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  1. I know it not a SXS but, it’s something I wanted to build... Here it is in action. 889E28C9-3908-4B71-B053-69916AD60221.MOV AF5A0001-86AA-46BC-A4D6-971FD058A951.mov
  2. Golf cart is officially running last night! Such a good feeling! 13E45472-7990-4CCC-B89F-7DC502DC7E4A.mov
  3. The wiring on this project is more of a pain than the sand car... 🤦🏻‍♂️
  4. That’s a tough one! Buggy goes to the dyno next week! Haha
  5. Got the floor notched out and mounted.
  6. It’s turning out pretty good. I will upgrade to double shear the front a-arm heims when I buy upgraded heims
  7. Well, been working over the past 8 years on a golf cart build. I figure it would make for a sweet "campground cruiser" and another toy to play with in the dunes that I vacation to. It's a 1990 Yamaha G2. Bought it for $50 bucks with no engine but, everything else was there. Has a Polaris Scrambler 500 - 4 stroke engine. I figure a nice 50hp on a golf cart would be sufficient. Here are some pics I took during the build so far. Yes, those are Honda Civic spares I am using for mock up. Don't laugh but, I will have the wheels and tires on order in a few weeks. 14" wheels and 27" tires. The rear shocks are from the rear of a Polaris Sportsman 700. Fabricated a panhard bar to keep the swingarm centered due to the swingarm drop. Now for the front. The Jakes LT kit I bought was not good enough. So, I modified it to fit my needs. 8" is not going to be enough travel for me. I fabbed up some steel bulkhead plates to drop the arms down 1" and out 2". Got the front stretched about 5" and the steering rack in place. Made a pretty beefy steering column for the driver to pull themselves up on the cart. It's only human nature to use the steering wheel as a crutch to get in... Fast forward to January or 2020, we are getting close to driving this cart! Got the frame back from sandblasting/paint. Waiting on a fuel pump, muffler springs, key switch and a choke cable. My guess would be close to 50mph with the gearing and tire size. Thanks for looking and let me know what you think!
  8. Jonesin'


    Make an offer! She wanting it gone
  9. Jonesin'


    Bump. Owner willing to negotiate. Wants it gone
  10. Sounds good! I’ll get a quart and flush out the old when all the lines are off
  11. The dual m/c set up I’m looking at shows DOT 3 fluid only. Will that be ok?
  12. Can’t do that. The 4 piston are hooked to my 2” Hollows in the front

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