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  1. That trailer looks awfully nose high. You may want to consider a drop hitch.
  2. Classic and low budget do not belong in the same sentence .... lol
  3. Get yourself some lower doors on Amazon. They are cheap and well worth it. Probably going to want an air pumper set up. I went with Rugged but PCI is good too. The aftermarket list is endless but I would just get out and enjoy the hell out of it before going too crazy.
  4. If the Insurance declares it a total loss and you keep it, they will subtract the salvage value from the settlement. You will be required to get a smog, brake and lamp inspection in order to register it again. They will exchange the current title for a Salvage title.
  5. I had mine done and it was beautiful. Unfortunately I sold the car so have no idea how it's held up.
  6. With the starch or Berrymans your supposed to drive the car. Did you drive it afterwards ?
  7. TFTI ... Been trying to convince Tony to make the trip up there.
  8. Did a turn n burn to Lake Elsinore and back to San Jose to pick up a new to me sandrail.
  9. Quick and 90 minutes don't belong in the same sentence ....
  10. At this rate I might be able to buy it next August.
  11. The most common thing that you'll be replacing on a Busa rail is chain / sprockets. The CV's are replaceable just like a transaxle car. Based on your intended use I think the Tech 3 will be a better choice. I wouldn't enjoy the Busa car in the dirt.
  12. That's it ? You look at least 65 Happy birthday youngster.
  13. I am not comparing it to any other UTV's. When viewed from the side the car looks out of proportion, especially the 2 seater. The front looks like it hit a wall and shortened it up compared to the rest of the car. I'm sure it'll grow on me over time like the Funco's did but for now it's not working.
  14. Gawd dammit Larry, you win the internet today.
  15. Alper, I'm very sorry to read that about your father.
  16. These cars are so Fugly to me. I'm glad I didn't drink the Kool - Aid
  17. No need to sell your soul, just might have to give your left nut.
  18. That little thing called a phone #
  19. My buddy is selling his street legal Manx and I said I would let the fine folks here know about it. His name is Garrett and he can be reached at (408)203-1231 https://www.facebook.com/groups/GlamisForSaleSwapmeet/permalink/5708785199145956/?sale_post_id=5708785199145956

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