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  1. I wouldn’t be much help. I don’t do panel upgrades. I do the design and calcs to get the power to the weather head. I let the pros take it from there. However I can help in the beer drinking department.
  2. If I didn’t just buy a brand new truck I wouldn’t have a problem giving him 28k and I’m almost as cheap as you 😂
  3. That truck will sale instantly.
  4. Here is a vortex. No slides probably single a/c. But under 40k brand new...
  5. After October I’m keeping them to myself lol.
  6. Empty weight and any wall issues? Distanc to first cabinet?
  7. Will your employer let you install cameras front and rear? That will prove you are a nice guy. We get driving complaints all the time. Pretty easy to weed out the bullshit ones.
  8. I didn’t say milk it. If your employee abuses drive time fire their ass. I don’t get drive time BTW My vehicle, my gas and my time 8hrs a week about $60 in fuel
  9. Normally if you are in a company vehicle you are being paid correct? What’s the hurry? I have commuted the cajon pass for 11yrs People who are inconsiderate on the road are lower class citizens period You get there when you get there
  10. Kickin quad tires today. So far 2 dealers gave me prices over the phone. Inland ATV is smokin crack. Yamaha Redlands seems prices about right. Driving over to B&B to see if they can beat it.
  11. If guys saw the resume I just looked at.... who in the hell puts !!!!! In an resume? Past experience: I did things to get project done. WTF?
  12. Why not buy your own house instead of paying his mortgage? He may be raiding rent to pay his increasing property tax. Rent typically goes up each year.

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