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  1. How much do micro stub stick out to wheel hub. I think it's not nearly as much as my set up. I cant loose track width or tires will run shocks.
  2. Alper. I know I can convert them but looking at my arms the micro stub looks like it will narrow my track width maybe 2 inches or more. The type 1 caliper mounts at least a inch away from the end of arm. Seams like I woud have to space new end plate way out to keep same width.
  3. Now that Gear-one is back does anyone know if they are going to make super stub axle kit ? Need to upgrade but dont want to buy new arms.
  4. spray adhesive and upholstery for me. did it myself and works great. light weight also.
  5. danbalz

    Power steering

    Dont knock it till you tried it. I would never go back.
  6. danbalz

    CV issues

    Bump. Page 10 here we come. hahaha
  7. free blead holes in piston. lets oil bypass both shim stacks. ive drilled out 2 more holes in mine and it made a huge difference in chop.
  8. if it breaks down you could get rubber in shims and piston. might foul things up.
  9. Tide and hot water. works great.
  10. Mike you should use Uggs. HAHAHA.
  11. What about the case fatigue if a ring and pinion let go. Ive heard that once a major break happens it can stress the case. Just a question because im going to be in the same boat during my summer upgrade. I think for $1500 to $2000 more you also get new deco case that has never been stress.
  12. Put a nice flutter in compresson and rebound in coil over. Then those shocks do very little in chop and short motion but come in play during big hits to aid bypass.
  13. Anybody have a picture of this setup. Bogart doesnt show on website.
  14. I was going though some older sand sports mags an came across a red Elite Performance 2 seet car w/ nissan turbo cylinder and noted it had bogarts front spindle mount wheels. Anbody have anymore info on that setup and were to get it ?
  15. The sand right now is top 5 worst ive seen in the30 years ive been going. No wonder it broke this weekend.
  16. mike i put these on the front when i converted to a arms. got some for 96 camary rear strut bumber about $10 each
  17. Mike we drilled out one of Bobs free bleed holes and that really helped with he chop. Get spring close and we can work on valving. Are those front shocks Fox ?
  18. might be interested in northstar
  19. Maybe spindle is bent from whatever he hit to brake the bolt.

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