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  1. Battery is by the front door.
  2. Everything is LED already.
  3. Not worried, but I try not to buy stuff for no reason Either.
  4. Good I don’t want neighbors. I go camping to get away from people. And if you have to worry about the price of gas for a generator you have the wrong hobby.
  5. Nope it went all night. Kinda like me when I was younger 😂
  6. John do you want the battery box? I will throw it in if you need it. Mike Dee I will put the battery by the front door. Just put the money under the door mat. My wife may or may not be home. Thanks guys.
  7. I did read that taking them below 12.0 will reduce life. dont really want to buy 2 more For the price of 4 I could have just bought a 2000w gen and ran it non stop.
  8. Have to draw the line somewhere.
  9. My old trailer made it on 1 12v
  10. If these don’t make it through the night I probably will add 2 more.
  11. First weekend out in the new trailer I found myself jump starting the generator at 4am freezing my ass off because the battery died trying to run the heater all night. In the middle of my cussing fest I vowed to never have this problem again!! Enter today’s project! Headed to Sams club in Ontario at 6AM. Wife spent a fortune on groceries and I spent a fortune on Batteries. $700 trip to Sams club is always a good start to the weekend. Batteries were $125 each with $18 core. They had an option for $90 each but it had less Amp Hours. So obviously bigger is better!!! Earlier in the week I ordered a dual battery box from Amazon. First on the task is get the 12V out. Next up cut some angle iron out to make room. Then with more angle iron and some bolts I made a new box for the batteries to sit in. Tossed in the new Batteries wired them up and I was done. We are heading out next Saturday hopefully these bad boys get us through the night!!! 12v is brand new and for sale if interested $60
  12. buying 2 6V this morning.
  13. Not really. I won’t be home until 4:30pm I can leave it by the garage if you want to swing by and get it.
  14. I’m located in Apple valley.

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