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  1. Mac

    Figure Me This, Broken tube.

    It's horrible and had been horrible. The sand has stayed wet this year and very little wind to actually groom it. Definitely the worst I have seen it in the last 20 years.
  2. Mac

    TRX 250 Honda sputtering

    Because the choke will put more gas and less air in. With a clogged jet, you're not getting enough gas for the mixture.
  3. Mac

    TRX 250 Honda sputtering

    Carb and maybe old gas. As mentioned...clean the carb again...this time...put new jets in it. They are only $4-5 each. A main and definitely a pilot. Rinse the tank out with fresh gas...dump that out and put new gas in it. I've rebuilt a bunch of Hondas...every time I just went ahead and put new jets in them. It's not worth the time to keep ripping them apart and putting them back together to try and save $4-10. If you're just lazy...put a couple ounces of Seafoam in it and run a tank of gas through it.....but you better not let it sit you'll end up with more problems.
  4. Mac

    MLK...(18-21 Jan) Who's going?

    We'll see. I want to. I'm not crazy about going out after or during the rains. The dunes have been TORN UP.
  5. Mac

    MLK...(18-21 Jan) Who's going?

    I'm going to try and make it out. Still waiting in my daughter to pop and hoping the rain stops.
  6. Mac

    Teacher Strike!......., Really????

    It's like accepting shame and being so satisfied when you scratch it...
  7. Mac

    Teacher Strike!......., Really????

    As a pilot...I had to requalify every year. New systems, new tactics, new enemy...I had to get more training. Training and updates are a way of life for a pilot. This also applies to doctors, dentists, nurses, pretty much across the medical field. Other fields also require continued training to maintain your license and job. So why aren't teachers under this model? As mentioned...continued education should be even more important to stay up with new technology, new discoveries, new methods. Again, what other job has tenure? and what would be wrong with continued education to remain a teacher? AND...how can we evaluate teachers to better promote, compensate and retain? More importantly...how do we get teachers to get back to teaching? I see teachers always saying...they raise the kids. THAT'S NOT YOUR JOB! That's MY JOB! Having teachers undo what I instill on my kids was a constant frustration. AND...stop sending kids home with flyers telling parents how to vote! That's my vote...not yours.
  8. Mac

    California Laws 2019

    Don't hate me...
  9. Mac

    California Laws 2019

    So wait...Arnold did this to motorcycles in 2013. So having a pre-ban Harley with pipes...am I now led to believe I am now illegal with my preban bike?
  10. Mac

    Teacher Strike!......., Really????

    Cool deal. I need to you go back to work to pay my undervalued and reduced benefits military retirement pension and benefits.
  11. Mac

    Teacher Strike!......., Really????

    No...I don't take the bus. I don't support their union or benefits/pay increases either. I have already admitted that I have kids and have used the public school system. I didn't say it should be unfunded, but I don't support pay and benefits increases beyond a national cost of inflation. Under obama...he requested ZERO pay increases, but Congress wrote in minimal increases of 1%-1.6% each year. What did teachers get? Congress took away their pension retirement...do teachers still ave theirs?
  12. Mac

    Teacher Strike!......., Really????

    Interesting idea.... Require a Masters and/or 3-5 year stint in Administrative/leadership position to gain tenure...(I don't support tenure).
  13. Mac

    Teacher Strike!......., Really????


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