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  1. WHy is DG a mess? Isn’t it supposed to stay down and not come up? I was thinking of putting this down in backyard where I have dirt now.
  2. Before I reserve elsewhere thought I would ask here. Looking to rent a rzr or can am for the week of Thanksgiving. Anyone here do this or know of someone? Thanks, George.
  3. On the 10 just before the 15
  4. Yep total BS, my shiat gets stolen and i have to pay $400 to get it back, how da f*ck does that work? But at least its back, and my son was super excited last night when I backed into the driveway and had him open the garage lol. That made all my anger go away to see his face, now we will go through the bike together and make sure these dipshits didnt do anything to it and its safe for him to enjoy once again.
  5. Got a call today that they recovered my sons quad in a raid today in Perris. I’m shocked that the Bike is in good condition, just needs a battery, and give it a good tune up. Had to pay the tow yard to release it, bastards. But at least I got the bike back.
  6. What good Mexican Joints in Pomona? Do tell. I work in Claremont. Love me some kick back jacks in Claremont when I don’t bring in left overs.
  7. Cant offer any help sorry , but do have a question for all of you that have placed your bbq under your patio covers. Have you had any issues with the smoke staying under the patio or staining on the ceiling from the bbq? Starting my island construction now and I'm getting lots of ideas from your threads @Matt86m , thanks , Just had a new slab poured and new patio cover put up.
  8. After my truck and sons quad was stolen, decided to sell what was left. Trailer, truck and Rzr have been sold, taking next season off to regroup ☹️
  9. Can we change this? you can barely see whats in the box. I tried switching the theme on the bottom and it only made it worse
  10. 10 East on way home in Ontario
  11. How much did you spend making it, if u don’t mind me asking spize?
  12. They popped the door open looks like it, you can see all the finger prints on the top of the door jam. Officer said that the early silverados , mine is a 01, are easy pickings because they dont have the chip in the key. So once they get in, they just break the ignition and use a screwdriver to get it started. Yup thats what officers said, they are locals to the area and they stripped it. Apparently wasn't there first run in with this group. Unfortunately i only had liability so Im screwed on getting anything form the insurance company. But im supposed to get a call today from the adjuster. Ill sell the wheels and tires, tow mirrors, air bags, and the over sized gas tank it has. Stock gas tank was like 26 gallons, the one in it is 44 gallons and its for a crew cab Gm 01-07.
  13. just got home, they caught the guys driving it in moreno valley, they bailed and they caught all 3 suspects. Truck is Stripped, stinks like alcohol and cigarettes. I’ll prolly sell off what I can and call pick a part. Effin hate thieves fuel station and quad are gone

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