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  1. @Retired and you've not even scratched the surface.
  2. At this point, I fully support Marshal law so long as Trump is in charge just to see the left suffer. And...I'm not really a Trump supporter. I fully support massive human rights violations, prison camps, detainment, you name it. I just want the left to suffer in a way that is beyond comprehension. I just don't care anymore.
  3. Thank God I live in a suburb of San Diego and NOT the San Diego city limits. I'll be unaffected by this....for now.
  4. I had a 27 foot pontoon with a 350hp Merc inboard/outboard. It was awesome. 50 MPH plus all day...smooth as could be. It was the Merc 350 HO motor. No issues. The big thing with a pontoon that goes faster, you'll want a whale tail and get the right prop. The prop would cavitate due to the outboard/prop being up higher to go into shallower water. The whale tail helps keep water down on the prop.
  5. The problem is, we no longer "melt" into a single culture or people. Most of the "immigrants" these days only come here for the benefits and they stick together, practicing their own beliefs, customs and never make any attempts to learn "our" culture, language or way of life. It is time for America to establish an identity. Declare the majority language as the official language. Declare the majority customs, norms and beliefs as the official structure and identity of our country. I'm tired of "immigrants" invading my country and trying to make it just like the same sh*t hole they just left.
  6. Mac

    CBD oil

    I wore boots for 25 years. A good pair of boots and insoles will really make a difference. I know a lot of people really like Redwings. I swear by Belleville boots. These are the best boots I have ever worn. A little spendy though, but worth every penny if you're on your feet a lot. https://uspatriottactical.com/belleville-800st-waterproof-steel-toe-flight-and-flight-deck-boots-black/
  7. That's why I have long range sniper stuff....you won't ever see me.
  8. There's not a whole lot that will cause widespread panic and chaos. Like you said, let the "unprepared" try and flee, after that chaos dies down, then I'll make my move. Not like any of us will have an easy escape pulling a trailer or RV. For those that are asking the questions. You need water to live. Period. Figure that out. A lifestraw or like product will get you far. Fire. A good knife...simple tools. rope, string, stuff like that. Dried foods. First aid/medications. Clothes, shelter, bedding. These are just some of the things to think about. For a lot of you, read books on surviving in the wild. Sounds stupid but...get books with pictures. These will show you "how to". I have taught my oldest daughter how to survive. That girl can leave life for a week, live off the land and survive just fine. The girl is an extreme backpacker. I'd challenge any of you to be able to keep up with her...including myself. She's sick in the head. She lives for the shittier, the better style camping. She goes out every year in the winter and disappears for a week or so by herself or with her little sister. Her last trip was up at Crater Lake last year. She did 50 plus miles in the snow and ice. She's about 100# soaking wet and carries a 65# pack. Beast mode for sure.
  9. I'm formally trained to survive... I have "stuff" but I also know how to live off the land. I also have no moral compass so if you have what I need, you won't feel a thing and thank you for your donation.
  10. Mac

    CBD oil

    The cannabis industry really planned on people using it more than they projected. States overtaxed, over-regulated, made it too restrictive. Producers are sitting on years worth of product and are trying to find ways to use and sell it. CDB is easier for them to market and get around the government regulations. The biggest problem I see is i do believe there is some goodness in CBD, but the quality and the "trendiness" of it in everything has already watered it down and the public is losing interest. Cannabis plants that produce CBD aren't grown to get you "high". They are strains that focus on high concentrations of CBD and low THC. The bulk of the market producers grew and grow high THC products because that's what they planned on being their biggest market. So now, as they scramble to make money off their stock piles, the CBD products aren't what they could be or should be, because they aren't the quality of plants that best suit the CBD market.
  11. Mac

    CBD oil

    Jeff, I fought a battle with plantar fasciitis that lasted over a year. It was crippling. I ended up taking an injection, months of physical therapy and now wear good shoes and most of all, good inserts. My flip flop days are over. Let me know if you have any questions. I highly recommend these insoles... https://www.powersteps.com/shop-products/protech-orthotics/protech-full-length.html
  12. I wish my buddy was on here. He bought a new Stealth a couple years ago and it's been nothing but a POS. He bought it through Giant...they are absolutely useless. He bought an extended warranty...nothing but fighting them on everything. He goes through Forest River...they simply can't get it right nor do they show any interest or concern to make it right. I know everyone always wants something "new" but I'd seriously look for a good used one and save your money for a better toy, new truck, or whatever. I bought a new Attitude several years ago. It took me almost 6 years to get the thing fixed and working right. I tried every avenue I could until I went on a full on social media smear campaign. They finally asked..."what will it take to make you go away?" FIX MY TRAILER OR BUY IT BACK! They finally fixed it and even that was a battle every step of the way. Now...it works as advertised. But come on...6 years??? Buy a good used one. Take it somewhere and have it upgraded or repaired. In the end you'll have a better trailer for cheaper.
  13. I've flown helicopters in combat made by the lowest bidder, maintained by kids saying they are the best of the best, yet accept below minimum wage to stand in front of a bullet to protect peoples freedoms and rights that don't give a shit about the country or the means that provide it to them... Fly on the 737 Max? What have I got to lose?

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