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  1. This old post is exactly why I'm concerned about weight. My wife laughs at me when I tell her about this but can't say it "Can't" happen because it did to this dude and for me it's not worth it to me even if I didn't get sent to prison. Back in 2005 I was probably 2k over on the trailer and 4k over for my truck.
  2. This is EXACTLY the issue. Raptors are put together pretty good but that makes them super heavy so there goes the CCC.
  3. What Toy Haulers are you guys using for a 4 seat SXS? I know the older WW have a higher GVWR but wife likes the new colors, LED's, bla bla bla. I cannot find ANY 5'er out there with more than 4900lbs-ish of load capacity but most are closer to 3650lbs. That makes it real close with a 4 seat Can Am, some fuel, batteries, tools, dishes, just a little water, etc. Are most people just over loading a little and taking a change. My truck will handle 36K but the biggest I can find is 20k GVWR. I don't really want to go to a modified box trailer. Any major brands out there I am missing? I already have the truck so I really don't want to switch to a DP and closed trailer. I really just need about 1100lbs more what they offer. These are 19k GVWR trailer but they have sooooo many extras that the trailer already weights 15.5k lbs before batteries, water, gas, dishes, tools, clothes, etc.!
  4. RK Racing is one class act dude! I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him on anything!
  5. Saw the trailer on Trader and then noticed it on here. Everything works? Does it come with the hitch? I'm in Phoenix. Interested. You can IM me if there is a lean. I am pre-approved financing though USAA. I have to check with USAA on procedures. Bought a boat few years back with private party lean and they were in Cali, can't remember the procedures. Jim 480-338-1517
  6. I think anytime you change anything you run the risk of trouble. Maybe defective part. Maybe defective technician. Everyone pointing fingers. This is my fear of changing something. But, then there are others with no problems. I am usually the guy with the problem noone can figure out. I will have to do some more checking. I haven't found anyone that has changed gears and tires on my series truck. Thanks for all the input guys.
  7. What was the problem? Brakes, bad tech, programming?
  8. Thanks. Always had diesels before with all the torque but nothing to tow anymore so went lite this time but too much loss now.
  9. I just got 6" lift and 35's on my new GMC 1500 Sierra. Figured I might need a gear swap to get some torque back. Anyone on here done it with a new GM vehicle. Most of the gear options I see say not compatible with the ABS system. Going with 4.56 gears to get it basically back to stock with 3.42. Anyone have any problems with their gear change? Something out there that will work with anti-lock? Prices you paid for front/rear swap?
  10. Who did you end up using and how did it go? How much damage and how much did it cost. I have a roof leak and need it repaired in east valley.
  11. Not fuel to the carb issue. I already checked that. Plug gets black and little wet when this happens so defintitely not starving for fuel. Almost like too much fuel. I think I will get a new plug first. The thing that makes this hard to trouble shoot is it takes awhile for it to happen. So I can't jsut drive around the neighborhood hard for 15 minutes for it to come back to try the next thing.
  12. This is actually more of what I was thinking. I am a pessimist though. Just don't have time to do it yet too cheap to pay to have it figured out and then fixed..... several times. Thanks for the ideas guys.

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