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  1. Still working on top shock mounts. not perpendicular but fairly close. I would have to bring shocks up higher and out more and i think the frame wouldnt look good that way. As far as thw spindles go they hit the hiem at right turn. Just need to clearance them alittle and i should get at least as much turning as before.
  2. HAHAHA yeah or its just right but the front still needs to come back 1/2 inch
  3. Yeah that is cheating but i might have to order one. Already notched that tube last night by hand. came out good but it took me 2.5 hours to get it to fit he way i want
  4. I live in norco. Wow the price of those went way down. I remember those came out years ago they were very expensive. Price has come way down.
  5. Capitain coors kicked in and i figured i shouldnt cut metal. Maybe tomorrow....
  6. Mocked up upper frame rail. Cycled shocks. Still need to notch the upper rail to A pillar junction and drop that bar down.That notch is going to SUCK. Should get close to 18 inch travel with some 2-3 degrees camber change but im not to worried about that. Hell were are not road racing. The sand doesnt really care about camber change its a unstable environment.
  7. Already own old school position sensitive shocks same 10 inch stroke but emulsion tube are a little less travel.
  8. Well got my lower shock mount figured out. I really like the outcome. Now to make upper frame rail to a pillar and set my upper mount
  9. Looking good mike. I still think your going to be done before me.My i fab work coming along slow and so much still to do.The good thing is next race we have i might have a chance now. Your adding weight and im taking it away. hahah
  10. Alright guys. Show me some pictures of you lower shock mounting. I have dual shocks and came up with this. Going to cut out center one inch tube to incorporate the shocks and run the long one inch tube into center between shock. Obviously going to shear bottom gusset. Oh yah no way to make arms interchangeable. Scrape that idea.
  11. camber can totally be adjusted at heims. need a little positive camber at ride hieght than mid travel will probably be zero camber. it was late last night and just wanted to see it cycle. Studied some. look at a lot of designs and tryng to fallow funco design. Didnt want to build arms that attached to A pillar and come foward and front bar meet in middle The ruts in the sand these days are really bad and railing a bowl at 50 plus is a lot of side loading and with that design you only have the front bar supporting you. With my design the rear arm is giving support also.
  12. Really happy with last nights progress. Got the upper arms in and was able to cycle the suspension. So in 20 inches of travel im showing 2 degress camber change (wife reading the angle finder so not to sure) and caster staying at 5 degress the whole time. What do you guys think about leaving the arms DOM and gusseting them ? Any input on caster setting , going from a beam that was never a issue.
  13. Yeah chenowth explorer. Had it for 15 years. Added 30 bars to the bare frame. It started with a supercharged toyota 1600 now it has a nissan 3.0 .
  14. A little more progress. Doing the first set of arms out of .120 wall DOM then making a jig to do the main set in chromoly. I have a freind who can tig them for me. a couple of questions, my hopes were to make the arms identical so this mock up set coulld be spares. The lower shock mounts might be a problem but i was thinking if i had tabs on top and bottom should not be a problem for spares. Alot depends on the overall shock length and my upper mounts. So for the question could i put another 1 inch tube inside to make the arms thicker and not run gussets under lower arm ? Any input would be good.
  15. Defenetly a good choice. You and your dad are not timid drivers. LOL
  16. Just pack the trans with sweppco, should be good. hahaha
  17. Hope so. I had the beam working pretty good but its so hard to get the shock valving correct with long arms because of the leverage change during travel.
  18. not yet but its heavy.
  19. front beam parts for sale--fodrill 4 inch arms (3 total one in two pieces. lol ) rack, drop spindles.tie rods.
  20. 3 inch slugs in main rails--upper tube when arms are on and adjust height for upper shock mount. Still have a lot of lacing to do but i really want to mock up arms first.
  21. Hey. Is this the cv that gear oil ran through mid season ? Could have been your issue. \
  22. Nice. Cant wait to see the progress.
  23. Ok. So two trips left in the season and i broke a fodrill front arm. Was able to borrow a friends arm to finish the season out. Now is the best time to do my A arm conversion i've been planning for a while. Here is my first 3 weeks of progress.

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