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  1. As Gene Berg used to say “Buy the best and cry once...”
  2. WTB- Honda Civic 4 door, in AZ $5k Max. Daughters first car, needs to be 4 doors and an automatic. Maintained well as AZ summers are brutal and I can’t have her broke down or A/C not working. Not too high of miles, am hoping to find one at 100k or less. I’m in the east valley but will travel for the right car. Thanks
  3. Both of these angles, the beam car footage is epic. The funco footage is like you’re in the car
  4. Go Pro mounted behind the driver is the best view IMO. It’s fun to watch the driver operate the controls and gives you an “in the car” feel while viewing. I absolutely hate it when guys mount it to the front bumper and the view is of the sand, it makes me sea sick
  5. Conrad

    Antifa funny!

    THANK YOU for posting this, so awesome to see someone stand up to these protesting dipshits
  6. Currently reading 4 hour work week, Habits is up next...
  7. They’ll just keep chipping away at acreage it year after year til it’s all gone. My dad duned there in the 1970s, we took a trip around 1995 and he was shocked at how little was left. Shared with us how they used to go to “devils slide” Now there’s a fence and no way to travel there. IMO Pismos OHV days are numbered...
  8. I’m sitting out a whole nother season, Glamis live feed would be nice. I enjoy Devins daily weather reports on FB
  9. Conrad

    Opinions ?

    Like. The low sides flow with the lines better. I’ve never been a fan of wings
  10. With cargo big enough to carry a 4 seater sandrail or sxs
  11. I’ve had this design in my head for years now, I never understood why the RV manufactures don’t build this style of rig. Imagine that setup with a weekend warrior toy hauler layout. No trailer and 4x4! (Image screenshot from IG)
  12. Ho lee chit. Glad you and the family are ok! Thx for posting pics of the wheel

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