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  1. All these shows are absolutely beyond gay to me. A few years back, I was visiting my parents house. My girlfriend at the time and I went to go ATVing and ultimately, climb a mountain. They had a film crew shooting for one of these shows. We walked over to see what they were doing...these ass klowns where all wearing guns, acting all tough..."protecting their claim from poachers"...blah, blah, blah... I've been going up there for over 40 years...eat a big fat one. I told them they were all ass klowns and quit acting for "reality TV" and left. GAY, GAY, GAY!
  2. Mac

    Got another Masters

    I have GI Bill money to use or lose. But after 2 Masters, HR cert and Culinary college, I need a break. I still have some money left so who knows.
  3. Mac

    Got another Masters

    I might go back for my doctorate. Keep working and paying taxes...my education depends on it.
  4. Mac

    Got another Masters

    It was a blended program. I did my HR classes online and my business classes on campus.
  5. Got a second Master's degree. Got an MBA this time and a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources. I'm a certified people person now.
  6. Went out with the 20 and 30 something crowd from work last night...got home around 3am. I regret nothing....
  7. Simon Sinek says people are miserable because they have been raised in an environment of instant gratification. If they don't get immediate results, they are upset.
  8. Anyone headed out this weekend Jan 30 - Feb 2?
  9. Just had my truck ceramic coated this past weekend. Exterior, interior, paint correction and like you said, wheels. The entire truck is a mirror. I knew there would be more to it in maintaining it. He's setting me up with all the products and how to, to maintain it. Doesn't sound bad at all, especially since I keep a vehicle for so long.
  10. Truck's getting ceramic coated today, then cooking and baking for Grandson's first Birthday party today.
  11. Bring more documents than you think you need for the Real ID. I had more than enough and they still screwed it up and required me to mail in more.
  12. Do you have an AJ shifter or ratchet shifter? We have the same car, I have a ratchet shifter.
  13. I'm taking the time to put all these to memory after hearing that you'll be camping with us this holiday season...
  14. I used HJC full face helmets and had Rugged install a helmet kit. No matter what people say...you'll want a full face. If keeps the sand out pretty good, you can use sunglasses for ease of day and night riding.

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