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  1. running on a crappy 100 amp alternator, no battery was not good
  2. just another awesome day! 2 alternators, 2 batteries and a few gears IMG_8528 (1).mov
  3. great family car with the power to move, great combo with a fortin and a blown ls motor, awesome deal
  4. dam bro your like saying im slow and old< its on!
  5. nice Reece, just a few more weeks! Im pulling on site the 12th
  6. Reece, cut your wheels down to 10s and have the center section moved at the same time, you will get the look you want and still be able to slide with your 33'S you do not want to go bigger on your tire size you will then have trans problems, American wheels polishing in Santee can do the work too
  7. I just spoke to Propel Fuels one of California's largest suppliers and they told me there is nothing going to change this year in California and they will continue to supply and build more stations as the supply for e85 is rising, so as far as the Arizona duners I will sell you a tanker full at $4.00 a gallon

    Gd Postal

    any going to phoenix any time in the next week, I have a transmission and a couple of seats that Im trying to help the buyer out getting there, willing to pay some gas or cold refreshments, sorry for not posting in correct area
  9. Fortin is now also backing Maxum synthetic for use in the transmissions, I have always used heavy shock this will be a first
  10. I cant answer that all I know is that I was payed for all my legal agreements, and I'm sorry for those who lost, it really sucks, just stating what is true, would i ever do business with him again not a chance, all Im saying and it may be hard for you to understand is businesses come and go some get there stuff and some dont, its what happens and it sucks, you dont see me crying over the 250k that some friggen homeowner burned me on, we move on, we dont like it but its everyday life, and if you feel you want to beet me, type away
  11. why don't you stop in and say what the f, when your at Glamis at his shock therapy semi tractor, or at his new big shop, I would say he forgot all about it, doesn't touch cars anymore just shocks for all the razors in the nation looks like his doing real well, businesses come and go it just sucks that it is the way it is, Personally He built every car i purchased from him He borrowed money and payed it back,
  12. bad ass, great choice, congrats
  13. Alumi Craft with all the goodies, Rhs, Precision turbos, Albins, doesnt get any better
  14. Super strap has saved us more times than I can count, they are great they stretch and can catapult you 5 feet at a time if needed, better than a non stretchable strap, and a ratchet strap is good when you rip an arm off, we used an old car hood as a sled that we found by the canal I remembered passing it the day before( luck), for a broken front hub, we have replace cvs, rear hubs, power rack, just about everything in the dunes, we now have spares for just about every encounter, one trip my cousins car kept blowing fuses at patton, of coarse no fuses with us, I traced the wire that was fried, and stuck to the frame, used a plastic bag for an insulator and get this standing at the bottom of patton I found a bubble gum wrapper, that had the aluminum wrap on the outside and was able to use the foil for the fuse and fired the car up and duned back to camp, the super strap is a must. we are now talking about buying a jeep just to have at camp

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