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  1. Yep...I have a Thousand Trails membership. Kids and wife decided the sand dunes wasn't their thing. We sold off the sand toys and just use our Jeep now. An opportunity came by and we were able to get a membership for $450/yr and no start up fee. Our membership gives us unlimited camping in Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, & Nevada. There are a couple catches to that though. 1) If you stay 4 nights in a row at any single campground, you have to be out of the system for 2 weeks before you can go to another. 2) We can only stay at a park for 2 weeks at a time then have to leave. There are upper memberships that allow longer periods but, we don't have that one. We like the membership but, that's because we use it all the time. We don't have to pay anything to camp, just have the annual service fee of $450. There are lots of amenities. Hot showers, Real bathrooms not vault toilets, Pool, Spa, Miniture golf, Youth activity center (air hockey, ping pong, pool table, Foosball, puzzles, board games, ect....), adult activity center (all the same stuff as the youth but, no kids allowed), basketball courts, Tennis courts, several playgrounds, shuffle board, & the staff puts on activities all the time for the families to enjoy. Everything is free when you are in there, it's all covered under your annual fees. My family has already enjoyed 20 days in Yosemite for free. It just cost us the gas to get there. We've enjoyed 14 days in Idyllwild. We did a big 1 week trip around to several campground on Easter break 1 year. All of this is just fuel. 1 complaint I have about this membership is...You can't reserve a specific spot. It's first come, first serve. You are guaranteed a spot it's just a matter of which one is open when you get there. It's not for everybody. Definitely wasn't for us when we were in the desert 7months a year but, now that we don't go to the desert nearly as much...It is for us. My kids love going here and can never wait to go back. If you have any questions on something I left out...Please ask. I'll answer to my best ability. If I don't know...I can look into it.
  2. I have 3 different ones.... When we were younger and bored on the drives to Gordon's Well on Friday nights. We told my younger brother that the plaster plant out in Occotillo was actually a space shuttle launching pad. He believed it for years. Every trip every trip out he'd watch for the shuttle to be there launching. Another Gordon's deal..... When we first started taking our Godson with us...He was about 11 years old...We were passing the Brock research center. He asked what it was. I told him a sand producing factory. That's how we get the sand for the dunes. During the week they ship it in and reshape the dunes for the following weekend...Needless to say he bought into it and was telling everybody all weekend. The last one. My Brother inlaws and our Godson's older brother went on a day trip to the desert. The night before one of my Brother inlaws made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the next day. He bought a loaf of bread, made the sandwiches and put them back in the bag the bread came in. The next day while they were riding, our Godson's brother asked for a sandwich. My brother inlaw told him to get one out of the bag. He thought they were the greatest sandwiches and asked where they came from. My Brother inlaw told him the store and that he bought them that way. Even told him a specific store. The next day trip he was to supply the sandwiches so, he went to the store he was told about the previous time. He searched high and low. Couldn't find them (only the crustables in the freezers). Finally asked for help and was told there is no such thing. He sat there and argued with the employee about it and said he's had them. Finally the employee asked a manager....After a while the manager finally convinced him there was no such thing. He asked my Brother inlaw where he got them from again and my Brother inlaw could do nothing but, laugh.....and finally came clean.
  3. Dentist we use is in La Mesa...Dr. Larry Pawl. He's very into technology so he always has the latest and greatest stuff. We switched to him about 2 years ago and have been very pleased. http://www.larrypawldmd.com/ As for medical...We have Kaiser
  4. Great time with some great folks. Thanks for putting this event on Mark. Now......when's the next one? LOL...J/K.
  5. I'm bring 3 tables, 1 easy up, Metal swinging target for .22, 1 box of clays, Fudge brownies, I can snag a roll of paper towels from my house, & some plates (not sure exactly how many I have though). Guns .22 rifle 12g Over/under 410 shotgun .45 pistol .9 pistol Anybody is welcome to shoot what I have. Please just bring ammo, I don't have that much. The 410 is a great shotgun for kids. Very little kick. It's like shooting a 45mm with your shoulder.
  6. Looks like I'm in. I just need to leave by around 5 or so. What should I bring for the potluck and how much? I have couple tables I can bring if needed and an Ez up.
  7. Ya...I agree now that I reread it. Let me check the calander. Would love too and my wife knows I've been itching. I'll know for sure this afternoon.
  8. we were talking around 1usually $20 buy in, not sure who is staying for poker, let me know who wants to play 7.62 is good, i just got some 7.62x54 This is what I saw....
  9. Forgot all about this. Let me check my calander at lunch. If I go....No poker for me. Just the shooting. What time is the shooting starting and ending?
  10. I might be able to make this. Let me check the schedule for this weekend. I believe it's open for a change but, I need to double check that.
  11. I'm opening my Bussiness account at San Diego County Credit Union. Have them for personal accounts and am very happy with them. Had the WAMU before Chase took it over. Now Chase changed all it's fees and is a fee machine. I closed that account and am opening up at SDCCU. Might want to look into them. If you have $50 in Savings, it's free. If you have $2500 in Checking, it's free.
  12. Ian....I just saw this. Do you still need help?
  13. I'm interested. Been wanting to get to one of these. My kids are still in Baseball in May but, the season is ending that month so, it's not to busy. Let me know when and I'll check the baseball schedule and see if I'm open.
  14. I'm glad to hear it all turned out good but, the thing that now scares me is this guy now knows where she lives. That's a scary thought. Especially since he was caught with all that other stuff. I'd keep my eyes open. He'll probably be back around. Hopefully not but, better safe than sorry.

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