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  1. Mac

    Sandrails Unlimeted

    Do you mean Suspensions Unlimited (SU)? http://www.susandcars.com
  2. Mac

    The truth behind the “homeless epidemic”

    That would require scheduling, a media crew and all the focus on fixing the problem would turn to what is Kim wearing. Ever hear the media report on Gary Sinise? Nope...because he's actually out there doing some good and making a difference...for Vets and their families. No one gives a shit about Vets...
  3. Mac

    The truth behind the “homeless epidemic”

    The media and these issues lost me years ago when they called them an "epidemic" and then did nothing about them. There are answers out there, yet you always have naysayers and people who just want to complain. It really discourages those wanting to help and make a difference from getting involved. I'd like to know how many celebrities take on homelessness as their "cause". How many throw money and actual effort behind making an difference? They are so good at finger pointing and supporting issues, but really do nothing.
  4. Mac

    Carnage report 3/14-16

    Nice! That's a Baja fix right there. Whatever it takes to drive it out.
  5. Mac

    Who wears a helmet?

    If I have to wear a helmet in a rail or SXS...I prefer a full face street bike helmet. I like having the flip up clear face shield. It makes wearing sunglasses and then simply taking them off to transition to night a breeze. You can go spend a ton on a helmet but I've always been happy with a HJC in a rail or SXS. Rugged usually has them for under $100. You can add an intercom for another $100.
  6. Mac

    International Women's Day

    Tiffany... I dated a Tiffany a few years ago. HOT AF! Crazy in bed....and when she didn't get her way...you might get cut. I had my fun and ran.
  7. Mac

    International Women's Day

  8. Mac

    International Women's Day

    I've ridden a moped...I've driven a Bugatti.... I ended up with a unicorn...
  9. Mac

    International Women's Day

    That would be a "Unicorn"....
  10. Mac

    International Women's Day

    I've had more than my fair share of crazy and lived to tell about it...
  11. Mac

    International Women's Day

    March 14th!
  12. Mac

    05 Honda 450r

    Cleaning the float valve and using a pipe cleaner in the float socket with a strong solvent hold clean that up. Also check the bowl drain. If you mess with those, they almost always leak when you put them back together. Pull it out and use a high number grit sandpaper and resurface it. Use a small brush or pipe cleaner with a strong solvent to clean that socket out. If you still have the idle problems, change the pilot jet.
  13. Mac

    What're You Listening to Now?

    My wife asked..."Who are you on hold for?"
  14. That's awesome! I had the pleasure of taking Tom out on some rides in my RZR last season to give him his first Glamis experience! Great guy! I believe it was at last year's Golf Tourney.
  15. Mac

    light bar size question

    The question is...how will you mount it? I'd play it safe and go with a 42in. I'd HIGHLY recommend a curved bar.
  16. Mac

    05 Honda 450r

    This it correct. I've had both. The TRX didn't switch to the FCR until '06. The CRF has always had a FCR. (just checked)
  17. Mac

    05 Honda 450r

    Shush K&N Social Media lackie....
  18. Mac

    05 Honda 450r

    OK...I've built a lot of Hondas, had a few CRF 450s. Granted mine were "R"s. BUT.... Here's what I would do... 170 Main (stock is a 145) 42 Pilot (stock is a 45) If the bike has set ANY amount of time sitting without being ran, just spend the $8 and get a new main and pilot. Don't waste a dime on jet reamers or aftermarket jet kits. They don't work as well and you will have problems. Get rid of the K&N and go back to a foam filter. UNIs were always my favorite. The K&Ns don't seal well and you will inject sand. Yes....I know this from experience. Being an '05...yes...you might want to check the valves. On the "R"s, they have titanium valves. You might have Stainless valves. Stainless valves are better in my opinion unless you are a true racer, competing in Supercross. They hold adjustment and wear a lot longer too. If you find yourself going to check the valves and need to shim it, lucky for you, I have a Honda shim kit that's almost complete (yes...shameless plug). Next... Sounds crazy but...check your compression. I had an issue once that screamed carb all over it...come to find out, it was low compression...and it really wasn't that low but it drove me crazy. It acted just like a clogged pilot jet. And lastly....Sorry Hozay...the CRFs had FCRs by at least 04 before they put them on the TRXs. Feel free to hit me up if you have any more questions.
  19. Did a road trip to Grass Valley, CA (almost Reno) and look what followed me back...
  20. Mac

    The Coobster took a fall

    Glad you're on the mend Coob. Let me know if you need anything or just someone to come over and shoot the shit. I got nothing but time.
  21. Mac

    Just got back from 9 days at Glamis

    How's the new car?
  22. Mac

    Birthday cake

    I made a cake for my niece for her 21st birthday.

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