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  1. Jonesin'

    New or “freshened” 2d?

    I’ll need 55-60 mph for road driving when I’m not in the sand
  2. Jonesin'

    New or “freshened” 2d?

    Thanks guys! I don’t think I have the room for a Weddle trans. I will be running an LS. So, what gearing is good?
  3. Jonesin'

    New or “freshened” 2d?

    Are Deco case common?
  4. Jonesin'

    New or “freshened” 2d?

    What is a deco case?
  5. Jonesin'


  6. Jonesin'

    New or “freshened” 2d?

    Sounds good. What is a good ratio for a stock LS that I’ll road drive sometimes?
  7. Jonesin'

    New or “freshened” 2d?

    PM me and we can chat
  8. Jonesin'

    New or “freshened” 2d?

    I was looking into the HV series too but, my chassis isn’t big enough with my LS...
  9. Jonesin'

    New or “freshened” 2d?

    I would definitely need a receipt.
  10. Jonesin'

    New or “freshened” 2d?

    I’m not sure what freshen up consists of? Also does new come with a warranty? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Jonesin'

    New or “freshened” 2d?

    Would a new 2d be better than a “freshened up” trans? I know it’s about a $2,000 price difference but, is a new one better?
  12. Jonesin'


    Bump. Willing to use as a partial trade + cash on top for a 2d.
  13. Jonesin'


    Had it mated to a Subaru 2.0 turbo. $3,200 shipped. Willing to include adapter plate and clutch components for extra. I’d trade this and cash on top for a 2d. 5:14 R&P 1st - 3.44 2nd - 2.25 3rd - 1.67 4th - 1.26
  14. Jonesin'

    LS cam info

    Thanks for the info! Shoot me a text or a call when you get a chance. I would be interested if this comes in a kit.
  15. Jonesin'

    Muffler advice

    Exactly what I was thinking. Just like this setup in the pic above

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