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  1. Only way three seats works in 64" is if Granny is sitting in her rocking chair in the back. Otherwise it's just a child's seat in between the adults.. Think about it, would you put three seats in your old Can Am? and that was 72" at the tires
  2. I think it will be ballz out high speed fun till the spare parts start to run out. We will see a fast start tapering off after Thanksgiving and a build back up at the end of the year. Sure that is what happens every year but this year I think it will be more pronounced, with shortages of spare parts and extra money.
  3. You do realize that the person who broke into your truck was probably the guy whose life you saved last week
  4. How about ABC for saving that junkies life so he could break into his car later that week ?
  5. Have seen them maybe 6 times over the last 40 years. Great band and they always delivered a energetic live performance that had you standing on your seat. Back in the 80's they were one of the best live acts to see They were a tight band and knew how to entertain. That being said Klause is now well over 70 but still can sing, the rest of them are not spring chickens either so I wouldn't expect the energetic show I once saw. Doesn't mean they are not a tight band who know what songs the people still want to hear.
  6. Mac replaced his worn out 900 with a crate motor are you saying they no longer offer a crate motor from Polaris?
  7. If you find Westmoreland beautiful and Brawley enchanting your going to love the quaintness of Holtville the shining gem that is Imperial and the bustling metropolis that is El Centro. If you want to see real spectacular sights though I suggest Ripley and Palo Verde
  8. Camera's only get a picture of the jackhole that robs you as a best case scenario. A few weeks back a idiot ( yes that is what I call people who will load up a SXS on a trailer the night before) had his RzR all loaded up on his trailer and for safe keeping had it sandwiched between his truck and his wife's car in the driveway. Had cameras watching the entire thing. Well about 3am some douches back up with a Rav 4 or Tucson(small SUV) and hooked up and were gone all on camera in about a minute and a half. also side swiped the wife's car as they left. Yet that was not the scary part, Scary part was that the driver of the getaway vehicle did the hooking up and the passenger gets out with a AR and provides cover for the robbery. So if the owner had seen a car and just ran out there he easily could of been shot or at least shot at. Thieves now have no deterrent of going to jail for long periods of time, They are already willing to take what is not theirs and now it would appear they are ready to stay off an attack from the homeowner.
  9. So you actually waited a cotton picking minute
  10. That is how you racked up the big points. Leave the one little astroid then zoom around and kill all the flying saucers that came out.
  11. When they built the facility there was nothing down that way, They had the drag strip, the lake and Compton Terrace for concerts. Soon after Bondurant showed up. For the Indian Community it was a plus plus for the lease. Like all leases the lease ran out and they took over the management of facility Bondurant had gone belly up Compton terrace had been replaced first by a MX track then the Lucas track. While these things might be making money in the long run compared to one of the biggest hotel Casinos in Az, The Outlet Mall, a tourist trap ( Rawhide) and now a temporary soccer stadium are all pulling down as much or more money for the same or less acreage. Then you add in what ADOt is going to pave over in the new interchange/ fly over ramp set up for the people who live in Maricopa. Why wouldn't the Tribe close down one thing and then build something that makes them more money and employs more people? I am sure the Gila River Indians are looking the Pima's and the entertainment center they have built up between Via De Ventura and Indian Bend and are thinking, We got to get rid of this big facility that gets used maybe once a month and maybe makes money 3 times a year for something else.
  12. Shine a bright light in somebody's face expecting them to stop doing harm to you or others is foolish. If your lucky the worst thing that happens is you look like one of those spot lights they use to shoot into the night's sky every time you open your mouth.
  13. Yes that has little to do with it. I-10 is going to be widened up and the Queen Creek Exit will be more of a free flowing interchange. Not sure what the Indians plan on putting in that location but I am sure it will generate 10X the money as the track and all of it's aminedities did. I have a friend who works for ADOT and as soon as the west side ( Cotton Lane to the 85) has been completed they will kick that into high gear, and as soon as the Broadway Curve project is done the I-17 up past Cordes Junction will start to move quicker.
  14. So what will happen first We hit page 300 or delivery of the first car ? Could CARB be slow playing the approval because of the impending electric only fiasco that is coming ?
  15. The one I saw that cracks me up the most is this new one that has basement storage thru out the garage and the garage was at least 15' I want to say the trailer was advertised at 48'.... The part that cracked me up was dual axle so only 4 tires for the entire rig.
  16. It's funny you people are acting like you know Bansh. He is the type of guy who would rather not go to the dunes then stay in a trailer, He doesn't even like tents and is happiest when he just sleeps on his flat bed trailer that he towed out to a remote location where nobody can camp within sight. Only reason it appears he is getting a trailer is his teenage daughters, If I know him he will probably sleep in the back of his truck and crap behind the bushes even once he has a trailer. Only way he buys a 30 or 40 5th wheel is he plans on putting it on his own land 100 miles away from civilization and living there
  17. But it did drive away from the dealership, Something SPEED can't seem to do, yet.
  18. 90% of the people I would tell get a 5th wheel, you however I say get the tag, Why? Because you won't use the 5th wheel on your W19 boondocker trips, Your one day summer trips and your take the bikes down to the border for your throw chit at the wall trips. While a 5th wheel hitch isn't the hardest thing to install your going to hate it when it is in the bed and you want to do something. Your not going to like it when you can't use the bed of your truck. Attitude Trailers have a narrow body that would be my first choice. They have a front sleeper you will be able to put three quads in and it is not the wide body so the SxS people who are upgrading to the 72" cars are unloading. WW would be next the FS2600 is perfect and are highly sought after. They are not triple axel and you would not have a hard time getting 3 quads and your buddy's wheeler in it. It is a wide body and fits the 72" cars so they go fast. the Super Lights can work for what you want and the 23 and 25 footer's are good, however your not getting 3 quads in the 23' Carson, More your liking. They are more utility than fancy and you can find them but some are beat on pretty hard. New, Seeing you in a toy hauler is hard to picture, in a new one, I can't even imagine. If you do get a new one make sure it will fit a 4 seat SxS
  19. You might want to hit refresh on your market
  20. Take a viagra and wheelbarrow around the house, Why Not ?
  21. At one point they were to build a giant motorsports facility out in Gila Bend, It was going to be a combination of Firebird and Speedworld.. Yeah that fell thru, Also on the drawing board was a dirt oval and some other facility's out at PIR, That to did not materialize. They do have a place in Casa Grande that has a road course that the street bikes have been using for a little bit. Maybe they can build something down that way.
  22. We might need to pull you into Tech to see if you should be in the Unlimited Class. Those fancy doors on the front might of pushed you up into the next class.

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