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  1. California engineer ran train 'off the end of rail tracks' in attempted attack on USNS Mercy in Los Angeles, DOJ says https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2020/04/01/doj-engineer-derailed-train-usns-mercy-los-angeles-government-takeover/5110021002/
  2. Just to add $25,000,000 going to congress, that's $39,000 each. The people get $1200, they get $39,000. that's what they think of themselves and us.
  3. Couple hundred less now,,,,they are on the front of my truck!
  4. Good friend of mine in Tustin is on 14 day lock down. Daughters friend was over and she tested positive about a week later so they are playing the waiting game.
  5. There is a diaphragm inside the pump that sometimes fails. They make rebuild kits or replace the pump.
  6. I tried STU Blasters 33's on a set of Methods 15x7 on my Monster Manx. Didn't like them on that rim. Too narrow, pinched the tire in too much. Slide was not predictable, dug too much, didn't like to look either. Sounds like getting them cut down is the right idea.
  7. Coffee, breakfast then a bloodymary
  8. Got a brisket on the BGE, started it at 6am. Waiting to eat!!!
  9. ,,,,plus 2, carry the 1,,,,,,divided by the square root of,,,,there that outta be right
  10. I'm waiting for the great outboard motor sell off! Anyone have a 4 stroke 150?
  11. 53' is good for pistol, shotgun too.

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