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  1. I didn’t mean to step on toes or try to undercut anyone. He sent me pics of an aluminum one he did and a decent price. So, I said deal. Not sure why he stopped talking. I just got a text from him a bit ago. Sorry guys
  2. I didn’t know it was your intake. It was a pic I found on a search. My bad.
  3. Sounds good! I’m sure this will be an upgrade from a 1915 VDub even in stock form
  4. Can anyone guide me to the best place for an intake setup like the one pictured? I had a board member making one for me but, I have not heard from him since the end of September... Not sure if I pissed him off? Anyway, I would appreciate some guidance or advice. Thanks in advance
  5. Jonesin'

    WTB Douglas 15”

    Bump. Still searching
  6. Will a 5.3 be ok in a 1,900 pound car? Or should I put on a couple hair dryers?
  7. Yes, I had an L33 that I traded for some other items. I’m confident my LM4 will be fine as I build it up. L83? Which one is that?
  8. That was a long while ago. The V8 is mounted and half wired with the Holley.
  9. What do you use?
  10. Sounds good. I have it in a box but never thought of the the rubber mounts.
  11. I’d be happy with 350 or close to it...
  12. How did he get that much out of it?
  13. It has all F-body extras on it. Camaro intake and TB

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