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  1. Went by Lowes, they were sold out - had an $80 helmet on clearance for $37. Ordered a Striker too.
  2. Is that passenger side spring (silver) off center at the bottom?
  3. 091 is probably your best bet but I did see this here on the board
  4. Here is a brisket from today. Started out 19lbs, after trimming 15lbs. I probably trimmed too much fat. Started it on the POS Traeger cause I was feeling lazy, Got up at 3 to take it out of the fridge. Then up at 4:30 to start the Traeger, already seasoned, waited for the grill to get stable and put the meat on. Went back to bed, woke up thinking all is fine only to see the temp gauge reading 477*!!!!! WTF, set for 250! Open it up and 10-12'' flames all around, drip pan has warped again (2nd one) and grease is getting in the bottom instead of going in the drip can. I shut the Traeger down and start up the egg. Get it going and put the brisket in there and have to play with vents until the temp stabilizes. after that all was good for the remainder of the cook. Came out pretty good considering the start. Blasted Traeger on ig so I probably won't be customer of the month! Won't do anything but it made me feel better! Got some cubes for burnt ends too!!
  5. How long did the shipping take?
  6. Party at Jim's!!!! Flatbed in a sh!tload of 70's
  7. matt86m

    A+ Build

    ATC's and donuts!!!!!! Great duo!
  8. This one is going to be mine. TJ can make xtra mods on the blue one for his.
  9. Chicken wangs tonight!!! Sprayed a little duck fat on 'em then spiced up with Grilling Gods Sweet Backyard BBQ and Southern Heat. Cooked direct on the MiniMax around 375* for 45 min or so. Nice little char, flame kissed!
  10. matt86m

    A+ Build

    Damn Randy!!! That looks killer!!! Lets talk about getting together, We will come to you, I know Audi wants to hit the donut place again! Dinner is on us!! or if you want to brave the traffic and come down here Ill have a couple grills going!!! @Stugots
  11. Saw on instagram there will be an ATC70 Invasion July 17-19 2020 Who's in???

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