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  1. matt86m

    BIG shout out to gd.coms COOKIE!!!!!

    What's the bundle?
  2. matt86m

    A+ Build

    No $hit!!!! You owe me one and whatever else you took out of my pile of parts!
  3. matt86m

    GDS App?

    He's talking about my ability to download an app, enter the correct info and then tapping a button to make it work! The spelling is what I needed, that and the 'code' to distinguish GDS for the app
  4. matt86m

    A+ Build

    Been a while but there were more important projects for Randy to take care of. After all he sleeps with his wife and not me! I understand and support it! But mine is back on the bench and progress is happening. Tank had a dent (5 according to Randy) that I was ok with but HE wasn't having any of it. Also said the bike need a little pop of color so he told me about this black/burgundy and I said run with it. Chain tensioner looks badass with the skateboard wheels, powder coated and the new spring. The bars were a little low, here is a good pic of the risers. Poule said this is going to be one of the nicest A+'s in G but it will never get ridden. Some of that may be true,,,,, All joking aside, Randy is killing it on this one and Ill be proud to own it!
  5. matt86m

    GDS App?

    I even suprise myself sometimes!
  6. matt86m

    GDS App?

    Yes it did. Too easy! Be sure to spell it w/o the C. Quikstor
  7. matt86m

    GDS App?

    Thank you!
  8. matt86m

    GDS App?

    Anyone know what app GDS uses so you can open the gate without getting out of the truck? yes. I’m that lazy!
  9. matt86m

    Stereo Intercom

    Don't you have car(s) to work on?!
  10. matt86m

    Fun with epoxy

    Don't let Poule near it! He'll toss a blue chip in it
  11. Posting this for Jerry (The Goo) - Great for filling tires around camp, emergency on the road, etc 5# co2 cylinder in great condition with hose/filler I'll get the date code/expiration In Long Beach - Pick up ONLY $125 - PM me for #
  12. matt86m

    Tips on how to remove Mendiola 2d fom north star 4.6

    Curious if you got this apart and back together!
  13. matt86m

    Couple TRAEGER questions

    This was a good read https://www.seriouseats.com/roundups/best-pellet-smokers
  14. matt86m

    Couple TRAEGER questions

    Go BGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't say enough about the Big Green Egg
  15. matt86m

    Couple TRAEGER questions

    Too many moving parts which is why I like my BGE!

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