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  1. Some folks have explored loading android os on a pc. Just a thought.
  2. If I had a jeep or sammy hells yes. I need my truck too badly to do anything like this to it.
  3. Did I really just read the word "Rederick," really?
  4. or you could wait till next season to see if they just make a 4 seater...
  5. feet still scarred from a few weeks ago
  6. Did you measure the shocks? And you have concluded that the suspension is fixed? Does it kick the hind end over on you when jumping anymore? What about the headpipe/fire thing? The rear control arms?
  7. Consider these... http://www.knfilters.com/search/product.aspx?Prod=R-0640 http://www.knfilters.com/search/univovalstr.aspx
  8. It's just an HTC EVO setup for verizon. I'd hang on to my phone for a couple months more. There are a lot of very cool phones all coming out at onces (june/july). There will always be something new and fancy on the way but this is the season for great new things (including a new new iphone). The current verizon iphone is obsolete out of the box.
  9. Currently searching for a 70 but at that price im VERY interested in this setup and what settings you're running.
  10. http://www.rzrforums.net/ranger-rzr-xp-900...00-xp-fire.html pretty sure they would say the seat change caused it.. even though its happened to others with stock seats
  11. nosocks

    Huge Thank You!

    I thought I saw something new.
  12. Are the GOVT first time buyer 3% down loans in danger?
  13. What sensors did you buy? What size injector? How complicated is the software and hardware?
  14. I'd like a nice enough 70. Scratches and a few odds and ends are fine, just nothing major. Must run or have run recently (ie, carb needs to be cleaned). MUST HAVE CLEAR PAID UP TITLE OR MUST NEVER HAVE BEEN TITLED IN CA. Be in LA/OC area.

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