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  1. I'm thinking the title of the sequel might be called "3000 Arrests"
  2. Is this a meme? I don't get it.
  3. Mine is 60 gallons and uses every bit of space between the frame rails and cross members. It hangs down a little and so do the brackets. No filler neck, just a small hole in the floor for the filler and cap with a small locking access door on the side of the trailer. Just have to make sure I don't park over the filler if I need to fill it up. If you mount near the axles I don't see why you can't hang down below the frame/members a couple inches. My generator has it's own fuel tank in the left front corner of the trailer that hangs down a tiny bit and it's never been scraped or touched by anything and neither has my fuel station tank and my trailer's 20 years old.
  4. Is that what happens when chevy guys try to take off when they forget to put their landing gear up?
  5. You guys are a little bit late. That was yesterday
  6. I average 7mpg at 65. 7.5mpg at 55mph
  7. From what I've heard in the last 24 hours, Will Smith seems to have a pretty unhealthy relationship with some bald chick.
  8. I make about 1 run a week in the semi regionally staying within 1 state or 2 from home. To put it in prospective I made some simple calculations and came up with the costs to fill up when I am almost empty buying 275 gallons at local prices. Prices increase the further west you go. It takes 1.5-2 days to burn this much fuel. Before biden=$600 After biden=$1000 biden+Ukraine=$1500
  9. That's straight up necrophilia right there. That dried up old mummy hasn't been touched since Joe was kickin it with cornpop
  10. Her poor husband. There's not enough Viagra and paper bags in the world.
  11. That totally looks like one of those bms things

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