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  1. Is there such a thing that holds AN fuel hose to frame rails for a cleaner look? No luck thru Summit... Something like my brake hose in the pic.
  2. No. Only an inlet and the test port on an F-body fuel rail
  3. I’d love a link to this shroud. I’d gladly run triple fans! The core on this is 25-3/4” x 18”
  4. I will put the fuel pressure regulator on the return line between the fuel rail and the tank. That would keep constant regulated pressure on the fuel rail itself.
  5. I just went with the recommendation that my fab guy gave me. This fan shroud is what Speedway motors matched up that would work. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Well, I have a 19x31 and dual 16” would not fit.
  7. Voila! I have a return line on my fuel rail now. I would like to put the fuel pressure regulator between the fuel rail and tank return.
  8. Well, when you cannot find anything to hold your turn signals, you go to the local muffler shop and have them make you a couple holders.
  9. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/zir-10211/
  10. I enjoy this forum and all of the info from the members. 👌🏼
  11. Well, it looks like a single 3,000 cfm fan was the only thing that would fit on this shroud. I’m hoping I can find a good temp setting to maximize cooling
  12. Jonesin'

    243 heads

    Anyone have a use for some 243 heads? Came off an LS4 with about 110k miles... $350? Open to offers. Located near 60901
  13. Jonesin'


    Bump. Open to trades as well
  14. Looking for a set of 15x12 Douglas beadlocks like these. Located near Kankakee, IL. I have a set of 243 heads to barter? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Thanks in advance!
  15. Yes, it will be accessible with the lid.
  16. Before I post this on a separate thread and look like a dumbass again, I built a 12”x16” safe box to house the Holley ECU. I will end up cutting holes in the side of it and using firewall grommets to keep the wires safe. Where do you think I should mount this in the box? Connectors close to the edge or should I have plenty of wire slack inside of the box? I was also thinking of putting my fan/fuel pump relays inside of this box also...
  17. I’d love to catch a wheelie once in a while. If it will do it?
  18. Gotcha! Well, a cam and 243 heads will be down the line somewhere...
  19. Aluminum 5.3 out of an Envoy is 290 stock. That’s exactly what the engine is. Stock. Not sure what the Holley Terminator X will do to it...?
  20. Not hardly... Pretty close to 300. Wait, I see what you did there! Isn’t this supposed to be one of those questions where “you figure it out on your own?” 🤣
  21. It’s only over the edge it you have a top notch Tatum or Funco. You’re not worthy otherwise 😂
  22. Jonesin'

    4" Intake

    I’ll be getting a set from sausage450r

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