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  1. Beautiful car and very happy for you man. You deserve it.
  2. Dale, Thank you for sharing. I am sorry for you and your family's loss. I do hope you all find some peace in it and know that he is always looking in on you all.
  3. I took this out of my car. It plus into the intercom and allows you to patch in an iPod or phone. If anyone is interested, PM me.
  4. While I can appreciate a good stereo.... I must be the only guy in glamis that DOES NOT like listening to music while duning. I hate listening to music while on a street bike too. I want to hear the roar of the motor, the sound of the suspension working, the sound of the sand being throw when I go into a tight turn. I guess it's just me. BUT...why a stereo with all these great radio/intercom/headset combos they have out there? Hozay and I were talking about this over vets. No one wants to hear 300 types of shitty music at the same time out at the hill or drags turned up to "11"...especially the oompa, oompa crap.
  5. I started out my post with SXS info...
  6. On my old RZR, the bearings I had were sealed and you'd just replace them. If that's the case, you just wait till they start to wear out. you can check this by shaking the tire back and forth, from up and down or hand on each side (3 and 9 position) and feeling for any play. Some times they just need to be tightened, but with the SXSs, they have a cotter keyed nut and it can't really back off so that's the sign they are wearing. Tightening them at that point will only put more strain on a worn out bearing and can cause failure and result in more repair costs. I just changed the wheel bearings and races on my rail this summer. I assume it had been 10 plus years and were the original bearings. If you need to change them, here's some advice... If your wheel bearings work for you, order/buy the same ones. I found out my car requires a special bearing. Yes, not all wheel bearings are the same. Simply saying I need "combo" or "King Kong" bearings isn't always the answer. You can read the brand name and part number off the bearing and then order those. Kind of sucks but you'll need to pull a hub to get the number on the inner and the outer as they are different. Don't forget to order the race with them if you get new bearings. Not all shops sell them as a set. Asking the question will save you time.
  7. Having met you and hungout..it's all clear to me now...
  8. You mean like being heavy-handed and condescending?
  9. Wait....what did you factor for t^2?
  10. Maybe I skewed your opinion of me by sending you a ton of free parts before you met me...
  11. Mac


    You're an evil, evil man. I can get lost in their for hours. I found that place almost 30 years ago.
  12. That's your first mistake. I use to write big tech articles and such. I would ask questions and get shit on. I just stopped. I've been a professional mechanic (auto, aircraft, machinist)...I was a test cell operator and quality assurance inspector, a test pilot...but hey...what do I know? When asking questions...you have people like the "resident know it all" reply with stupid shit like..."why don't you google it first?" Uh...I thought this was a tech section to ask questions... I see so many people pay to have their stuff worked on for them and then parrot it back on here to "look" smart yet if you handed them a wrench, they couldn't change their own oil. I don't take any of it serious and it's why I'm generally an A$$hole on social media. Meet me in person, I'm still the same a$$hole but you see that I'm not that bad of a guy and will help where I can. People simply don't take the time to meet people and get to know them in person anymore. You invest time in me, I'll invest time in you.
  13. Why sugarcoat it? Get right to the point.

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