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  1. matt86m

    BBQ hook up!

    Way too much! plus Im looking for a gas grill
  2. matt86m

    BBQ hook up!

    Island will have a 28-30'' gas grill, side burner, cut out for my Big Green Egg, maybe a sink - not sure I need a sink. Traeger will remain on the rolling cart.
  3. matt86m

    BBQ hook up!

    Built in. Something similar to this. Except the island will be straight and 12' long, no L.
  4. matt86m

    BBQ hook up!

    I can already save a few bucks by buying the built in bbq, doors, drawers etc myself. Haven't settled on a particular brand yet. Looking for 28-30'' stainless bbq, side burner, single or double trash bin pull out door (for charcoal and pellets) Possibly a standard 30''+- double door and a 2 drawer storage insert - or something like that. Im chasing 'the deal' but still want something of quality. The gas bbq is not my go to everyday so I don't need a large cooking area. Looks like we will be spending a few bucks with @DeviantDuner His design guy has been great and I know I can get the equipment thru him but exploring my options as of right now.
  5. matt86m

    Best Electric start Lifan or similar?

    Putting a 140 E start in the wifes,,,,,well Stugots is!
  6. matt86m

    New or “freshened” 2d?

    Be sure the gear ratios are what you want too - if you go the freshened up route. I have before and have no problems.
  7. matt86m

    Its Saturday 4/20/19 What are you doing this weekend?

    Wifes birthday today. Did breakfast in bed. Have dinner plans tonight. Tomorrow Easter brunch at Duke's!
  8. matt86m

    $30,000 for a built in BBQ island

    If I worked as hard as you do I could! How the hell are ya?
  9. matt86m

    S4 transmission for sale

    Damn! I'd love to put this in my car!
  10. matt86m

    Hunting Trips Who Has What Planned?

    I know, I do it every year.
  11. matt86m

    Crazy things you see in Glamis

  12. matt86m

    Hunting Trips Who Has What Planned?

    That's because there is no rhyme or reason to Az's preference point system! CO used to make you pay for the tag up front then refund your $$$ if you didn't pull a tag. Problem with the small game license is we probably aren't going to use it as a license, have to look at it like a fee to apply. Either way non-res in any state is gonna cost us!
  13. matt86m

    $30,000 for a built in BBQ island

    Couple things: 1: Thanks for helping me realize I'm not crazy! Still can't get over the pricing from SP. 2: And more important. DeviantDuner and I started a conversation on Sunday, within an hour (no joke) I had a txt and a missed call from his design guy! Called him back (on a Sunday!) and had an appointment the next day! Julian was here when he said he would be. We had a good talk, he has some ideas and said we would hear from him in a few days. Couple txt's on tuesday for some info and we are patiently waiting to see what he comes up with. Hope we can work something out. I told Tim (DD) I'd rather put some $$ in a duners pocket when I can. We will get a project done in the backyard. Thanks for all the comments and offers of peeps! Ill do a thread when things start to change in the yard. Main focus is awnings, bbq area, seating, maybe a fire pit. Extend the outdoor living area.
  14. Damn, that's nice!

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