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  1. Is that the link posted above?
  2. I was also thinking of engine location also...
  3. Has anyone built a newer VW into a dune toy or long travel? ‘97-‘10 model years... I just see the older air cooled cars modified...
  4. Sounds good to me
  5. I found it. Description on Kartek shows IMI-101N. Or should I spend the extra $55 and get the High output/high torque?
  6. I’m not seeing the 002 starter except for the Mazda engine... Looking to order tonight
  7. Jonesin'


    I forgot about that site
  8. I guess a double master and clutch assembly is fine. Thought my current set up is a 3 pedal...
  9. Let me explain it better for you guys to understand. Clutch, brake and throttle in 1 assembly. With the brake having 2 master cylinders...
  10. Searching the internet for a 3 pedal assembly with dual brake MC’s... Is there such a thing?
  11. Thanks for the info!
  12. One of these days I’ll get a big boy trans... 👌🏼

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