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  1. TJz06 and sand shark are right on the money. Used 2017 or new turbo s. With C19 dealers want to move inventory.
  2. 2017 had many updates, however, front diff and transmission were not changed. 2017 had lower compression pistons, bigger injectors, bigger radiator, quicker ratio steering box, digital gauge cluster, bigger fan, different clutch and air box intake boxes, same clutch with different parts ie. helix, springs and weights. I had a 2016 without overheating issues but I still would recommend a 2017+
  3. Go over the whole machine. On mine they did not totally clip in the rectifier wiring and first ride out it died on me because the battery wasn’t charging. Grease the wheel bearings. They take 18-20 pumps of grease.
  4. sd11

    2016 Razor 1000

    You may want to keep your wheels, seats, doors, mirrors and other extras. These all would bolt up to a XP4 and you would probably be money ahead.
  5. This car was orange when it was crashed right?
  6. I just had work done at Norcal Sand and Off-road in Santa Rosa with good results. It's only two hours from you. Call and talk to Eric. https://m.facebook.com/pages/Norcal-Sand-Of...159564297398540
  7. I sent you a PM. Interested in your setup. Would like to go with taller than 22' tires for ground clearance and traction. I live in norcal and go to glamis, oregon, pismo, sand mountain but this quad is going to be geared towards oregon. We use the sand rail and rzr more in glamis. I would also like to speak with your buddy or anyone else with experience with these.
  8. I picked up a DS650 with 2007 ZX10R motor. I'm trying to decide if I want to sell it or complete the build. The motor is in and runs but the quality of fabrication is not up to my standards. Anyways, I know there are a lot of people on this board with street bike powered quad experience. I was thinking about sending the oil pan to Adam's for cutting. Then having my buddies fab shop do the frame work and custom exhaust. I would do all the rewiring, painting and sorting out. How long of a swing arm and paddles would you recommend? I was thinking +8 and 25 tall skat traks. I want to dune it, drag it and use it for Oregon hill climbs through the trees. Anybody have any parts I could buy for the build? Any help or guidance is appreciate as this is my first street bike powered quad. Video of it running... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYiLRjqXfC4...eature=youtu.be
  9. We need a clip of it running... That exhaust is a work of art
  10. Has anyone had experience with Lifetime Led. They supposely have a lifetime warranty. http://www.lifetimeledlights.com/Off-Road-Lights_c_8.html
  11. I have been running the paddle in the picture for a few years. It's a great paddle but a little heavy. The center rib does make it harder to slide the rear end in a turn. You really have to lean harder in turns than other paddles I've ridden. This would probably be a good thing for your son though.
  12. I have a 2006 lbz with 80k miles. I have been considering efi live with idaho rob tuning. The rest of the powertrain is stock. Is it safe if I run it on a 90-100 hp tune? Do I need a transgo jr? I am mainly worried about doing damage to the transmission. I really do not want go through the cost of building the trans.. I am in california so I have to deal with smog as well.
  13. 210 is okay, 220 is getting too hot. What radiator do you have? Do you have an overflow tank? Brian told me unless it is puking coolant out the overflow then you are alright. Never hurts to use engine ice or water wetter though.
  14. Does anyone have an accurate weight on 26" Sand Blasters 1 or 2? It's been hard to find good accurate information on the GMZ paddles because mainly have not tested them yet. I will call Dave at Fullerton today and see what he thinks. What would be a better tire for a stock rzr 900. GMZ full paddle or half? We mainly dune in Oregon or Glamis.
  15. 11 post about strippers. 2 post about tires. That's about what I expected. What I'm getting from this is the tires are heavy. Anyonrne know the weight compared to a blaster? Blasters are molded tires as well. They only make these in a 14 inch, which is probably better for the 1000 than 900.

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