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  1. I remember ALL those ads, and wanting ALL those cars! Especially that Funco Gen3 and the SU mid engine with the 5 link. I did end up with a 2 seat Alumicraft of that era, and that 4 seater Alumicraft is for sale in Tucson for a helluva deal...
  2. Looking for recommendations, car stereo shop in east valley (AZ) I've been out of the performance car stereo scene since the early 1990s when Orion amps and Cerwin Vega subs (with the orange ring) were king! So I got my daughter her first car, 2007 Scion TC coupe. Fun car to drive, the problem is it doesn't have navigation. I went to a local shop and he showed me a Sony head unit with Apple Car Play. He quoted me $300 for the head unit, annnnnnd a little over $300 for the install and steering wheel control kit. I don't mind paying a fella to install it as I don't want to do it myself, but $300? Is it really that complicated to install a head unit on an 07 Scion? I'm tempted to just order the unit/installation kit off of Crutchfield and spend the few hours it takes, unless you've got a car stereo guy here in town that you like. Lemme know, TIA
  3. Mounted on a completely stock Neon...
  4. During 9/11, I worked at a Motorsports distributorship for ATV/MX/street bike parts. We thought the bottom was going to fall out of the business for awhile. But in fact, business grew exponentially. We attributed it to the fact that people decided life's short, you better enjoy it while you can and went out and bought new machines
  5. I've never heard of Docol, thx for sharing. Gives me something to research and consider. Oh and btw, nice job on the write up
  6. IMO the writings on the wall. I've said it for a few years now, fossil fuels are dead. Well almost. I recall attending Supercross 20 or so years ago at the Big A, and watching ONE pro rider debut a 4 stroke MX running against all the 2 strokes. It was weird to hear the thumper echo off the walls as the gas mixers screamed. Anyway, he was doing REALLY well and I was like holy shit he might pull a podium spot. He ended up stalling it towards the end of the main event and had to kick it a bunch of times to get it fired, meanwhile the pack pulled away and left him in the dust. I knew then that the 2 stroke MX bikes were on their way out. Now, electric MX bikes are slowly finding their way into events... The electric sand truck has my attention, he may not beat the big V8 cars yet. But smooth quiet power with no exhaust fumes, oil or gas? I'm in. Don't get me wrong fellas, I grew up at the dunes, built street rods/hot rods/muscle cars and custom bikes with my father, but the writings on the wall. It may take 20 years, but the fella with the pushrod engine is gonna be the odd man out at the hill...
  7. Hey Mellen, why's that? What am I missing?
  8. Conrad

    Who Knew

    So Demolition Man is historically accurate! Interesting article, thx for sharing
  9. WTB Scion TC or Civic Coupe in AZ. I'm having a helluva time finding either, we want to spend around $5k for a lower mile automatic private party car. It's my daughters first car. If ya got one you want to let go of, or a lead on one let me know. Thx
  10. Conrad

    #Stay Home

    yeah, i've got Blackies Bar surf cams pulled up, there's surfers in the water and nobody hanging out on the sand. I watched a NBPD drive down the beach and wave at the surfers...
  11. Such a tragedy. Pulled this image/text from MX Action website This a cell phone photo of Lee Ramage (left) with Marty Smith in the driver’s seat and Tammi Ramage (left) and Nancy Smith (right) in the backseat a few hours before the accident.
  12. Sorry to hear Grant, especially with the little ones =( I'd like to add, that I think myself and my daughters already had the Corona Virus, here's why. Beginning of January I came down sick with what I thought was the flu, and it hung on, and hung on and hung on for 2-3 weeks. Then, my 15 year old got it bad for 2 weeks and went to the doctors and was diagnosed with pneumonia, then my 13 year old got the same sh*t and was also diagnosed with pneumonia. It hit them both harder than it hit me. They got it end of January into February. So end of February hits, and the Corona Virus outbreak is beginning to gather steam here in the United States. Early March, leadership starts discussing working from home. I run into a buddy that works in a different department on the other side of the building, he says "man I think I already had it! I came down with the flu for 2 weeks in December and thought i was gonna die! The doctor gave me a prescription and said it'd be knocked out in a few days but it only gt worse. I went back to the doctor and he looked at me funny and scratched his head, told me to go home and rest..." I put the pieces together and am pretty sure we had Corona, stemming from my coworker at the office as we all share a break room. But until we can get tested to see if we've actually had it?
  13. It's gotta be a late 1940's VW, her crotch is covering the "crotch coolers!" Looks to be an OG survivor
  14. This is kinda long… Easter Sunday I take my kids out to Sycamore Creek (AZ) to do a little 4 wheelin and watch the sand drags and Jeeps at widowmaker hill. The place was PACKED by the way. About sundown we decide to head out, it’s a couple mile graded dirt road from the river bottom to the highway. We’re about halfway there when I look down to see the temperature gauge pegged on my older GMC Yukon. I quickly pull off to the side to assess. Mind you it’s getting dark, and I’m 7 miles to the nearest gas station, and 30 miles from home, with my two kids and the dog, so I’m a little panicked. I find that a plastic connector has broken at the heater core and the coolant hose is hanging with the remainder of the coolant on the ground. So I pinch off the hose, wrap some bailing wire around it, fill the radiator with what’s left of our drinking water and Gatorade and proceed to limp the truck all the way to the gas station. Once on the highway it was mostly downhill so I shut off the truck and was able to coast a pretty good distance. Anyhow, it gets better. At the gas station, they won’t let my daughters use the bathroom due to the pandemic. She points to a LARGE no bathroom sign that I somehow missed when walking in, I gave her some attitude and walked out to call AAA. By this time it’s after 8pm and nobody answers the phone, it’s just a recorded line. The machine begins to ask me questions that I need to answer yes/no to. It begins with… “Do you have Corona Virus? Yes or no? Does anyone you know have corona virus? Yes or no? Are you displaying symptoms related to Corona virus? Yes or no? Please be aware that our driver can only have minimum contact with the occupants of the vehicle, and they will not be able to ride with the driver to the destination, does this pose a problem?” At this point I’m getting pissed and hang up. I start checking the rideshare apps figuring that I’m near Fort McDowell Casino and can get all of us, including the dog, home. And guess what? There are NO Uber or Lyft cars anywhere near us. My daughter reminds me that all the casinos are closed and nobody needs a ride right now. I’m beginning to feel like I’m in an old black and white Twilight Zone episode. Well, I don’t want to put any of my friends out and ask someone to come get us. So I go back into the gas station to eat crow and ask the lady where the auto parts are. Luckily they have a pack of miscellaneous hose clamps, I buy ‘em and head out to the truck. I cut the end of the hose off with the plastic piece stuck in it, then force the hose over the broken inlet pipe and it barely goes on. I push the hose with all my might while cursing and yelling (it helps ya know!) and my daughter tightened the hose clamp. We then proceed over to the air/water station and luckily it worked. I refilled the radiator only to find a decent leak coming from the now cracked water pump. I’m like “eff it!” I filled ALL of the containers we had in the truck with water and headed home. We made it by taking surface streets with little trouble, and the roads were eerily quiet. Anyhow, I learned to be better prepared, even in your street vehicle, and also to just stay home while this pandemic is happening! Oh, and a couple days later I went to Target and bought a sound bar with wireless sub woofer and it SUCKED. Was no louder than the TV. So I boxed it up (same day) and attempted to return it. Gal at the desk said that Target is not accepting returns at this time, as they don’t want to receive back anything that may be contaminated and to check back in a week or so. Wow
  15. Nice car, who built the chassis?

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