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  1. Yes! I’ll order this up today
  2. All crated up ready for the rebuilder to give it a clean bill of health! Unless someone wants to make a deal with me...
  3. Yes, my cable was snagging on the intake. I think it’s just time for me to order a new cable anyway.
  4. I’ll start hunting for a bigger spring. Don’t feel like grenading my engine
  5. Jonesin'

    LS t-stat

    Add holes to the t-stat?
  6. Anyone have any tips or tricks for a stiffer return spring? Or would I just need a new pedal assembly? Seems like I only have partial stroke on the cable... 84121C2F-68A9-400B-968E-8CD37AB079F4.MP4
  7. Jonesin'

    LS t-stat

    I picked up a t-stat today. I couldn’t find a freeze plug close enuff
  8. I picked up a set of 15x12 Douglas for my paddles. These 15x7 are going up front with my MT Baja Pro
  9. Jonesin'

    LS t-stat

    Just free float a freeze plug in the housing? Never heard of the freeze plug deal. My apologies
  10. Jonesin'

    LS t-stat

    I guess I’ll run the Redline set up and call it a day.
  11. Jonesin'

    LS t-stat

    I don’t have a heater core on my car. Do I need to run a stock temp t-stat? I don’t want to over heat my cooling system either. What is the normal procedure on an LS car?
  12. I had him put a set on my car and it’s only 1900 pounds
  13. Thanks for the find but, I don’t want spacers
  14. I’m trying to use the 7” for my fronts. I just found a set that will work great from a member here.

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