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  1. sandsnake1

    Dumont Trip

    1100 lbs of water is to much weight to haul all the way to Baker from Temecula area. More weight, more load on tires, trailer and gas mileage. I see no point in filling in Temecula when I can fill in Baker.
  2. sandsnake1

    Dumont Trip

    Great, Thanks for the info guys.
  3. sandsnake1

    Dumont Trip

    Ok, Thanks. Is it a dump station or just water fill up?
  4. sandsnake1

    Dumont Trip

    Anyone know where to fill your fresh water tank in Baker? And is there a close by RV dumpsite? Thanks for any info.
  5. sandsnake1

    Funco Experts Needed

    The new stuff is very close to leather, but is supposed to be better. It costs more than the cloth and is an upgrade. Maintenance seems to be the main reason given for switching from the cloth, as once sand gets into the cloth it is really hard to get out, even vacuming leaves some, and cloth will discolor when stained. With the Nagahyde (sp?) you can just wipe it off, both sand and spills. Feel and looks are subjective and vary from person to person. It should hold up better than cloth. Nothing worse than a soggy seat.... 981626[/snapback] Tron, if I am going to ride in this with you please add in an ejection button for co-pilot or at least a co-pilot brake pedal.
  6. sandsnake1

    Who's Going To Play ..........

    Season for Glamis and Dumont is over if you have a red sticker. Here is the Calif. DMV red sticker schedule; California Desert District Olancha Dunes Year-round Panamint (closed) Year-round Spangler Hills Oct 1 - May 31 Jawbone/Dove Oct 1 - May 31 Dumont Dunes Nov I - Apr 30 Stoddard Valley Oct 1 - Apr 30. Johnson Valley Oct 1 - Apr 30 Superstition Mountain Oct 1 - May 31 Imperial/Glamis/Gecko Oct 1 - Apr 30 Plaster City Oct 1 - May 31 Imperial/Buttercup Valley Oct 1, Apr 30 Lark Canyon Dec 1 - Jan 31 Rasor Oct 1 - Apr 30 Imperial/Mammoth Wash Oct 1 - Apr 30 El Mirage/Shadow Mtns. Nov 1 - Mar 1 Rice Valley Year-round Parker Strip Year-round
  7. sandsnake1

    Preparing The Truck For Towing

    Danny, who did you get your gauges from and did you run the tri-pod down the window? I am looking into buying gauges, I just installed the Mag-tech tranny pan and ordered a Tru-cool max trans cooler.
  8. sandsnake1

    4:30s Installed

    Ok, Now I know who you are. Wow, you have been through a couple trailers in the last couple years. The 5th wheel is awesome, big improvement from the 1st trailer you had.
  9. sandsnake1

    4:30s Installed

    You are correct. I didn't know if I knew you or how you knew she was my sister. Do you live down the street or something?
  10. sandsnake1

    4:30s Installed

    Thanks treshombre, I will give them a call and let John know you recommended him. Who is Danial??
  11. sandsnake1

    4:30s Installed

    Treshombre, where did you have your gears changed? Did they do a good clean job and how long did it take? Thanks
  12. sandsnake1

    Lifted Ford F350 Psds 4x4

    Who knows of a good place to have gears replaced close to Temecula area?
  13. sandsnake1

    A Diesel Tech You Can Trust...

    Do you work on PSD's??
  14. sandsnake1

    Race Results

    Little sandwedgie now also injured. Now little Tron will have company with little Sandwedgie as the campbitches next G trip out , glad I have boys.
  15. sandsnake1

    Race Pics

    Danny G, Next trip is New Years. We will be there on 12/31 to 1/3.

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