt they will go back and credit, but then again it is the news and they don't always get things right.
  13. Fair point on the testing, I'm not in Maricopa or Pima so nothing to save there for me anyway. Would hope they refund any unused years' PS fees but I'd rather not find out the hard way.
  14. Thats good to hear, probably remains to be seen how they are going to treat that Public Safety fee if you already registered for >5 years. I didn't reg my stuff for that long because if you sell it's not likely you get the fee back, only the prorated portion of the VLT. Edit- I heard it was the Red for Ed funding workaround

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