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  1. jtmoney714

    It's Saturday 11/17/18 what are you doing this weekend?

    What brewery? Skyland?
  2. jtmoney714

    Jeep Pics

    Did you slap some 35s on?
  3. jtmoney714

    How much boost Honda 3.5

    Makes sense. To me a dyno is a tool. They can make them spit out whatever they want it to say.
  4. jtmoney714

    How much boost Honda 3.5

    Why the meth injection? Stock ecm?
  5. jtmoney714

    Fatality at wash 16

    My kids like them and I’d help them build it again. What are you supposed to tell the young ones. Hey go ride in the dunes. There are guys in buggy’s not paying attention riding by camp. This is their area dumb kids. Maybe you can plow the whoops off of olds so the 2d guys can go faster through that too.
  6. jtmoney714

    How much boost Honda 3.5

    I’d say that number is pretty close. Mine made 410 with race gas and 8lbs. My turbo moves a good amount of air though.
  7. jtmoney714

    WTB 33" Baja Pros

    I have a set of shaved 35s I was gonna slap on. But I honestly don’t feel like dealing with it. I’d sell for 400.
  8. jtmoney714

    twin turbo northstar advice

    Turbo your ls1 for like 2500 bucks or so and make more reliable H.P.
  9. jtmoney714

    New lights in front bumper

    No. Good for a Jeep that’s going slow. Not for a buggy.
  10. jtmoney714

    Fuel Injection for a Big Block

    A lot of car guys like the fitech stuff
  11. jtmoney714

    Does anyone here know this guy?

    Did you sell him junk?
  12. jtmoney714

    LS1 2D Pilot Bearing

    Call Kennedy. I called them when I had the same question for a different motor.
  13. jtmoney714

    SOLD 2009 S&S 4 seat LS - 2D SOLD

    Hell of a car and deal. The flippers will be all over this in no time.
  14. jtmoney714

    Old SCU

    Looks like a good time there.
  15. jtmoney714

    Chassis swap

    Not really. When you shift from first to second you want to be able to pull it over towards your leg and go straight back without feeling any “notch” as you try to find the gear. And same for 3 to 4 but opposite way.

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