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  1. Mac

    Thanks Mac

    I use to think that way. You don't use good wine to cook with. Even Gordon Ramsey says buy the cheapest you can find.
  2. Mac

    Jenga set

    I think we have a winner. I'll make sure you're there to play!
  3. Mac

    Jenga set

    If it gets loaded back into my trailer that will be what gets done with it.
  4. Mac

    Thanks Mac

    I am getting a hangover just looking at this...
  5. Mac

    Jenga set

    You are correct.
  6. Mac

    Jenga set

    Back up for sale...
  7. Mac

    Thanks Mac

    I see what you did there... 12 ounces of standard beer = 1 ounce of 80 proof liquor = 6 ounces of standard wine. You get 4 "servings" of wine from a 750ml bottle, so the equivalent of 4 beers per bottle.
  8. Mac

    Thanks Mac

    Italian table wines are "different". They make them that way. I'm just more of a purist in things. Just like bourbons and Scotch, I'm not a "blend" guy.
  9. Mac

    Thanks Mac

    I buy 2 buck Chuck to cook with though...works good for that. I've found that "price" doesn't necessarily dictate how good the wine is going to be but with that said...I try to stay in the $20-$40 dollar a bottle range. I've gone a lot higher and yes, it was fantastic, but I can't "live" at that price point on a regular basis. If you want to try going a little "big", try a Beaulieu Vineyard Georges de Latour Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. Worth every penny. Goes great with a good prime rib.
  10. Mac

    Thanks Mac

    I stay away from "blends" I just consider them the stuff they would throw away but "blend" it with all the other throw away stuff and wha la...a "California Red" "table wine" or "blend" When doctors "recommend" red wine, the point is to kind of stay away overly sweet and heavy sugar. Whites and blends tend to be sweeter and have more sugars, hence the "dry" reference. My favorites are Cabernets, Old Zinfandels, Pinot Noir, Malbecs, Carmeneres, Chiantis. I do occasionally get a good port. I also have a few whites I like. Being a "chef", get into the whole pairing a meal with a certain wine. A good wine and focus on "how" you want to enjoy it really does make a difference. Best places to buy that I've found are Costco or Bevmo. Bevmo has a buy one, get one for 5 cents. You save a lot if you find one of their wines they have on sale regularly. There are some that I buy by the case. I would highly recommend going to Temecula and go wine tasting. You will learn a lot, get to try a lot and find out what you like. I'd recommend South Coast, Wilson Creek, Ponte, maybe even Callaway. There are other good ones out there, those just seem to be the ones you can find their products in stores locally instead of having to go to Temecula or joining one of their wine clubs...which can be a rip off. I would save your money.
  11. Mac

    Thanks Mac

    Awesome. Glad you like it. If I knew you'd be smoking a cigar with it, I'd have recommended a 10-20 year Fonseca Port!
  12. Mac

    Game Of Thrones

    I don't think there will ever be a better series again or for a very long time. I expected a different ending. I wanted a different ending. Glad to see those that made it through the series alive. I really thought everyone but one would die.
  13. Mac

    The debate over abortion

    Politics has lost all sense of debate, compromise and creating a great good for the largest amount. it's all about win or lose now and in most cases, 100% of Americans lose out or suffer somehow. The pure lack of debate and intelligible effort to solve this kills me. Also, this is a 50 year old debate. It serves really as nothing more than a distraction from what our elected officials and citizenry effort could be spent on, creating a greater good.
  14. Mac

    The debate over abortion

    Agreed. Maybe...we should focus more on the basics of sex ed instead of all the perversion they teach and focus on nowadays. Get back to the basics kids need to know about their bodies. Get back to teaching boys and girls how to get along and respect each other. Discuss rape and victimization and breakdown the "taboo" stench of it so we can focus on helping people, not punishing them.

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