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  1. Am interested in this as well, considering that here in Arizona We can drive our SXSs on the street. So taking a trip to the grocery store, a removable steering wheel sounds like a good idea to me. Any other theft deterrents? I saw a pedal locking mechanism at the off road expo in Scottsdale awhile back
  2. How about these instead? I’ve never used ‘em but am curious if anyone else has... trailer legs
  3. Why did no one answer this guy in 2013? Nice bump Crusty 😂
  4. Wow that really sucks! All that excitement and preparation destroyed in minutes Was the coach brand new?
  5. Chingon, I haven’t even tried to clean them! I just don’t want to do it twice... oh and btw, see the pic for your answer! DC, thx for the heads up on the meguires, I’ll pick some up and post an after picture
  6. So yeah I searched online, everyone says their cleaner is the best... These wheels are 20 years old and have only seen the drive through car wash. So needless to say the brake dust is caked in the cutouts. What have you found to be the best product and method to clean them and make em purty again?
  7. Back in the late 90s, Steve Brooks (“obsessed” stainless SRM mid engine) had a forum called Glamis Duners for Clean Dunes. It was one of the first forums I’d ever joined, he’d schedule dune cleanups and the like. Just a handful of us we’re on there. Someone posted a new website to go check out (this one) and I joined in 2001! Geez, I’m coming up on my 20 year anniversary 🤩
  8. Lets revive a dead topic. old school sand cars just posted this action shot
  9. THAT is a great story SCD! And the fact that you kept your composure and didn’t come unglued. Thx for sharing
  10. Oh, and don’t forget. In AZ, you can tow at the posted speed limit, in any lane, including the Diamond lane if you so choose
  11. I grew up in Costa Mesa, a stones throw from the ocean. And I miss it. Every. Single. Day. Have lived in AZ since 2004 so I’ve got a pretty good handle on what it’s like living here. The biggest thing to me is, the roads are laid out really well N, S, E,W, freeways are loops and maintained. Traffic is laughable (compared to OC) and road rage is almost non existent. When I travel home to visit family, invariably I’m in conflict with someone on the road. If you move here, you’re gonna need a power boat for the lakes and a SxS for the trails. Or if you like to hunt/fish (I don’t) there’s plenty of that as well. But AZ is short on entertainment otherwise.
  12. WTB- Honda Civic 4 door, in AZ $5k Max. Daughters first car, needs to be 4 doors and an automatic. Maintained well as AZ summers are brutal and I can’t have her broke down or A/C not working. Not too high of miles, am hoping to find one at 100k or less. I’m in the east valley but will travel for the right car. Thanks

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