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  1. UPDATE. First trip out last weekend. The front end works really good. Absorbs the ruts 10 times better than the beam. Now I really need bypass shocks in the rear to help with the chop. The steering is so responsive. My first turn the front hooked so good I pulled a Dukes of Hazzard and got the two inside tires 2 feet in the air. Took the first two runs to get use to the faster steering but i love it now. Well worth all he effort.
  2. Question on you engine mount bushings. Are they solid or rubber ? If rubber is your trans mounted in rubber also ? All mounts should be same style ( solid or rubber)
  3. I think the stop leak and antifreeze could work to help balance them beside keep the air inside the tire. Kind of like balancing beads trucker use. Any thoughts ?
  4. Nice work. Almost time. Counting down
  5. Yeah just finished my A arm conversion this weekend. I can finally relax some. Been going at it 4-5 nights plus Sat. for a long time.
  6. Nice. Sand is calling. Almost time.
  7. No V-8------3.0l v6. Im glad I added the bracing too.
  8. All done. What a journey. Started this on Easter weekend and it took me till Labor day weekend. This is my first time doing something like this and to anyone thinking about doing it Go for it. I have been studying any post i could find before the first cut. Lots of hours put in but I think it will be worth it. I was worried about not having enough steering travel due to sweeping the front arms so far back. Pulling it in and out of the garage it turns way better. Shake down run early October. Spring rate might be ok. 1 inch preload sets me about the ride height I want. Still probable going to have to do a few valving changes but it feels really good cycling it up and down.
  9. You are going to love that trans. My buddy did that for last season and he really likes it. He has givin it a lot of abuse and still holding strong.
  10. 5 x 5 arms on a 8 inch shock is a lot of leverage. Going to be hard to tune shocks.
  11. Getting real close. Still a little finishing touches to steering. Cut down my suspension bolts. Dig out all my old springs and start playing with shocks. Im really happy with the outcome.
  12. Wow. After 4 months of hard work at least 4-5 days a week after work and weekends the frame is DONE !!! Still need floor done and final assembley but seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
  13. Nice work. Question how the heck do you get that many axis changes on the main rails ? Just doing the three bends with one axis change on my conversion was super hard...TALENT
  14. But painting over sweat drops makes runs. hahaha
  15. Well spent the last 5 hrs sweating my ass off cleaning slag from my welds. I had to see it with paint on it. Im so happy with outcome. Definitely motivated to get the other side done.
  16. So i got the right side of the car completely done. Control arm mounts boxed in. I almost didnt gusset the upper mounts probably didnt need to but figured years from now they will help keep cracks from forming. Today I might clean slag balls and paint some of this. Dying to see paint on it. Then off to the left side and get that finished up.
  17. So got the right side finish welded. Got the power steering bracket finished. Love my shock tower support but I still need to plate the top center section. The upper rear control arm support tube ended up merging right at my frame splice. Planing to ad my old sterring stabilizer. I know I have EPS and dont get any feedback put I think it will help the rack for getting beat up when the dunes are really rutted. What do you guys think ?
  18. I guess I might need a smaller cooler now. Hahaha BTW im in Norco too maybe we should get together and have a beer
  19. I put a bar straight back to A-pillar. Worked out really well because it intersects right were I cut and spliced the frame. PERFECT !!!
  20. Yeah been stupid hot here. Thats what Coors light is for.
  21. Maybe I should just plate the whole car right ?

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