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  1. 6 year retired and I still keep it short and clean.
  2. Thank God we have a fair and balanced leader here...
  3. I went to get my duck...just for you.
  4. This is some bulls*t! We were there when you took the picture and now there was a super secret "other" picture that you post?
  5. I was going to text you today and get in your head some more. While you have a lot of experience out there, this is new territory for you. Listen to those you trust.
  6. Here's my thread of how I cleaned up the wiring. (see page 2)
  7. Mine has tabs next to the driver seat. You could wed some on or get some pipe/accessory clamps and do something like this.
  8. Good seeing a bunch of people, had fun...bought a pass. Had a big surprise having Yarder, Monkey and Big E drive out to hang with us.
  9. Hey Curt...welcome back! OK...few questions. The vibration. Is it a high frequency buzz or a very pronounced shake? Can you differentiate the vibration from any suspension issues over possible engine issues? Engine vibrations can be a bit hard. Sometimes it happens only under a load, sometimes it's just the engine. Try reving the motor in neutral with your hand on it. Try moving your hand to different places on the motor to see if it's more pronounced in one area over the other. This might help isolating it. if it vibrated in neutral like you are saying...most likely a crank, rod, or the bearings. If this is the case, I would not riding it till you get it replaced as when these go, the whole motor can be damaged. If there is no vibration doing this, it could be a bad bearing or shaft in the transmission. OR...it could still be the crank/rod/bearings in the engine that only show up under load. I know..."then how do you know???" The remedy is almost the same. You're going to have to crack the case anyway so... Next....suspension. Many times miss adjustments or loose hardware will show up as a vibration at certain speeds. How is your alignment? If your alignment is off, it can show up like this. The whole bike will shake, most likely in the bars is where you will feel it the most. I know some people like to do crazy things with their camber/caster/etc... I have always set my bikes/SXS/car up zero on everything. They always work great...no issues. You have any...just let go and the bike/SXS/car straightens out on it's own. How about the chain tension? A chain can do this if it's not adjusted properly. Sounds elementary but...put it on a stand, taking all the weight off the wheels and suspension and shake each wheel up, down, side to side. Could be a loose bolt, bad wheel bearing, bad ball joint. Check the tie rods too for no play. Check the steering stem nut, excessive turning play and up and down play. Check the rear linkage to make surety hardware is tight. Basically...shake everything in every direction it could possibly move to see if something is loose or wore out. I know some of this sounds like ...."well no shit..." but...sometimes we overlook things. These are all the things I would do before cracking a case. Once you crack the case...you better know how or have a deep pocket. Every time I have heard someone paying to change a crank or transmission stuff on a bike, it's always over $2000. Feel free to hit me up in DMs if you want. I've built and worked on a lot of these bikes.
  10. And not a single one of you have denounced Karen for being a c0ckblocker. She needs to drive into oncoming traffic for this crime against men.
  11. Crossing a solid or double line to pass...stupid Trying to pass on a curve....stupid Try to pass close aboard a fishtailing vehicle...stupid Everything about this screams wrong to me. People die fairly regularly in Southern California doing these same exact things. I've seen it throughout my riding areas along the border, Cuyamaca, Julian, etc... I simply don't take risks with a passenger...EVER.
  12. My daughter posted this on Facebook last year. She was 9 years old when this happened. This her memory of it.
  13. Wow....crazy story. Thanks for sharing. Meeting my bio mom was cool. I met my sister at the same time. It was a little weird but not bad or negative. Bio mom had always told my sister that she had a brother out there somewhere. My bio mom showed her true colors pretty fast. She's an alcoholic and drug addict. Functional but still annoying. We quit talking shortly there after but my sister and I have stayed in touch ever since. I understand all the feelings and emotions that some have shared here. It's been a different path for me. I've never been resentful of my bio parents. Bio mom was 15 and bio dad was 19. They gave me a chance and I like to think it wasn't wasted. Bio mom wants a relationship with me, but knows I can't deal with her. My sister doesn't have a relationship with her either. I spoke to her on the phone this past weekend for about an hour. It had been 10 years plus. She was very emotional in a good way. She knows she did the right thing giving me up, but she wants me in her life.
  14. What the hell is a Mississippi mud snake doing in Glamis???

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