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  1. Temp sensor? I thought it was all mechanical... I’d like to check into them more. Is there a site member that sells them?
  2. Groovy. That’s exactly what I bought too. I was thinking of adding a pump to my trans. Is it worth the extra money?
  3. What is gear lube capacity for a 2d?
  4. Jonesin'

    WTB Douglas 15”

    Not sure if those will hit my arms or not?
  5. Jonesin'

    WTB Douglas 15”

    John beat me to them on my own thread? Hijacker John. 🤣
  6. Jonesin'

    WTB Douglas 15”

    I’ll take them
  7. Gotcha! Yes, I have the handheld monitor.
  8. I was curious on this too. Can I grab an Oreilly t-stat for an ‘01 F-Body and be fine?
  9. I’m having sausage put in my MAT in that spot too. What is data logging?
  10. Jonesin'

    WTB Douglas 15”

    WTB a set of old school Douglas 15x12. Like the ones pictured. Preferably with a 2” offset. Anyone have a set laying around collecting dust? Thanks in advance!
  11. Can’t wait to get this thing fired up!

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