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  1. Reagan was suppose to have really been a puppet for the Republican establishment that pushed the deregulation. Funny the Republicans are again pushing to repeal the legislation put in place after the last meltdown. The rich are going to do very well for at least the next 2 years.
  2. You're right, Trump has said nothing cringe worthy at all. Don't choke on that Kool-Aid.
  3. Trump sued Bill Maher for $5 million because Maher joked his Father was an orangutan because of matching hair color. Thin skinned? Oh, a tad.
  4. Does his twitter battle with Schwarzenegger inspire you? As president, one would hope he would be above that. You can't say he's not thin skinned. I'd hazard a guess the majority of the board members have never sued anyone. I didn't hear the number disputed that he has sued people 3,500 times. Doesn't take much to set him off. I do think he was a better alternative than Hillary. I hope our enemies do not figure out a way to exploit Trump's temperament for their advantage. And by the way, I'm not just "cruising this board". You don't need to be trashing me for my opinion.
  5. I'm sure Trump will remember the day when he received Billions of cards. When he gave his speech to Congress I thought he'd turned the corner on being more Presidential. He's still got some work to go there.
  6. Were you playing Nitro Circus in a RZR 4???
  7. Unfortunately with our do nothing Congress the odds of this passing or even being addressed are probably slim. Trump is too worried about his Twitter feud with Schwarzenegger to deal with it.
  8. Sand Dawg


    Exactly! They're tapping the Russians and just so happened to scoop up Trump people in the process. Still many Obama holdovers that probably couldn't wait to leak release the information.
  9. I'm only giving him a 7, he didn't stick the landing. Alcohol may have had something to do with this.
  10. Not sure but I bet China had something to do with it. The sooner they stop letting us buy China crap the better off we'll all be IMHO.

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