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  1. Jonesin'

    Switch Pro

    I guess that's a "no go" on a price for the Switch Pro? I sent you a PM on price and availability...
  2. Jonesin'

    Switch Pro

    Can you shoot me a PM? I'd be glad to buy from you guys and support a sponsor. As I decided earlier, I'm not going to buy a knock off. I don't want to start cutting corners on this car.
  3. Jonesin'

    Switch Pro

    I don't think I'm going to cheap out. I'll get the real Switch Pro. Not going to chance it. Will I need to run my gauge lighting through this or just hook those up with the head lights?
  4. Jonesin'

    Switch Pro

    Is that wiring under the hood? Looks very clean
  5. Jonesin'

    Switch Pro

    Is there a turn signal function on this model?
  6. Jonesin'

    Switch Pro

    I see a knock off one on Ebay too. Has anyone used a knock off?
  7. Jonesin'

    Switch Pro

    Can you PM me? I'm about to do a complete rewire on my .net car
  8. Jonesin'

    Switch Pro

    Where did you find the grommets for the holes?
  9. Jonesin'

    WTB front brakes/hubs

    Just seen this. Are they still available?
  10. Jonesin'

    Switch Pro

    Has anyone used Switch Pro? I like the fact it has a strobe function for turn signals. What can I use it to control? I don't want to overload the panel with something too large. I was also thinking of maybe the eBay knockoff too but, I don't like to cheap out on a good thing...
  11. Jonesin'

    Anyone need a New Ecotec turbo motor ?

    Yes they are. Has the highest stock horsepower and torque Eco that I've seen. Buy an ECU and tune from CBM will have you sitting about 320 horse. Sky is the limit after that.
  12. Jonesin'

    Tubing bender ideas

    I understand what you're saying. However, that's like saying use a screw driver to hang up a couple shelves instead of using a powered drill... 😄
  13. Jonesin'

    Tubing bender ideas

    I'm looking for electric
  14. Jonesin'

    Tubing bender ideas

    Please PM me info when you can. I'm ok with electric being more expensive than air...
  15. Jonesin'

    Tubing bender ideas

    Let me rephrase that. I may have to convert my own JD2 bender to electric/hydraulic... I don't feel like using my compressor air to bend pipe for projects. Not sure on a 110v motor and whatever is needed to complete this?

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