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  1. That's the short version. That was a pretty long night. Guy screamed at the top of his lungs forever. I really thought I was gonna go to jail for it but nothing ever happened.
  2. The heat tends to radiate downward in these creatures eliminating the need for pants
  3. I call the neighbor to come hold the flashlight
  4. We were having trouble about 15 years ago in my neighborhood with tweekers/petty theft. They'd do thousands of dollars worth of damage to steal a couple bucks worth of crap. I set up trips that would trigger an alarm and flashing light in my bedroom. I bought 6 pairs of these cable cutters and put them in different parts of the yard where I knew where to find them. Had a lot of false alarms but finally caught this guy stealing a radiator and surprised him with a floor jack handle. I cut off about half of his right thumb and let him go. He must have told his friends cuz we really didn't have any trouble after that.
  5. I keep lots of butane torch lighters and full cans of starting fluid laying around. Sometimes tape the lighter to the can and use like a blowtorch (remember aqua net hairspray and a lighter?). Hiking, camping and stuff always have some around. It'll scare the chit out of wild animals and will Eff somebody up if they wanna Eff with you. You kinda have to think a little but way more effective than pepper spray or swingin a stick around.
  6. Most pests are. Some are brown tho
  7. Look at this thing. How'd he load it on his trailer? Sideways?
  8. No need to raise it if it has airbags. Leveling valve will maintain ride height by increasing the pressure no matter what the load is. Assuming it has air brakes with an engine driven compressor
  9. I heard someone the other day say to slightly open a box of bounce dryer sheets and put in a vent indoors to keep mosquitoes and most other insects out of the house. I haven't tried it but it sounded pretty convincing at least for indoors anyway
  10. So did anybody get their speed cars at ssss or what?
  11. My moty still has the Texas plates on it that were on it when I bought it. I'm never going to register it. I have insurance. I'll just pay the fine if I do ever get a ticket. It'll be way cheaper than even one year's registration.
  12. My buddy had an 06 with the 4cyl. I remember helping him replace the front unitized wheel bearings pretty early on (less than 100k) and we had to take apart the smog pump and clean it out a little after 100k. I think it was a smog pump or part of the egr. It was a pump of some kind that filled up with soot to the point that the electric motor that turned it was struggling and throwing a code. Kinda blew my mind that it had an electric smog pump but cleaning it out kept the code from coming back.

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