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  1. Not driving that far to shoot. I’m about 10min from my little hit it and quit it spot.
  2. Wife said at that price it makes more sense to park it in the backyard and wait 6yrs for my oldest to start driving lol.
  3. I went once, I’m not much of a fan of having loaded weapons pointed at me and numerous ricochets. Nobody aims they are just there to pull the trigger. I left after few minutes. I have a spot I go to that is shot gun only. I go out there to sight in and check zero do a few drills and get out. my AR’s don’t leave the safe anymore these days...:wink:
  4. That’s the last place I would go.
  5. 2008 Ford Fusion SEL V6 246,000 miles Runs like a champ. New Belt and plugs at 220,000 miles tires are fairly recent as well. Have alway run synthetic or until recently synthetic blend. Car is super reliable I have been using it to commute from Apple Valley to Colton for 7yrs not stop and go traffic so all smooth sailing miles. Only reason I’m considering selling is I got a company car and this would be our 3rd vehicle that don’t get driven. Looking for $1900 cash. But open to trades. Trade for Honda, Yamaha or Suzuki 4 stroke quads. Flat bed trailer 14-16’ Honda 2000 Generator AR15 Uppers Concrete work. Mike 760 912-3547
  6. I spoke with him a few times. He was extremely proud of his kids and loved them very much. RIP
  7. It likes to be at about 2800-4000. im looking at putting in 4:88gears to make better use of that rpm.
  8. Wish I would have seen this thread sooner. For the guys saying a gas truck can’t tow... trailer is 9,815 dry 13,700 loaded. 6.4 Hemi with 4:10 gears. 50mph up cajon pass.
  9. Battery is by the front door.

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