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  1. .120 wall on that bar. I just keep looking at that bar and its the only suspension mount with no back up.
  2. Second picture could be a shin buster. Not enough foot room. 3rd picture would be good but pedals are in the way on the other side. Probably going with first pictue.
  3. Were would you put it hondo. i thought back to A pillar junction or across to the oposite side shock tower junction. That bar will would be heavier that a short one back to A pillar.
  4. OK so latest progress i got the suspension stripped off and im working on finishing the frame. The right side is pretty much done but one thing keeps bugging me. Should I put an additional diaginal brace to the rear upper control arm mount ? Im still going to gusset and plate the arm moount tabs but dont know about adding that brace.
  5. Keep after it Mike. Times ticking. Looking good. I might still finish before you. Hahaha
  6. Yeah love doing it myself. Did this nissan swap a few years ago. Thought you would apreciate it.
  7. Got some more bracing done.
  8. What do you mean by the upper link mount ? The upper control arms ?
  9. Priceless. Im doing it myself. Lots of hours. Check out my thread in fourum. Im still not done.
  10. Those look like tweed spindles. maybe contact pacific customs and see how to get new needle bearings. Mine were like that and i ran them dont think they can come apart and separate. Now i said screw it and cut the beam out and im doing A arm conversion.
  11. Those lift spindles tend to wear out needle bearing were pin rides. Look carefully at main body when moving it. My guess its from there.
  12. Thought about 2 more bars to tie in the rack to the center lower tube but i dont think its nessesary but it would look super sexy. Just starting to consider weight its starting to add up with six main rails all .120 wall. Wish I used .095 wall for middle bar. Shit hope its not heavier than the beam setup. HAHAHA
  13. Latest progress. Got the rack mounted, still have one bar to go. EPS main mount positioned and mounted. Still need front mount fabbed just waiting for shock cross brace to be made.
  14. What you guys dont think the bungee cords will work ? I splurged on the heavy duty ones from Harbor Freight . Just kidding I am going to use 1/4 x 2 inch flat stock between front down bars. Ill make the plate then adjust and tack until im happy. Then build something to catch the backside also.
  15. So rack came in, Spent weekend figuring out how to mount it. Think I got it...
  16. My K&N lets a slight dust ring inside. I think the 7 layers from the CBM filter should work way better that the 2 layers in the K&N. I plan to change to CBM before next season also.
  17. Should put slight bit of air in res. to push piston to end of travel. Fill with oil in main shock. When doing it this way the oil going to res. is the amount of shaft displacement. I like to put a little extra oil in res. by letting air out of res. When bleeding air from shaft piston you can feel when the oil will transfer into res. if you put extra pressure when burping. Dont put too much in reservoir though.
  18. Got the steering figured out. Thanks for the input. The pcv was the way to go. I used a section of flat reinforced flat stock and tried many different locations. Boy you guys were right about 1/4 inch of rack placement can make 2 inches of bump steer. I wouldnt have believed it would make that much difference. So rack is ordered. Got plenty of stuff to do while i wait.
  19. This weekend progress went great. Finished the right side arm and got shocks set. Im so happy with the outcome. Now on to the steering. Going to have Bob at RBP make me a custom end load rack. It looks like i need 20.5 inch spread. Any input on getting the rack gear 1 inch or 1.5 my old beam rack was only 1 inch and it served me well for many years and it was the chinese one and it still was fine after running EPS through it. Also any suggestions on holding the rack in place while cycling the suspension and making fine adjustments, Once i find my location ill bend some front down bars for the mount but that needs too be done after the rack is placed properly.
  20. Good progress his weekend. Finished arms and got them tacked in. Getting 18 inches of travel out of her. Hoping to finish the lower arm and get right side shocks in by next weekend. Then comes the next hurdle getting the right rack and hopefully get no bump steer.
  21. I plan to. All the lacing and bracing after suspension is done and steering finished.
  22. So waiting for pipemaster I built a jig for the lower arm and finished plating it and welding. Cut out upperrail and bent new bar. It is much better and i like my shock mounting. Traded droop for bump by bringing the rail higher. Also got high clearance tabs that are perfect. Tried out pipemaster for that 3 way junction. What a time saver. Might even get a one inch one for all the lacing i need to do. Still need to do a little grinding on that junction. Hope to finish rail,shock mounts and get right side arms started. With the 3 day weekend i would love to see it with both tires on.
  23. I did the home depot box upside down. Made a plate of aluminum with 1/2 rubber threaded spacers to hold comuter from vibration. Mounted all my computer fuses and relays underneath. Spaced the plate down from box for ventilation and wraped the pantyhose for outerwear. The whole plate comes out with harness for engine removal. The ecm sits high up from plate so if it happens to rain it cant get wet,
  24. First major setback. Spent 2.5 hours notching the upper rail. Really happy with the outcome. Mocked up shocks and that F@#!in bar needs to be one inch taller in the front to get the shocks to work better. Out comes the cut off wheel and start over. The good new is I odered the pipemaster. So the cheating begins. Also order some high clearnce shock tabs they might be the solution but i think it will take both an new bar and new tabs to get it just right.
  25. Understood. doesnt reach 90 degress. Yeah i know the failing rate i had a beam with 4 inch over arms. That required many valving changes to get decent.

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