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  1. danbalz

    Spindle mount front brakes ?

    Anybody have a picture of this setup. Bogart doesnt show on website.
  2. danbalz

    Spindle mount front brakes ?

    I was going though some older sand sports mags an came across a red Elite Performance 2 seet car w/ nissan turbo cylinder and noted it had bogarts front spindle mount wheels. Anbody have anymore info on that setup and were to get it ?
  3. danbalz

    HRT dual sport Ls/s4

    front shocks internal bypass ?
  4. danbalz

    Figure Me This, Broken tube.

    The sand right now is top 5 worst ive seen in the30 years ive been going. No wonder it broke this weekend.
  5. danbalz

    Determining spring rate by diameter.

    mike i put these on the front when i converted to a arms. got some for 96 camary rear strut bumber about $10 each
  6. danbalz

    Determining spring rate by diameter.

    Mike we drilled out one of Bobs free bleed holes and that really helped with he chop. Get spring close and we can work on valving. Are those front shocks Fox ?
  7. danbalz

    Determining spring rate by diameter.

    Softer. hahaha mike
  8. you dont even have bank 1 sensor 2-thats after cayt.
  9. danbalz

    Turbo subi, which one?

    might be interested in northstar
  10. danbalz

    steering problem

    Maybe spindle is bent from whatever he hit to brake the bolt.
  11. danbalz

    FREE Northstar V8..

    still have this ?
  12. danbalz

    Making room for the HV24

    Nice. Well done.
  13. danbalz

    Chassis swap

    You are going to have to buy Doug's beer this trip. HAHAHA
  14. danbalz

    Chassis swap

    Mike. next run in two weeks. Better get it finished .
  15. danbalz

    Slim Tire Sealant and Aluminium Rims

    Coolant is designed to protect rubber and aluminum . I use it with stop leak and my tires dont loose any air all summer. Like sandpsyco said it cleans up with water and a wipe.

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