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  1. Thanks for the suggestion Don, I'll add it to the list
  2. Just did the run up and over Four Peaks a month ago in the RZR. Ran down to Tonto Basin, had breakfast and headed back. Was a good, smooth trip since the weather was great, slightly windy at the top but nothing too crazy- actually felt good compared to the Valley. Only bad run we've ever had up and over was one January on quads years ago when it was raining/snowing. Needless to say we were not dressed for that and froze, made for a long trip back to the truck. View from the trailhead on top, looking east toward Roosevelt Lake in the background As you explore the lower washes near the lake, be careful, as there is usually a lot of traffic and many people are not generally paying attention to what they are doing/where they are going. Some of the closest calls I ever had on the quad & bike have been in that area, several potential head-on's and was once nearly t-boned (ended up laying it down). The brush makes for poor visibility and you can suddenly cross paths without warning. As you may have already seen, there is a bit of everything out there from a vehicle perspective - from the small chinese go-karts to lifted fullsize trucks and everything in between. You never know what you will cross paths with. Also, be mindful of people target shooting. I think they have attempted to curtail most of this in the immediate vicinity of the lake due to the high density of people, but most of the outlying areas in/around Four Peaks road are still open. Either way, keep your head on a swivel. That said, it is a fun area to run & explore, some of the trails lead to the other side of the 87 (Sycamore Creek / Mesquite wash) if you know your way around the mountains and that can open up a whole new area to explore. Have you seen this website before? It gives a breakdown of many local AZ trails / areas to check out. https://azoffroading.com/arizona-trails/
  3. Bleachers at the swing set / volleyball court... 😉
  4. Right, but Location seems more useful to have always displayed vs Member ID. If I'm really curious about all that other stuff like post count, reputation, last activity, etc then I'll expand on a specific person vs begin able to glance at everyone's locations as the thread progresses.
  5. Much better! My only suggestion would be to exchange Member ID for Location (and put it between joined date and status) since location is more valuable at quick glance than Member ID IMO. Thanks for your continued efforts
  6. Cool stuff- no room for it here but where's it located?
  7. Ouch! Hope everyone's ok after that. Good reason to carry a tourniquet in your first aid kit. Wonder how much less susceptible the more rear engined vehicles are vs the ones where you sit over the clutch/engine?
  8. Might be some good info in this thread, although it is focused more on 16'+
  9. Always much more fun driving a slow car fast than a fast car slow...
  10. Driving is driving - that's how you can still get a ticket for operating an off-road vehicle with a suspended license or even a DUI while driving a buggy, golf cart or SxS in the dunes. I agree it's a pointless situation, driving with the pass displayed, but that section is what would cover the hanging tag causing an obstruction of view.
  11. Think this line covers it.... (2) A person shall not drive any motor vehicle with any object or material placed, displayed, installed, affixed, or applied in or upon the vehicle that obstructs or reduces the driver’s clear view through the windshield or side windows.

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