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  1. Stop following me... Who are you anyway? Stalker! Go away! Hello, 911
  2. Jesse at New Trend! Family operation. There after the sale. Good people!
  3. Back decided to check out. All I did was stand up so I won't be doing crap for a couple days
  4. Saw a comment on ig "The cameras malfunctioned sometime during the night" OK, sure. How convenient.
  5. So tomorrow kind of starts the process. Tree trimming. Got the initial plans done, some of it is liquid (no, not a pool). They have to get some engineering done for the 2 awnings/gazebos/shade structures - whatever the hell they are called. Then permits. Demo hopefully will start in a week or 2. Then the liquid part, playing with spray paint and the layout. Grading, layout the slab for the bbq area and placement of the L bbq island. Dig footings for the island and posts. Trenches for gas line, electrical, water and cable. It's about to get real. Got boxes of bbq and island stuff in the garage, it will be nice to get the space back.
  6. Well,,,, it should kick off in the next week or 2. Been some delays, some mine. We are ready though!
  7. I have more teeth than that!
  8. Way beyond my computer capabilities! Then I'd have to crop it and I dont know how to do that!!!
  9. Watching Greengo slam himself onto concrete! Packing for Hawaii Grandson's bday today, got some kalua pig in the crockpot and some steaks waiting in the wings to be grilled up later.
  10. Keystone is NOT beer. Let's get that straight!
  11. Feel free to share yours! The names have been deleted for their protection and the protection of others. No bikes or concrete were harmed in this video. @Grease Monkey @GlamisGreengo @Kanlhitit

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