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  1. jtmoney714

    King spring info

    Probably gonna have to wait til you finish it and see how it’s sits. Then adjust from there.
  2. jtmoney714

    5 40x13.50r17 Toyo Mt

    I have 4 with about 70% tread and one with 100%. No sidewall damage. One has a plug but holds air. A little cracking in the tread from sitting. 800$
  3. jtmoney714

    Honda 3.5

    Weight behind the rear tires makes a huge difference. I’m a firm believer in that now. Yesterday I swapped out a tire on the rear bumper on my Jeep for a 13lb lighter one and the Jeep now sits almost an inch higher at ride height. Jon from out front may be on to something with this short subis.
  4. jtmoney714

    CV Grease

    Cat desert gold for me. And then when the changed it to something else I got a case of that. Someone here on the board did a write up on the new stuff. I haven’t had any pitting or even a cv failure on any 930s I’ve owned in the past 6 years.
  5. jtmoney714

    Thanks Mac

    Sounds healthy enough...
  6. jtmoney714

    Leatt neck brace

    Like new. Hardly used. Size large I believe. 75$ located in corona.
  7. Saw this in Home Depot today and couldn’t resist. 99$. Gonna leave it in my Jeep. Not a bad set up to leave in moty or trailer. Just thought I would pass it on.
  8. jtmoney714

    Anyone ever ride in Big Bear?

    From yesterday’s wheeling adventure in bear.
  9. jtmoney714

    Buggy wheels

    On rims?
  10. jtmoney714

    Buggy wheels

    3 Douglas aluminum 12” rims 150$
  11. Fmf pipe, longer shocks, wheel spacers, oil injection delete, and paddles. Runs good. Kids are moving up. 1100$ located in corona. Reg is current and have title.
  12. jtmoney714

    Anyone ever ride in Big Bear?

    Jeeping? 🙋🏽‍♂️
  13. jtmoney714

    Paddle clearance

    Are you running beadlocks? If not I have a set of rims I’ll sell you for 150$. They will probably be the perfect backspace for you.
  14. jtmoney714

    Paddle clearance

    What’s the backspace of the wheel?
  15. jtmoney714

    CV issues

    I think we need to let it decide what it identifies as.

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