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  1. Very nice work, love the red. That thing is "Stout" I would feel very safe in that car!
  2. That was too fun watching! Some great clips, thanks for posting it up!
  3. Installing a new transmission in the buggy, yes the A/C is working good in the shop!
  4. Does your Workhorse chassis have the brake caliper recall? Mine did as they were sticking. That overheated the rotors and wore down the pads. They paid for new calipers but said the pads and rotors were wear items. $3,000 later and I have all new brakes.
  5. We have a lease on a sand bottom river for catching catfish. Very secluded and quiet. Cooking over the fire, heated outdoor shower, float trips and lots of good friends!. The biggest catfish in this picture was 25#.
  6. My buddy has a smaller 4 seat subi car. He is running a 5:14 with 3.11, 2.08, 1.56 and 1.22
  7. Thanks Sean! Really appreciate your reply. Also thanks to your parts guy "Mike". He spent quite a while with me making sure I got the right parts ordered!
  8. Looking for the best gear oil for an MD5 and 2D tranny. Weddle and Kartek list the Maxima full synthetic oil, 75W-140, which is the weight that Weddle recommended. I have used the LAT in the past, it says it is a semi synthetic. Torco is also another listed on both sites, full synthetic. And if I remember right, the 2D is 4 qts and the MD5 is 5 qts? thanks Edit to say my buddy says he is using Amsoil 250W severe gear oil full synthetic. He said he runs quieter now? May try it.
  9. I am replacing the two bearings in the front housing (nose cone) on an MD5. I am looking for the torque value for the two jam nuts on the main shaft and pinion shaft. I need the initial torque for the first nut (to load up the shaft and bearing races) then the final torque for the second nut. Also, what is the best cleaner to use to prepare for red loctite? The nuts are 1 1/8", the shaft is 3/4". thanks
  10. Bout time, good to see it back and running

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