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  1. RodSmith32

    WTB STU 36"

    Looking to buy a set of STU 36" #2 cut. Or possible a set of 35.5 Have a set of 16.50 x 17 that I would sell or trade. Thanks
  2. If your friend is still looking I'm considering selling our Polaris Outlaw 90, it is the same as the 110 version that was offered the following year.
  3. RodSmith32


    Will you sell without the helmet kits?
  4. RodSmith32


    How much for the intercom and cables?
  5. RodSmith32


    I already have headsets, good luck on the sale.
  6. RodSmith32


    Would you be interested in sell without the helmet kits?
  7. Winegard carryout satellite. Works great comes with all cables. Works with Dish or DirecTv. New motor home has a satellite on it so this one is just gathering dust. $200 obo
  8. Older PCI intercom for sale. PCI 4-Link with cables for 4 seats, includes 2 push-to-talk buttons. Add your headsets or helmet kits and be ready to go. $300 obo
  9. 4 BFG A/T tires 315/75r16. Not in perfect condition but held air when I dismounted them. Would be a good set for offroad use. Picture of worst damage shown. $200 obo
  10. Nice set of Chevy 8 lug wheels with center caps. $200 obo
  11. Simply search https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sand-Rail-BFD-HD/273854618707?hash=item3fc301dc53:g:bKUAAOSwfx5c4Wi3
  12. Thanks, I will give them a call.
  13. Thanks, I need something larger for the RV.
  14. Can I get a price on 36 x 17 #2 cut shipped to 85284.

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