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  1. Lets bump this up, recently picked up a 05 Duramax. Everyone still using the 2 stroke Supertech?
  2. Thought I took a pic of it, guess not. Ill double check when I get home from work but I think I saw 2017.
  3. Were on my chevy dually $200 obo Located in Riverside George 951-907-6275
  4. So what are you guys using for your chef knives? Need to upgrade the crap I have.
  5. In good condition. Could use new cushions or you might just wash whats there. Both bench seats have storage under them. located in Riverside $150 George 951-907-6275
  6. 4 hiper beadlock rings sold wheels have these left over $40 or make an offer 🤷🏽‍♂️ located in Riverside 951-907-6275
  7. who needs a truck when u got a corolla
  8. Wish you were closer. Coming to Glamis for Thanksgiving?
  9. WHy is DG a mess? Isn’t it supposed to stay down and not come up? I was thinking of putting this down in backyard where I have dirt now.
  10. Before I reserve elsewhere thought I would ask here. Looking to rent a rzr or can am for the week of Thanksgiving. Anyone here do this or know of someone? Thanks, George.
  11. On the 10 just before the 15
  12. Yep total BS, my shiat gets stolen and i have to pay $400 to get it back, how da f*ck does that work? But at least its back, and my son was super excited last night when I backed into the driveway and had him open the garage lol. That made all my anger go away to see his face, now we will go through the bike together and make sure these dipshits didnt do anything to it and its safe for him to enjoy once again.

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