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  1. Here is a good thread to read. Boosted Talons FB page https://www.facebook.com/groups/797686967406569
  2. Enjoying the beautiful scenery / weather / trails up in Mammoth.
  3. Condolences to you and the family Andy. Penny was a beauty.
  4. Can you send me the link to sign up. I have a 2014 Eclipse with this same problem.
  5. Got a 2018 X3 XRS with low hrs/miles. Debating on keeping it and selling my Turbo Talon. Has a salvage title thanks to my kid putting it on it's roof at Pismo when it was still new. Has 2k miles since. Just got new Carillo pistons and runs like a champ. I'm a cheap ass and ran regular 87 gas not knowing a turbo needs higher octane. lol
  6. Isn't that a Geo Tracker ??
  7. My buddy has a King Aire that will be up for sale soon.
  8. Condolences to you and your family.
  9. Guess you weren't firm on going over 20 ft ....😎 Congrats on the new trailer.
  10. Disappointing to say the least. Hope everything works out in the end.
  11. Is it " For Sale " yet ? Seeing pics of that frame just made it real for me. I've been hearing / talking about this car for so long I never thought I'd see it. Congrats brother. It's going to be bad ass.
  12. I've been patiently waiting but finally gave up. Tracking # hasn't updated since 9/8/2021 Contacted Paypal and filed a dispute. Within minutes I received an email from Paypal indicating a refund is being issued. I knew it was too good to be true.
  13. Surprisingly empty. It's damn near impossible to get a reservation though since they reduced the amount of campers to 100 a night. I love this place but it's sad what it's become.
  14. I'm not very mechanical so my description may be incorrect but from what I understand the piston skirts are breaking. The general consensus is that the stock pistons are too weak for any boost.
  15. Spent the day looking at (*)(*) in Virginia City. Another successful Street Vibrations in the books.
  16. Sorry I missed that. Went back and re-read it. If you join any Talon page on Facebook you can search for Chad and send him a message. I really encourage both of you to save your money and wait. I have already been down this road. The stock pistons are not strong enough for the turbo and there have been many failures including mine. Neither Honda or Jackson will take ownership. So keep in mind whatever kit you eventually choose, replace the factory pistons at the same time.
  17. Do yourself a favor and call Chad at the link I provided. I have the Jackson kit and not impressed with it. There are numerous companies that have been working on a kit and never come to market. Chad is very knowledgeable, has been racing his Talon and is the closest to putting out the best kit. He has been working with the guys from PPEI. They will have it soon and worth the wait IMO.
  18. Hondajimz

    WTB sandrail

    Congrats. Extreme makes a nice car.
  19. Hondajimz

    WTB sandrail

    This one looks nice https://str8uptoytrader.com/vehicle/2014-jp-designs-4-seat-sand-car/
  20. I indicated it's not ready yet but worth waiting for. I posted the owners name and link to his shop in case you wanted to call and talk with him regarding when it will be ready.

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