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  1. Yup, at least it looks like they had diverging flight paths after takeoff so if things went south there was a bit more room between them.
  2. What about my street legal SxS? Doesn't street registration trump OHV registration?
  3. Seems they are not prorating for the upcoming elimination in FY21 And no news if you should avoid paying ahead 5 yrs so I doubt they will go back and credit, but then again it is the news and they don't always get things right.
  4. Fair point on the testing, I'm not in Maricopa or Pima so nothing to save there for me anyway. Would hope they refund any unused years' PS fees but I'd rather not find out the hard way.
  5. Thats good to hear, probably remains to be seen how they are going to treat that Public Safety fee if you already registered for >5 years. I didn't reg my stuff for that long because if you sell it's not likely you get the fee back, only the prorated portion of the VLT. Edit- I heard it was the Red for Ed funding workaround
  6. I've noticed in a few pic heavy threads that only about half of the post will load. First in mellen_mpz's Funco thread and now in Sandbam's truck for sale thread. Tried clearing the Chrome cache but no changes. The pics show up if I quote the post but not while viewing it. Any ideas?
  7. Few people have ever wanted a narrower trailer...
  8. Here's my guess, any seconds? 10" - 2.5" = 7.5" 70.5" + 7.5" + 7.5" = 85.5" + however much the tire hangs over the outer wheel flange on each side Edit: although the wheel is likely a bit wider with the bead flange so maybe add another inch or two for a true outside to outside
  9. Us too! Only trip we've made up there this summer and looks like we all missed the rain by a day or two. Saw a tree that had caught fire just down the road from the camp but the forest service was able to get it out quickly with a couple tank loads of water. Was interesting to see the glow of the Museum fire at night and the tanker planes running all day.
  10. That poor Albins... going to need alot more tire for that many ponies
  11. x2 - don't forget your Maverick is not deemed street legal in CA
  12. Started doing this with the group last year and so far so good, much less stress for those of us that coordinate the whole thing.
  13. That's neat, been through there a time or two. Any issues driving on the trails on the Reservation? Google view shows a couple signs at the same pull-off that may mean trouble for UTV's
  14. Thanks for the suggestion Don, I'll add it to the list
  15. Just did the run up and over Four Peaks a month ago in the RZR. Ran down to Tonto Basin, had breakfast and headed back. Was a good, smooth trip since the weather was great, slightly windy at the top but nothing too crazy- actually felt good compared to the Valley. Only bad run we've ever had up and over was one January on quads years ago when it was raining/snowing. Needless to say we were not dressed for that and froze, made for a long trip back to the truck. View from the trailhead on top, looking east toward Roosevelt Lake in the background As you explore the lower washes near the lake, be careful, as there is usually a lot of traffic and many people are not generally paying attention to what they are doing/where they are going. Some of the closest calls I ever had on the quad & bike have been in that area, several potential head-on's and was once nearly t-boned (ended up laying it down). The brush makes for poor visibility and you can suddenly cross paths without warning. As you may have already seen, there is a bit of everything out there from a vehicle perspective - from the small chinese go-karts to lifted fullsize trucks and everything in between. You never know what you will cross paths with. Also, be mindful of people target shooting. I think they have attempted to curtail most of this in the immediate vicinity of the lake due to the high density of people, but most of the outlying areas in/around Four Peaks road are still open. Either way, keep your head on a swivel. That said, it is a fun area to run & explore, some of the trails lead to the other side of the 87 (Sycamore Creek / Mesquite wash) if you know your way around the mountains and that can open up a whole new area to explore. Have you seen this website before? It gives a breakdown of many local AZ trails / areas to check out. https://azoffroading.com/arizona-trails/

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