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  1. Holy shit, it says “built in antenna” ROFL
  2. For those that day want to read the lengthy article, the Jackson turbo kit adds $5800 to the cost
  3. The SSSS has turned into a SXS bonanza no doubt, but it’s still worth it to attend. Fly into John Wayne (SNA) and stay at a hotel near the beach, Newport is a 10-15 minute drive from the fairgrounds, the pier is worth a walk and the Spaghetti Factory is in an old building so it has nice ambiance. Or, stay in a hotel near the show on Newport Blvd, they’re not really fancy but will get the job done
  4. Yeah, a few years back when I had a cclb Superduty on 35’s (I loved that truck btw and the ladies never complain) parked next to my coworkers $800 Geo Prizm...
  5. Neat engine but uh, I couldn’t uh, finish watching the uh, video uh, cause the narrator uh, was driving me uh, crazy uh, with the uhs. Almost as bad as the guys filming a wreck that drop the camera to watch it
  6. Nope, perfectly legal in AZ to tow in any lane (including diamond) at the posted speed limit. Just use common sense. Oh wait, AZ sucks and is waaaay to hot! No need to move here for the freedom 😬
  7. I did OTR for about 6 months, said eff that! Did local trucking for about 5 years. Plus my dad was a hot rodder and drug my ass all over the country To go to the Nationals etc. I don’t know how many miles I’ve got under my belt, but it’s some serious windshield time. My daughter is getting her license soon, I told her SHE’S driving my ass around all the time, I’m over it!
  8. Awesome buggy, except for those mustang taillights 🤮
  9. Thx for posting, amazing scenery
  10. I need a 4 seat turbo R, not an x thx for posting the test drive dates Crusty, I’ll definitely sign up
  11. Crusty, I don’t care what color, race, gender, sexual preference or whatnot. We’re all human. No matter WHO was fighting, I would have taken my 15 and 13 year old daughters to a safe vantage point and said “let’s watch this unfold...” Why? Because those people are (pardon my language) eff*ing STUPID to behave in that manner, ALL of them. It’s Disneyland for god sake! There are kids everywhere and to be completely oblivious and selfish to the needs of others? Eff them! I wouldn’t have my children traumatized by their poor behavior, I’d use it as a life lesson to the reality of how some people behave and use it as reinforcement of why I teach them the things I do... And in the end? They wouldn’t cooperate with the police, imagine that. They thought they would just all go home, wake up and do it all over again without thinking twice about all the men women and children they affected by their behavior. Eff them oh, I grew up going to Disneyland, had season passes for years and never saw any bs like this

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