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  1. Exactly what I did. Bought a complete used car. I wouldn’t attempt to start from scratch.
  2. J Alper for the win! Solid motor mounts done! I’ll get the rear triangulation bars welded in when I fix the exhaust
  3. J Alper for the win again! Solid motor mounts done! I’ll get the rear triangulation bars welded in when I fix the exhaust.
  4. Just got them last night. I’ll be getting them installed today along with the trans studs from CBM.
  5. Yes. Hope to have it up and running in the next few weeks.
  6. Yes it fits great. I’ll put on a throttle stop along with a clutch stop
  7. Exactly what I came up with too. I’ll get it in the morning
  8. How is a person to learn without asking? Asking a veteran or looking for help seems much safer than “figuring it out on your own” to someone who doesn’t know... I’ve noticed a few members give a lot of “that won’t work” or “you’re doing it wrong.” As for my project, I’ve taken a lot of bumps and bruises over the past year with this. If I tried to “figure the small stuff out on my own,” I would have short cutted many things that I had asked. No, I don’t take it to heart and get upset. I try to retain as much info as I can and apply it to my car. Why? Because I don’t know everything and questions need to be asked. How many questions were asked when you first got hired at your job? Like, “where is the bathroom?” Or did you just “figure it out on your own?” Anyway, on my behalf, I am thankful for everyone’s help. Especially the ones who reached out with personal messages and cell phone texts.
  9. Looks very slick! I’ve only used compression fittings on trans cooler lines and oil coolers. Most likely going with something made if I can’t find the correct connector
  10. I window shop too. Just not sure what it’s called? It seems to fit the TB pretty good

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