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  1. Jonesin'

    Turbo 2.2l ecotec

    Here is a bump for you. where did you get the intercooler with a mount and scoop?
  2. Jonesin'

    LNF help/advice (pics)

    I agree
  3. Jonesin'

    Megasand/091 R&P difference?

    I'll check the condition of the lube and see how it goes
  4. Jonesin'

    Megasand/091 R&P difference?

    So you think this Megasand will be ok or now? How can I tell without opening it up?
  5. Jonesin'

    Mendeola MD4-2D

    Thanks boss!
  6. Jonesin'

    Megasand/091 R&P difference?

    My car is about 1560 with a 230 horse turbo Subaru 2.0...
  7. Jonesin'

    Megasand/091 R&P difference?

    I was planning on buying a 2d when I swap engines. Just looking if anything as available to use this trans in a car for my son. Or, sell the whole engine/ trans combo hen I do the swap. Not sure yet?
  8. Jonesin'

    Megasand/091 R&P difference?

    Well, currently in my ".net" car I have a Megasand trans. I'm curious to know if there are any rebuild kits available for this trans? No, it doesn't need to be rebuilt and it doesn't make any noise while driving. I've heard through the grapevine that these trans are not made anymore and the rebuild kits are obsolete. With some hours of searching the interweb and calling numerous trans builders out west, it seems to be true. I'm taking a stab in the dark if anyone may know how to get ahold of Omar for a R&P? Or if anyone knows someone with a spare set laying around? I talked with someone at Rancho and he said if it needs to be "freshened up," that won't be a problem. But, if it needs a R&P, I'm going to be up muddy creek... He won't know until the trans is opened up if I'm lucky or if the trans is just a big paper weight... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again! Justin
  9. Jonesin'

    BFD revo , Anyone own one? any feedback?

    Cost of parts/fuel to gain HP. Ecotec is far superior
  10. Jonesin'

    LNF help/advice (pics)

    Well, this LNF will be about 315 horse at 20psi in stock form with CBM's set up. In order for me to get 315 horse out of my current Subi, I would need 3 or 4 grand worth of work or a new engine and would require race fuel. In my neck of the woods, it makes it difficult to play on $15/gallon on fuel 😄
  11. Jonesin'

    LNF help/advice (pics)

    No, I'm worried about it being too lean when I make a purchase. I've heard horror stories. Just wondering if I should have it put on a dyno when I buy the electronics... Ya know, just to double check?
  12. Jonesin'

    LNF help/advice (pics)

    I have not bought anything yet. I have a turbo Subi currently and I'll be swapping to an Ecotec when I buy my Mendeola...
  13. Jonesin'

    Admin/Moderator help

    Could an admin or mod contact me regarding password and sign in info please?
  14. Jonesin'

    LNF help/advice (pics)

    Trust me, I would love for Outfront to tune my Subi and CBM to tune my Eco but, I'm 1700 miles away...
  15. Jonesin'

    LNF help/advice (pics)

    I have a friend that has the LNF and I was very impressed on the power. That is why I now own one... 😄 Not trying to sound like a douche nozzle but, what does "tune it fat" mean?

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