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  1. Mac

    New rzr clunking noise

    You asked...
  2. Mac

    New rzr clunking noise

    Hey now. I fixed everything...I've never sold crap on here and everyone has always been happy. If anything, I've fixed everything and someone is going to get a practically brand new RZR.
  3. Mac

    New rzr clunking noise

    I had something like this last season...drove me nuts until I found it. Is it a "rotational" kind of thumping or is it a popping? Does it happen at every speed or a certain speed? Here is a list of things to look at: Axles/CVs. Jack up the front end with the front diff locked. Try and turn the tire by hand. How much play do you have? If you have a lot, it's your CVs...you have to change the axles/cvs because they are sold as an assembled set. Repeat the same steps for the rear. If it is the axles and cv, look online because Polar axles are EXPENSIVE! Take off the center driveshaft cover between driver and passenger. You'll see the center carrier bearing. Pull and shake the driveshaft to see how much play you have. If you do, change the carrier bearing. I have one I'll sell you if if is the same part number...they aren't very expensive...just a pain in the ass to change because it's pressed on. (you can use heat and ice to make it work at home) Inspect the clutch. It could be a worn belt, belt missing teeth or a cracked primary or secondary faces where the belt runs. Lastly...after I changed all that...check your brake pads. I was missing a brake pad and the rotational grinding, thumping was the other pad slapping back and forth. Who'da thunk it. If it is a missing brake pad, you probably have a bent caliper/brake pad mounting bracket. When you put it all back together, make sure you adjust and tighten down the allen head that secures the bracket and doesn't allow the brake pad to fall off again. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  4. Mac

    Helo landing - Serious pucker factor

    No. Just flat pitch. 15,000# plus falls out the sky just fine...
  5. Mac

    2 Seat Dunn Tech - 15.5k obo

    Have to sell my stuff first.
  6. Mac

    Helo landing - Serious pucker factor

    Not sure on that particular helicopter. We have a probe that lowers and we have to put it in a roughly 3 foot x 3 foot "trap". Once we land they close the jaws of the trap on the probe and it holds us somewhat until they can chain us down. On REALLY bad sea states, we lower a cable, then hook it into a bigger cable from the ship and once we're ready, we signal and they pull us out of the sky down to the deck. It's called the RAST system.
  7. Mac

    Helo landing - Serious pucker factor

    Here is a picture of what we call HIFR (Helo in-flight refueling). We practice this so if the ship is REALLY rocking and rolling, we can take on more fuel to stay in the air and wait till the ship settles out and we can land. You do this for real...IT'S A BAD DAY.
  8. Mac

    Helo landing - Serious pucker factor

    We call it "Blue Water Ops" (operations)...meaning...there ain't nothing but blue water so you better be able to put it on the boat. We train for this. I have had nights pretty bad right off the coast of San Diego where we were just flying out to get regain or rebase currency for shipboard approaches, landings and takeoffs. I'm not knocking these guys at all, but we've all had at least one of those days/nights. I could tell you stories for days over my 25 year career. Saw a lot, did a lot, lived through it to retirement.
  9. Mac

    Helo landing - Serious pucker factor

    Hope I didn't disappoint...
  10. Mac

    Helo landing - Serious pucker factor

    I'm a retired Naval Aviator...I flew SH-60Bs. I've seen a few of these days/nights...never a fun time but it's what we did. Screw those jet guys that complain about a little bit of pitch and roll on a big ass carrier deck. But like I said...just make this night time and on goggles (staring through a green, toilet paper tube).
  11. Mac

    2018 SSSS photos

    Now that looks good. This is WAY BETTER than the manufacturer 4 seater and probably works better. Just like Dbart's rendering of the Yamaha SXS, I don't know why these companies act alone and don't take input from their customer base when designing these things.
  12. Mac

    2018 SSSS photos

    You missed out on a perfect opportunity to bitch about it...
  13. Mac

    Suck it LA Chargers...LMAO

    I have a problem against some of the players that are playing this stupid kneeling game and screaming out against injustice, yet are the ones that get arrested for DUI, drugs, domestic violence, not paying child support, running from the cops...shall I go on? I have millions of dollars and I'm so oppressed...STFU... But yes...there are some good ones out there and for some reason, they don't get much press. Yet one name comes to mind...Tim Tebow. They hated him because he was a good kid. I'm glad to see he is still out there and doing positive things regardless of the NFL.
  14. Mac

    Suck it LA Chargers...LMAO

    As mentioned, I don't watch and haven't watched due to all this crap they are pulling.
  15. Mac

    Suck it LA Chargers...LMAO

    I require more... New ownership No city funded guarantees They front all the funding up front to build their new stadium...and purchase the land from the city Minimum 5 years of community service/outreach by all players to rebuild community relations

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