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  1. Jonesin'

    Wheel size suggestions

    Going with the Race-Trim beadlocks. I found a discontinued set at my local sand car shop. No dirt for my car. Just in town road driving and sand dunes.
  2. Jonesin'

    Stand-alone recommendations

    I'm just going with a whole new plug and play set-up from John when his order comes in. I don't feel like tinkering with this out dated system anymore...
  3. Jonesin'

    Stand-alone recommendations

    Haha! If I was going to give up, I would have never bought it... Its very frustrating but, I'll make it right
  4. Jonesin'

    Stand-alone recommendations

    No thanks. I knew it needed some work. Just didn't think it was this much, this soon. I'll never get the money out of it that in it now. So, I'll get it running and strip for powder coat. I already have wheels tires and the fabricating done.
  5. Jonesin'

    Stand-alone recommendations

    Thanks for the help everyone. John at Outfront is setting me up when his order comes in next month.
  6. Jonesin'

    Stand-alone recommendations

    Wide band for the O2 sensor. My bad. John says I have the wrong tuner... LOL! I'm starting to think so also.
  7. Jonesin'

    Stand-alone recommendations

    It's my first EFI car. Cut me some slack. lol It's not just putting the fuel pump on a "hot-wire" kit. This ECU doesn't have a high band. The wires are there for an O2 sensor but they are cut and let hanging by the previous owner... I guess this is a price to pay for buying a "cheap" sand car project.
  8. Jonesin'

    Stand-alone recommendations

    I will most likely go away from LEM unless John recommends it. They have me soured already.
  9. Jonesin'

    Stand-alone recommendations

    Um, so I can have something to drive in the sand over the next 2 years...
  10. Jonesin'

    Stand-alone recommendations

    I suppose there is no high band as well with this ECU. The fuel pump will prime then shut off. As soon as the ECU shows crank signal, it should turn the pump back on. However, it's not doing that. I'm so pissed off at this car I'm about to scrap it and go back to a Jeep
  11. Jonesin'

    Stand-alone recommendations

    Well, I had my Subi at the tuners and I was told that the fuel pump driver failed in my Link ECU. My tuner called LEM and they will not even service it due to the age of the unit. So, being stuck in a crappy situation, I will be on the hunt for a new stand-alone system for my car. My engine is a Subaru EJ20g. DOHC 2.0 turbo. Now, i'm leaning towards the Megasquirt line of "plug and play" systems due to the budget friendly pricing and the amount of customer service they have. I've done some research that the MS line will be able to work for my Ecotec LNF when I swap over to it also. I'm open to all suggestions and help! Thanks again!
  12. Jonesin'

    P/C springs

    I'm aware of this. Wasn't sure if I needed a special type or brand to prevent splitting or cracking...
  13. Jonesin'

    P/C springs

    Any tips or tricks to powder coat shock springs? Looking to change the color up on my Kings. Thanks in advance
  14. Jonesin'

    Wheel size suggestions

    This style with 15x12 on the rear or my 33 Blasters. I'll end up having them powder coated as soon as I decide on a color scheme for this car..
  15. Jonesin'

    Wheel size suggestions

    No Douglas. Running some Kartek beadlocks.

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