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  1. When I was a kid we played around with a lot of those little Honda 185s and 200s. We were very young and the furthest thing from an experts. If it visually looked like it would fit we'd put it together. But I do remember swapping a lot of top end parts around between the two and not having any issues. Hell we would forget which was which and couldn't tell you what engine was in our trike without looking at the casting where it says the CCs. I do remember getting the cam timing off on a buddy's 200s one time. We had the cam timing delayed by one tooth thus retarding the valve timing quite a bit. Had to pull it with another bike to get it started but it had crazy power. Was blowing away 350Xs and 250Rs. Shook like an old Harley and ran hot. Realizing our mistake we purposely did the same thing to an XR200 with the same result. Just an insane amount of power coming out of that little 200. Stupid kids! I'm pretty sure the only difference between your 185 and a 200 is the diameter of the bore though. So as long as you use a 200 piston with a 200 jug it should work.
  3. I think you're referring to leaf spring hop. It happens when leaf springs deflect from the tires losing traction and is cured with some type of traction aid or traction bar. All SxSs (and rails) have the type of suspension that does not allow any kind of spring hop that would cause the shake you're describing.
  4. I built my own from an 8' long piece of 15"-5/8" wall H-pile. It weighs about as much as a Volkswagen and could also split one in half
  5. I will say that he was doing what we may all be driven to do eventually and maybe what we should be doing already
  6. Put a piece of pipe over that length of chain between the tires so they can't cut it
  7. I had to go to Oakland last week. Have never been to the Bay Area before except for San Jose a couple years ago. San Jose wasn’t bad from what I saw but Oakland last week! Holy crap! I couldn’t believe what I saw. Trash and homeless everywhere you look. I was completely taken aback. My vision isn’t great but I could literally see the needles strewn everywhere through the windows of my truck. Everywhere I went it was just one “holy chit” after another. I still can’t believe the filth I witnessed even a week later.
  8. It’s not over yet. We’ve still got 2 more years of this bullshit to go LET’S GO BRANDON
  9. I traded it to a friend a while back for a low mile OBS PSD for the engine for my daughter’s truck (the 97 PSD with 325k). I was pretty happy with it tho. It was great on fuel and pretty dependable but needed to get the F250 going for my daughter. The F250 had a K&N on it when I got it and had probably been on there for a long time so it was pretty much dusted. Still managed to get a few years out of it before it was just too low on compression to keep going.
  10. Ya I have a 96 FSuper Duty that has 493k but it only reads 93k
  11. 97 F350 PSD 355k 99 Ram/Cummins (same truck as @Bobalos) 305k 05 International 9900i (semi) 1.3m 97 F250 PSD 325k
  12. Until we got a DP we’d pull our 24’ enclosed full of gear and quads and our SxS with the pickup. Never did anything custom except some led lights and some cigar lighter plugs to plug in phone chargers n stuff. Electric all ran off the truck batteries. Packed it full of stuff n hit the road. Had a pretty nice fold up double cot from Sportsman’s and a couple singles for guests if we needed them. A pretty good size piece of leftover carpet we’d roll out after unloading the toys made it nicer to walk around on barefoot than the oil stained wood floor. Still had enough room for a Folding table on one side and cook on the disco on the other. Spent many hours playing cards around the folding table with the whole group during rain and wind. 4’x4’ shower tent staked right outside with those black bags of water you put out in the sun. They absorb radiant heat and heat up the water even if it’s cold outside. A bucket with a toilet seat on top with a trash bag with some sand in it and it’s your job to dispose of said bag when you’re finished and don’t leave the bucket in the shower all the time. Had some of our best trips camping like that.

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