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  1. Mac

    Gas vs Diesel

    This is the truck I have always wanted. I've always just "accepted" what I got. This has everything down to the color and interior. It's like I ordered it for me.
  2. Mac

    Gas vs Diesel

    Mac's new ride... 2019 Silverado 2500 LTZ, diesel, 4x4...freaking love this thing ready!
  3. Mac

    Gas vs Diesel

    Thanks for all the input and discussion here. I went looking for a gasser...ended up finding a new 2019 diesel with everything I wanted on it for $17,000!!!! less than a new gasser (all the 2019's are sold out). I'm stoked. I take delivery tomorrow.
  4. Mac

    Gas vs Diesel

    Dammit! I told the sales guy not to tell anyone!
  5. Mac

    Gas vs Diesel

    Yeah...my truck was a '06...no emissions crap. I went looking at trucks this afternoon...They only had one 3/4 ton gasser on the lot. And WTF is up with only black interior these days? Why advertise and offer other colors if they are only special order? I seriously do not want black interior.
  6. Mac

    Gas vs Diesel

    You guys are all killing me. I'm not going to rent and I am going to buy new. It's my money...I'll do what I want... I have owned a Ford...liked it a lot. I only got rid of it because I needed a 3/4 ton. I just got rid of the Dodge...hated it since the day I bought it. I don't care if Dodges are dipped in gold and they give them away...never again! Besides the Cummins...it was a f*cking Yugo with a truck bed. I've never owned a Chevy/GMC. I've always felt the rode/drove the best. I want comfort now without doing anything aftermarket to it to get it to ride right. So next question...does anyone REALLY see any difference in a straight 4x4 vs the whole Z71 package? I'm not going to be offloading this thing...just using 4x4 to get out if I get stuck. (yeah...I pretty much answered my own questions there).
  7. Mac

    Gas vs Diesel

    A 1/2 ton is out of the question. My TH is big and heavy. I wish I could go back to a 1/2ton. Buying used is not an option. I want something new unless someone here has a brand new truck with super low miles, still smells new and is the absolutely deal of the century (Say...$25K). It was mentioned...gas wouldn't be an issue so long as there aren't any steep inclines...Well...I tow on the I-8...I'd have to deal with that climb once a year. I appreciate all the feedback and discussion. I was pretty set on a new diesel until Grease Monkey and I started chatting about it. The cost of these trucks today are outrageous. So...here's a question... Gas...smog every 5 years. Diesel is every other year. Is that still correct on the newer diesels?
  8. I'm looking at new trucks. Going to buy one this week. I've been pretty set on a new diesel but... I'm hearing the problems with the new diesels with all the emissions stuff and now the DEF...that the diesels might not be the best option. I looked up specs on the Chevys/GMCs and there is no difference in tow capacity, but obviously HP and torque are WAY different. I've owned both, I can maintain both. I have not owned a newer, smog motor diesel and I have never towed a big trailer with anything but a diesel. I tow from San Diego to Imperial Valley roughly twice a year. Tow out at the beginning of the season, tow back at the end of the season. So it will result in minimal towing and pretty much flat terrain. Other than that, the truck will be a daily driver. So...what says you GD.com?
  9. Truck sold this morning and is off to the owner. 24 hours on the market...not bad. Thanks for the recommendation to use "Offerup".
  10. I just PM'ed someone this... I'm trying to sell this outside of my social circle so I don't get someone who bitches about buying a 14 year old truck with over 200K miles on when it needs maintenance for normal wear and tear stuff. I've always had a good reputation of selling good and well maintained stuff on here...I just want to keep it that way. Plus...I've never sold a used car or truck. I've always traded it in and took the hit to avoid people bitching, low balling or playing games when it doesn't go their way.
  11. I did this. I ran the Blue Book on it and put in the middle of what I felt was fair. I post on FB...and immediately...some douche posts that he sold his for $18K with 300K miles on it...so to anyone looking beware and that something must be wrong with my truck. You can't even try and be fair and do that right thing. SO...I just posted on CL...I didn't know they charge now. It's only $5. SO...I raised the price. Alright f*ckers....you want to pay more...then pay more.
  12. I thought about just putting a sign in it but I live in a gated community and keep my truck in the garage.
  13. What are the best online sites to advertise and sell vehicles? I know about FB market place and some of the FB offroad pages. Of course there's CL for when I get desperate or want to deal with sh*theads. But whatelse are you guys having luck with? Thanks.

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