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  1. I’d like to try surfing on them down a gravel road wearing football cleats. We’ll use barbed wire for the rope.
  2. Rorschach


    What the hell?! Major D I C K A S O N ‘ S Blend. Jeez this is ridiculous
  3. Rorschach


    I didn’t realize that the site changed my post. It “major pee peeason’s blend”. Not pee peeason’s blend.
  4. Rorschach


    If you mean Peet’s coffee, I like their french roast also. Have you tried Peet’s Major pee peeason’s Blend? It’s good also
  5. I put 305k on my 99 ram (53 block) and never touched anything but the vp (of course) and torque converter, then traded it off to a neighbor. Told him to go easy on the tranny. He didn’t, so he had to go thru the tranny but it already had the billet converter that I put in so tranny build only cost him $1500. It’s got somewhere around 330k on it now with the original turbo. VGT turbos don’t last a fraction of what a fixed geometry turbo does.
  6. Feet first and the chipper feeders on slowest setting. We want really small chips here
  7. I identify as a fully vaccinated blue dinosaur 🦕
  8. With the cost of ammo today that would put the price of a bottle of C45 up to around $15, wouldn’t it?
  9. I drove right by the launch site this morning. Looked like they got a pretty good rain last night. I heard the launch got delayed a few hours. Anybody sign the petition to stop Jeff Bozos from coming back to Earth after his visit to space?
  10. Is it me or is there like a month’s worth of content that disappeared from this thread? I’m sure I posted this one before but here it is again.
  11. I think where most people get confused is they think legalization somehow makes more money. It’s still the same money coming from the same citizens. It’s just a redistribution of money that was already there. But now there’s just more of it be “redistributed” to further an already corrupted government.

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