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  1. I thought you were having a good day! CA pools will be here tomorrow.
  2. Good news! I could only watch a little of the dumbasses on the video.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if $store fires him for carrying a gun at work. Unless they allow it.
  4. Fab guys? Not so much. Food & BBQ guys? YES!
  5. I read that wrong. Carry on!
  6. Tip Top cafe for sure! You'll thank me later. Ox tail soup or Loco Moco!
  7. Id like to see a pic of your temp gauge
  8. They cook hotter than you think. No need for high setting. Good choice!
  9. Clutch with your right? I'm here all day!
  10. Was thinking of hitting Mo's Smokehouse BBQ in Pismo?

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