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  1. So broke my second type one stub this weekend. 

    Lucky I had spare with me and had it fixed in 1 hour and drove it out.

    Brakes damaged but still had one side working.

    Need to upgrade but dont want to do new arms and axles. Cant add micro stubs to arms due to loosing 1 1/2 inch in width.  Tires would run on shocks. So anyone upgraded to super stubs ?

    Did it add enough strength?


  2. On 9/17/2019 at 2:44 PM, J Alper said:

    the only issue is we are in vegas, 

    takes us about 30min to convert the arm,   we just plasma out the center hole bigger, then take the new micro plate and line up one hole with the old style, 

    weld the plate on to the old plate and drill out the other 2 holes, 

    Alper. I see my issue. My bearing carriers give me that 1 1/2 inch width. Any recommendation to add micro stubs without new arms ?

  3. Alper. I know I can convert them but looking at my arms the micro stub looks like it will narrow my track width maybe 2 inches or more. The type 1 caliper mounts at least a inch away from the end of arm. Seams  like I woud have to space new end plate way out to keep same width.  

    20 hours ago, J Alper said:

    we convert them in seconds, 

    take the old arm cut out a good size hole with the plasma cutter and add the micro stub to the brake, VW style if feel has never lasted on any car in camp, and ends up destroying a full day to get the car back, the Micro Stub kit I feel is way better than the VW style Super stub, really worth converting them, 


  4. 2 hours ago, stumpalump said:

     I just built my new car without power steering because it’s not needed on a light car unless your a pussy.  The feel, resistance and control you have in slides and drifts is much better especially leading up to and around a bowl slide. Reducing the steering effort is the way to go on light cars. Ways to reduce that effort are by reducing the castor to as little as you can get away with.  A normal sized steering wheel gives a lot more leverage than a small wheel. The steering wheel makes a big difference. Another big and best  way to reduce  steering effort it is to get rid of the common 1:1 gear ratio steering racks that are in 99.9 percent of cars. Go with a 1:1.2  ratio box that reduces effort another 20%. Call Bob at RBP and ask him for a box with the right ratio in it. All these things add up to almost effortless steering while retaining ALL the feel and control that makes dunes fun. Those boxes also make high speed runs less twitchy to steering input.


    Dont knock it till you tried it. I would never go back.


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