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  1. Top Coat has an Independence Day sale going on right now, Still $$ for 2 bottles and some rags.
  2. Read about it. What I like is they say it works well on flat or matte finish paint too. Protects/stops finger prints. My Harley is the flat black color. Would be nice if it worked Edit: Just looked it up. Holy crap! $80?!
  3. Suzuki Cabrea 30hp 2 stroke outboardShort shaft. 15'' 1986ish. Runs great! New propEmpeller 1 year oldlower unit oil 6 months old Carb cleaned and motor tuned 6 months ago New kill switchRun it monthlyComes with a 6 gallon gas tank, new fuel line/bulb/quick release fitting.Xtras: Male & Female fuel line fittingsEar muffs for flushing motorSome 2 stroke oilMeasure containerOutboard stand $650 obo
  4. Quick reference for cutting tritip. I have been doing it this way for a while. It really does make a difference in the 'chew' of the roast. Best demo I have found. https://www.traegergrills.com/smokenomics/carving-tri-tip
  5. Only seen pics of them. Look like a small piece of coral! Have a couple friends with them. They chose breakfast to share their experience and pass pics around! No thank you! Hope you all get thru it!
  6. Rather sell these and get 4 later when I know what wheels I'm going to use
  7. Look on the scoop itself, in the middle, on the back side. Although with tires that old the markings may not be visible. Wont be on the sidewall.
  8. I paid $100 for the 3 tires then had them cut and buffed - forgot how much that was. Started at $90 - Make me an offer!
  9. I have 1 - 2 piece stock ATC70 wheel in good condition, powder coated black. - $20? Have a set of tires that have been mounted only - never run in the dirt or sand. Had them cut and buffed by Fullerton Sand Sports. Too small for my A+ build. Should be good for a hard tail 70. Front buffed by Scat Trak into a mohawk. $90 Make an offer! for the set of 3 Located in OC, Fountain Valley
  10. thought you were talking about the street! Who is Louise?
  11. You bagging on my city?! Fountain Valley,,,,,Its a nice place to live.

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