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    Anyone Have An Amazing Mattress?

    Does anyone have any experience with "The Mattress Man"? I seen them at the SSSS this past year. https://www.instagram.com/mattressmanrob/?hl=en


    Awesome, pm sent


    Need a carfax report on a car Can someone run one for me? Thanks, George

    Thanks for the help GD.

    Not mine but just came across it on CL https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/rvs/d/corona-2009-cr3905/6786294466.html
  5. I’m your huckleberry. Pm address

    RZR clutch rebuilds

    I also seized my primary on my 1000 this past weekend in Glamis, got 1900 miles out of my rzr 4 1000. . I called the Pro Shop and they are getting me a new primary and a clutch kit, hope to have it by Friday before I head back out for 9 days. I will be pulling off my primary and replacing it out in Glamis this Friday. Pro shop said after my trip to take in my secondary and they can finish the install of the clutch kit on the secondary. Both Todd from hunterworks and Pro shop did not recommend rebuilding the primary. They said they have not had good success, only a few hundred miles on rebuilt primarys.

    Found something and got screwed, WTB Daily Driver,

    Well I got the check engine light working, nothing wrong with it really. Someone removed the instrument cluster on the dash, opened it up and put a piece of black tape over the check engine light. Hopefully the cat comes in today and I can install it. Seller has text me back a few times, about how sorry he is and he didn't know that the car had that issue. That he is out of town and will get back to me on Monday and he is thinking about splitting the cost with me for the cat. But would give me an answer for sure on Monday. Lesson has been learned and will do things differently going forward if I purchase private party. The car isn't that bad, its good daily driver commuter so far. 2008 Camry with 136k miles

    Found something and got screwed, WTB Daily Driver,

    Bought a car off CL, seller didn't smog and i didn't think nothing of it, car runs good, no lights on no problem ill smog it. Well I went to get a smog and it failed. Guy tells me it failed, and i said why? NO check engine light or anything. Well thats because someone removed the bulb behind the check engine light so its on just not showing. Get home scan it, and its P0420, ok needs a new cat. Call the seller and he is shocked and said would call me back let me call my guy, car was repo and he bought it at auction. Day later calls back and says he had no idea and to replace the cat and take it to electrician to get fixed. I said well you need to get it fixed, or take it back, of course he said no and hung up. He text me a few more times about that it might just be getting air something, and I just replied with when can we meet so you can pay for the cat and Ill install it? No more responses, he hasn't called or text me back now in over a day. So then I get curious and I enter his phone number in CL and he has a couple other cars listed, all with similar descriptions. Hmm, he either did it or is buying them like and selling them. Dunno, but so far im out $500 extra on a new cat. Spoke to a car electrician and Ill take the car over and see if he can fix the check engine light. Guy said yes and its about $60. Car is throwing no other codes, and drives good, have put about 400 miles on it already. Guess lesson learned,

    Found something and got screwed, WTB Daily Driver,

    Thanks, but I found something and got screwed. Should of used better judgement ? Anybody want to have some fun with the POS seller lol
  10. Looking for a daily driver with a budget of $6000, could go up a little for the right one Prefer White or grey Looking at 2010 or newer, 4 door civics, Scion xb, Camry's or Accords. Thanks George, in Riverside
  11. GM FAM BAM

    Super Strap/ Speed Strap $50.00

    What’s the length of it?
  12. GM FAM BAM

    Blue sea items

    Battery switch sold.
  13. GM FAM BAM

    Blue sea items

    Used but in good condition both blue sea battery kill switch 9003e $25 bkue sea fuse block 5026 st blade 12 circuits with negative bus bar $25 Located in Riverside 951-907-6275 George
  14. GM FAM BAM

    Happy 4th of July GD.com

    Happy 4th.
  15. I have a honda 2000 you can borrow if you want

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