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  1. use a sawzall with the teeth ground down on blade to make it like a razor blade. Put propane heater on tire to warm the rubber. It cuts like butter.
  2. Distance from outer pivot to outside off inner pivot? Are they standard 3x3 arm measurements?
  3. He''s mostly looking for rear spring rates. Someone with similar car that works good should have rates. BTW nice picture
  4. Finished my mounting. Added old skidplate I've horded for many years. (Knew I could use that someday).
  5. I keep breaker bar with socket and extension in car. would be real slow with breaker bar. I like this set up because I can lift from very low 6 inchs to very high at least 4 feet by raising pin in lower riser.
  6. I dont carry an impact with me in dunes so handle is staying.
  7. After breaking my stub axle on Thanksgiving saw this and stepped it up a bit. Harbor freight 3500 lb tounge jack. 28 inch throw. Plus adjustable bottom. Going in car.
  8. That was me last year. Worth all work. Car works sooo much better. I made my own arms. Not to hard to do. Only problem now is keeping my type1 stub axles together.
  9. So broke my second type one stub this weekend. Lucky I had spare with me and had it fixed in 1 hour and drove it out. Brakes damaged but still had one side working. Need to upgrade but dont want to do new arms and axles. Cant add micro stubs to arms due to loosing 1 1/2 inch in width. Tires would run on shocks. So anyone upgraded to super stubs ? Did it add enough strength?
  10. Do you have spark?--check for power at injectors. If you have power at injectors if so than check for inj pusle with noid light.
  11. Alper. I see my issue. My bearing carriers give me that 1 1/2 inch width. Any recommendation to add micro stubs without new arms ?
  12. How much do micro stub stick out to wheel hub. I think it's not nearly as much as my set up. I cant loose track width or tires will run shocks.
  13. Alper. I know I can convert them but looking at my arms the micro stub looks like it will narrow my track width maybe 2 inches or more. The type 1 caliper mounts at least a inch away from the end of arm. Seams like I woud have to space new end plate way out to keep same width.

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