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  1. matt86m

    A+ Build

    In its natural environment!
  2. #reunitedanditfeelssogood Suki is on her way home. Thanks Monica!!!
  3. Monica saw my post on ig. She saw the lost dog post on fb in the lost dog dunes page. She sent me a txt and the owner called me. Both of their dogs (sisters) got scared and ran when some fireworks went off on Nov 30th. They found 1 right away. Stayed 2 xtra days searching for the other. Sounds like they were camped in the washes and this little girl made it all the way to the canal off gecko.
  4. Owner found!!! Someone saw the lost post on FB lost dune dogs. Sent me a txt and got a call from owner. Good day!
  5. Looks like a Shitzu. Female. Black and white. Colar but no tag. Found by the canal down from pad 2. been out here a while, it seems. Mated fur, burs and sticks. Matt - 949-632-7973
  6. No better view than thru a wind screen! Nice ride! Kudos for making Uncles trip a reality!
  7. I could see you on this. Leading the RRE parade around the loop. Waving at all the jealous people who came to watch how the other half live!
  8. I always write in the amount on both before letting the paper work go.
  9. Nothing hits me harder than seeing pups on the table like that. Coming up on a year since we lost our last one. Glad your guy is going home!!!
  10. Seneca has bunk beds option. I have been dreaming of a super C for a while. I dont want a 40 dp, the Seneca is 39'. Renegade has a 36' but its more $$. 36' can still go into a lot of parks but its at the max length. 34' would be better.
  11. That looks great Wapa! I can't tell for sure but are you slicing across the grain on your tritip? Makes a difference in the chew.
  12. What are you doing?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. We will be out there on the 10th to the 16th if you get her up and running. Put it on the flatbed and stay with me.
  14. All great stuff fellas!!!!!!!!!!! What TJ described is what I intend to get into. '15 JKUR, ~50k miles, quality lift and 35"s, nice bumpers, etc. but didn't appear to have been really wheeled) for about $30k I'm reading and digesting as much as I can I had a '98 but it was narrow inside. I have been looking at the interior specs too. 2012 for the motor is a absolute! Please keep it coming!!!!

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