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  1. Did it smoke on decel on the past motor or is it new to this motor ?
  2. A guy in our group runs one. spanks my nissan 3.0L V-6
  3. how are you running the pcv ? when under boost might be too much pressure for valve to handle. Might consider eliminating pcv and running crankcase evacuation system.
  4. smoking on decel when intake vaccum is highest--look to valve seals.
  5. I have v6 with spun tank with sump. Just be sure to have return fuel going into sump. Otherwise it will pump the sump dry really fast.
  6. ----------------my radiator in chenowth
  7. forewarned dont let fbh drink colt45 malt liquor------theres a rumor going around that he can drink a fourty ouncer in 27 seconds
  8. danbalz

    Sand Drags

    well i was with big had at mdr and after seeing what i saw there i told myself im never going to the drags again. the chances we take being there just to watch some a$$ show off to close to the crowd is not worth it---- my prayers go out to the injured and hope nobodys dead-------damn it feels like i was just doing this 2 months ago

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