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  1. Great video, and it looks like a really fun group, I could hang with em! I've been 5 times, but for me it is a 3 day drive to get there, soooo you just stay longer!
  2. So sad. I didn't know him but remember the board name. He looks way too young. F*ck Covid
  3. I wanna see your big wood going up! Wait, did that sound bad
  4. Yes, this! It would be much better to log it and make some fire breaks, and logging doesn't pollute like these fires do.
  5. RIP. I have seen the Stones twice in concert, awesome both times.
  6. Cool stuff Slappy, I love the detail facts about the plants and animals. I missed this the first time, thanks for sharing! I would love to see the lizard disappear
  7. What chain lube are you guys using that doesn't attract sand? My grandson has a quad and it's been years since I have worked on these, thanks!!
  8. Just the regrouping of a big terrorist group, they have their own country now.
  9. I was wanting to add a stop or limit for the clutch pedal so I don't push it too far a damage it. I have some standard CNC pedals. Any good ideas out there, thanks
  10. Here are a couple small items. One is an adjustable foot rest so my grandkids could reach, but still fit my tall buddies. Also made a new intercooler mount as the old one had given up. Getting the intake back flat and correct again after welding was a pain, but I applied some old tricks and got er done! And I'm not bashing outback with a pic of the old bracket, I bought the intercooler used and already bent. Fixed it and ran for years!
  11. Use any type of listening rod, socket extensions, etc and place it on the metal, the other against your ear, you'll hear it
  12. Is the noise coming from the bell housing area or front nose cone area?

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