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  1. matt86m

    24 foot car hauler

    Call him, he's not on here much
  2. matt86m

    Live in Calimesa or Beaumont?

    Can always count on GD.com!!! Raspadoo has me covered! Thank you Charger1 & Robert L !!!!! Why they call it 'The Brotherhood'
  3. matt86m

    Live in Calimesa or Beaumont?

    Edit: Found! Looking to leave my car somewhere from Thursday to Sunday. Don't want to leave it in a lot somewhere and get towed. Doesn't have to be in the driveway, street is fine if anyone has a suggestion. Hopefully somewhere close to the 10 fwy
  4. matt86m

    snowed in Prescott

    Headed to Prescott on thursday. calling for more! Gonna make hunting fun!
  5. matt86m

    32ft country coach diesel pusher

    There is a small RV lot in Santa Ana on Harbor. They were still cleaning it up, don't know if they had it advertised. Asking $79,999, 2003 Not as clean as yours, 1 slide, 88k miles, same motor. Little different interior/layout Think its https://www.motorhomesofcalifornia.com/
  6. matt86m

    32ft country coach diesel pusher

    Andy called me about it as soon as it was posted. Actually walked thru another (same model) yesterday. Pretty cool. Big motor for a small coach! I do wonder about the 'short' wheelbase towing a 26' enclosed.
  7. matt86m

    Wheel size suggestions

    Come to think of it, mine may be 5.5''. Ill have to measure next time Im out
  8. matt86m

    2006 Damon Astoria motorcoach

    Curious what the OAL is? Also towing capacity? Genny hours?
  9. matt86m

    just got a car... help

    Combos or King Kong is a good option
  10. matt86m

    Wheel size suggestions

    My 35's are on a 7'' wheel
  11. matt86m

    LA Speed Check

    Awesome. Glad I watched the video!!!
  12. matt86m

    Calif Vanity Plates, lets see?

    I want PHYQUE
  13. Is the cargo length listed for the long or short side of the trailers?
  14. When they find RBG maybe the R's can get another good justice in there
  15. matt86m

    Tips On A New Tatum Build

    Congrats - What did you decide on?

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