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  1. jtmoney714

    Need a dyno guy

    My redline ecu crapped out on me on the dyno. Ended up scrapping it and getting a stock harness and aem. Not that that helps you any. Lol
  2. jtmoney714

    Looking for a Jeep

    What’s been done to it?
  3. jtmoney714

    Looking for a Jeep

    A budget vehicle that wheels right there with the 70k jk’s.
  4. jtmoney714

    Looking for a Jeep

    How much for the tj?
  5. jtmoney714

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    Tial or turbosmsart are what I recommend for bov and wastegate.
  6. jtmoney714

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    Don’t get a boost controller. Not yet at least. Just put whatever spring you want in your wastegate. That will save some money there too. You won’t be able to utilize most of its functions aside from high/low boost.
  7. jtmoney714

    Looking for a Jeep

    I’ve always had a toyhauler so I avoided getting a Jeep bc I couldn’t put it in the trailer and go places. Now I have a moty and flatbed so my options are more open. I’m looking for an xj or even a zj or wj. Something with a long arm kit and lockers. Maybe some beefed up running gear. Anyone have one they are wanting to sell? Or know of anyone with one for sale? Budget kind of depends on what it is.
  8. jtmoney714

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    I had to notch out my fuel rail around the injectors bc they were wider. And I had to run the rubber o-ring through a lathe. Other than that super simple. The guy at rc may even know how much to take off the O-rings for you. That’s where I did it at.
  9. Don’t go trying to make sense. More power means more fast. End of discussion.
  10. jtmoney714

    Sandrail Beam Through Shaft Nuts

    I had pinch nut and nylock jam nut. It would need to be tightened up every so often.
  11. jtmoney714

    Tires for your Tune

    Not important.
  12. jtmoney714

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    If you have one now then yes. If not I like the Aem 380 pump. It’s cheaper and lots of people have good results.
  13. jtmoney714

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    Your computer does not control boost. It will however read boost pressure off of the map sensor. You just want an 8lb spring in your wastegate. That will hit your H.P. goal.
  14. jtmoney714

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    Injectors are a must. More fuel for more power. There is a guy here on the board who builds headers for a good price. He can put the flange wherever you want.
  15. jtmoney714

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    Definitely wouldn’t. And you’d end up with less power. Since you already have the computer there are a few parts to get. Rc650 fuel injectors gt35 turbo or something that flows equivalent. Tial wastegate Tial blow off valve exhaust and plumbing then a tune Should end up around less than 3k. By the time you get adapter plate, flywheel, computer and harness, motor, etc... The ls would be 5k plus.

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