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  1. This is a very clean FJ that has 160,000 miles and has been slightly upgraded with over 7k invested. Bilstein 2.5” Lift 4x4 285/70/17 BFG KM2 Tires 17” Pro Comp Wheels - Bead locks 4.56 Nitro Gears Smittybilt M1 Bumper Factory Rear Locker TRD Exhaust Roof rack included (not pictured) Clean Interior Always used synthetic oil, just serviced. Clean Title in hand REMCO quick disconnect driveshaft $16000 TUCSON AZ Call or text only please 520 five nine 1 - eight 8 two nine
  2. chiefshocker

    SOLD **Toyota FJ 2007, set up to flat tow behind RV

    SOLD 3/22/19
  3. chiefshocker

    SOLD **Toyota FJ 2007, set up to flat tow behind RV

    Sale pending on the FJ, sent you a PM on the driveshaft
  4. chiefshocker

    SOLD **Toyota FJ 2007, set up to flat tow behind RV

    Ok I'll keep you posted
  5. chiefshocker

    SOLD **Toyota FJ 2007, set up to flat tow behind RV

    Tempting, but I'll have to pass on that trade, Yes they do pretty good, Its my second FJ and had a lot of Jeeps over the years. I prefer the AC in the FJ
  6. chiefshocker

    SOLD **Toyota FJ 2007, set up to flat tow behind RV

    Besides the tow bar.. The REMCO drive shaft I installed has a coupler that disconnects the rear end from the shaft, I get underneath and pull the collar to disengage the driveshaft . I put the FJ in 2 wheel drive this frees up the front end. Then I put the transmission in park, turn the key on enough to unlock the steering and I'm on my way. 5 minutes tops.. the tow bar takes the longest. WIthout the driveshaft disconnect you'd have to actually disconnect the driveshaft (4 bolts) I started out this way, but it was a little too much. If the new buyer doesn't plan on flat towing, i'll sell the remco driveshaft separately Hope this helps
  7. chiefshocker

    What Transaxle is this? 2d?

    Can anyone tell me which Mendeola this is? I'm told its 2d, but also that its automatic which I didn't think could be done on a 2d. F
  8. 2000 Ford F-350 Dually 7.3L Manual 6 speed Lariat- leather is in good condition 213500 miles New clutch,brakes, hydraulic clutch assist, tires in good condition 45gal aux tank Tool box Gooseneck 6" exhaust from turbo back, KN air filter, clean AZ title, just passed emissions. Call or text Fred 5 2 0-5 9 1 - 8 8 2 9. Carfax available, no accidents, will tow almost anything. Switching to Motorhome corrected price $13,500 Tucson AZ
  9. chiefshocker

    WW Sold

    I'm a little dense, so how much for the trailer? 18K?
  10. Looking for some first hand knowledge and experience.. i'm new to side by sides and have never had my kids to the dunes. I've had two sand rails and multiple quads and 15 years of dunng experience. So the new rules never really applied to me. I have a 2 and 4 year old that I trail ride in my rzr 4. I understand i need helmets, but can i run the car seats instead of the factory seats? Do their feet have to touch the floor? (they don't). Grab bars within reach? Do the helmets need to be DOT? (very heavy) I searched and searched and all the threads i found were old and didn't give me a clear idea of what the current rules are. Thanks
  11. chiefshocker

    Kids, Car Seats And Side By Sides

    Cool thanks guys, last question about it: Their car seats don't fit with the actual RZR seats in place, i took the factory seats out and buckled the car seats to the floor. Would this be considered a modification and thus be illegal. Looks more legit than it sounds
  12. chiefshocker

    Scu Jump

    Great Jump, its probably better you don't see the landing.
  13. chiefshocker

    Skat Trak 7 Paddle On A 4 Seat Rzr

    Great thanks
  14. Looking at some options for my new to me 12 RZR 4 800, i've always run the skat traks on my quads, Stu on the rail. I found a nice set of 7 paddle skat traks from an S, wondering if anyone has run them on a 4 seater? thanks
  15. chiefshocker

    Mufflers For Honda 3.5

    I had the gibsons from Carl at Vtec also, great pipes, cool sound, he coached me thru all the options. Highly recommend that dude, he knows the honda engines inside and out
  16. I got this bumper as a throw in with a bunch of other parts, I'm not sure what it is from. I was thinking maybe a Rhino, but thought the UTV experts might be able to identify it. I don't see a brand name.
  17. chiefshocker

    What's Under Your Car Cover In The Garage?

    My 66 shelby cobra replica is hiding in the garage under cover until i can get time to work on it.
  18. chiefshocker

    Any Word On These Guys?

    I bought my engine from them 3-4 years ago, turn key, they helped me out when i had wiring harness questions. They are based in phoenix, saw the engine running before i bought it. Another guy in my group recommended them, he also has the 3.5 honda. .. no issues with either. Looked into getting my own at a wrecking yard or ebay, but found this guys sand rail ready. I just built mounts and installed. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them based on my first hand experience.
  19. Just thought i'd share the progress on my car..
  20. chiefshocker

    New Hood And Windshield Almost Done

    ....and done.. just need to match the sides and roof, add a ran lip.
  21. chiefshocker

    New Hood And Windshield Almost Done

    Welcome to the 21st century - sweet! lol, thanks..
  22. chiefshocker

    New Hood And Windshield Almost Done

    b4 pics
  23. chiefshocker

    New Hood And Windshield Almost Done

    Before pics..

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