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  1. I will be going as long as the W isn’t crazy. There will be 1 maybe 2 cars coming with me.
  2. I never heard of any overheating issues, I did put a fan clutch from a Kodak on mine when it went out. These help cooling, they engage sooner and are 3/4” closer to the radiator.
  3. 166k miles is nothing for these motors!! And katskins has leather.
  4. I think LRS has close 400k on his truck with original motor.
  5. Gray check out my 06 listed in cars and trucks
  6. You might want to put a lot of pictures in your add. Peeps around here like to see everything.
  7. Not photos shopped, I took that photo of our neighbor at road runner.
  8. Wow that’s a great looking FUNCO!!!
  9. I would go but I’ll be coming home from my week long trip at mother G
  10. If your wanting a Chevy dually, I may have an 07 (no def) that I will be selling, 6 speed Allison 4x4 crew cab all the bells and whistles with under 150k on the odometer.
  11. I did it for quite a few years. And yes changing tires sucks but if that is what it takes to get to mother G then that's what you do. Just put the smallest tire you can and be easy on the clutch, I never had a problem breaking reverse.
  12. Yamaha Raptor 250 they are 4 stroke, electric start and very reliable! The kids won't out grow them fast so your not buying another quad the following season. And I just happen to have one for sale. It's the cheapest one around.

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