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  1. I talked to them when I did my motor, Chris was the guy that told me to just buy a new crate motor. I could explain all this and make sense of it all and then some f*cktard on here with no clue, yet that has the ability to parrot back something they read on the internet would try and say I was wrong... So...not worth it.
  2. I paid $4250 for a crate motor from Polaris.
  3. Mac

    SU Light bar

    Of course. @HozayKwarvo insists on it! Going with a better light setup than the bar I have now.
  4. Mac

    SU Light bar

    I had sold my light bar to another GD.com member last year. I can't remember their name or contact info. I'd like to buy it back if they still have it or if there is another member with a SU ultralight light bar. Please PM if you know who I sold it to or if you have one you want to sell.
  5. Let me explain the whole security clearance deal. You lose your clearance after one year of leaving the service if you haven't been hired by someone that takes over the responsibility and servicing of your clearance. A TS is only good for 5 years. A Secret for 10 years. Still, if an organization doesn't report you on their books, you lose it after a year. Why is this important? If he has to finish school after the service, he will need to be done or hired within a year of leaving the service and they will have to have him serve in a role that requires a clearance. Before any GD.com lawyers try and correct this, I use to manage Security clearances and I took too much time off after the service to make my clearance useful.
  6. You are correct...but prove it. As a 25 year Veteran, I have been told more so than not, down play or don't mention my military service on a resume...WTF??? America as a whole hates Veterans.
  7. So much to say here... Scout Sniper is a double edged sword. He's disciplined, focused, trusted, detail orientated... The flip side...he's a trained killer that has killed and could snap at any moment and is a danger to me, my employees and customers...he's a liability! See where I'm going with this? I have a lot more to say but not going to waste it here for people who have no experience with this and will only run their c0ck holsters. Give me a buzz if you want to chat.
  8. Alcohol may have been involved... Great times for sure.
  9. Had a few bloodymarys this past weekend followed by canned beverages...followed by some bourbons.... I would say a good bourbon or wine are my go-tos these days.
  10. I didn't even go within 100 feet of the swingset
  11. That was us. We saw you guys up on the hill as well.
  12. Went to Glamis and practiced proper social distancing with the return to the dunes for Osoto. Great rides and awesome times with Hozay and Family and Osoto.
  13. Unaffected. I'm more upset over the rain.
  14. I'm out now. This the one weekend during the season I can't get my trailer out of storage. I store on the base in El Centro and hey have the Airshow this weekend and lockdown all the traffic.
  15. Glamis 13-15 March. Who's going?
  16. All these shows are absolutely beyond gay to me. A few years back, I was visiting my parents house. My girlfriend at the time and I went to go ATVing and ultimately, climb a mountain. They had a film crew shooting for one of these shows. We walked over to see what they were doing...these ass klowns where all wearing guns, acting all tough..."protecting their claim from poachers"...blah, blah, blah... I've been going up there for over 40 years...eat a big fat one. I told them they were all ass klowns and quit acting for "reality TV" and left. GAY, GAY, GAY!
  17. Mac

    Got another Masters

    I have GI Bill money to use or lose. But after 2 Masters, HR cert and Culinary college, I need a break. I still have some money left so who knows.
  18. Mac

    Got another Masters

    I might go back for my doctorate. Keep working and paying taxes...my education depends on it.
  19. Mac

    Got another Masters

    It was a blended program. I did my HR classes online and my business classes on campus.
  20. Got a second Master's degree. Got an MBA this time and a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources. I'm a certified people person now.

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