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  1. jtmoney714

    Sand Show... How Was It To You?........

    Looking to do the same soon. Can you pm some tips and advice you learned from your trip please.
  2. jtmoney714

    Before I can go to the dunes I need to...

    Been at it hard for the past two weeks. Tore lt80 completely down and replaced crank. Got it all back together and running. Took all needed parts off windowed motor and slapped new motor in the buggy. Changed all fluids. Reolaced micro stub bearing housings. Serviced fromt wheel bearings. Grease needle in some grease on 2 more cvs and put the boots on and cvs are prepped. Detail the buggy and fill it up with gas and go. Bought new flat bed. Taking the moty camping next weekend and making sure that’s ready. Bought xj. Dropped xj off at shop for gears and lockers. Get axle truss and frame stiffners welded on xj as soon as amazon delivers. Beef up xj steering with Currie stuff and steering box brace. Plot out Moab trip for April. And continue coaching kids sports and working 65hr weeks. Eventually sleep.
  3. jtmoney714

    Opinions on best Cv joints?

    Wonder why you guys are eating cvs so quick. That would be hard to do to an empi one in that amount of time. If everything is set up properly.
  4. jtmoney714

    2” spindle maintenance question

    Good tips fellas
  5. jtmoney714

    2” spindle maintenance question

    Bummer about your threads. Too much good info gone. It looked simple enough. I just didn’t want to ruin something by being impatient. Thanks for the info.
  6. jtmoney714

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    I had a turbo shop build me a journal version of it for about 500$. All good parts.
  7. jtmoney714

    2” spindle maintenance question

    Races looked good. Guess I’ll leave them in. Bearings are cheap. But I’ll inspect them a little closer. Maybe I’ll just buy a new dust cap. I’m the guy that says well while I’m there I should replace all that. But nothing looked bad worn. Just figured it was bad juju to replace bearings and leave the old races in.
  8. jtmoney714

    Best honda engine for turboing

    I’ve had good luck with j35a4 with a turbo. Just bone stock kick yard motors. If you want to do a full build I’ve heard the ticket is the j32 block with sleeves, j35 rotating assembly, and j32 heads. Now how to accomplish all that I’m not sure.
  9. Never see any maintenance threads on these. Only you must have them or your car will catastrophically explode. I plan on replacing the bearings bc I’m sure they are 10 plus years old. What’s the process on removing the races with out marring the aluminum hub? Not sure I want to take a hammer and screw driver to it.
  10. jtmoney714

    Need a dyno guy

    My redline ecu crapped out on me on the dyno. Ended up scrapping it and getting a stock harness and aem. Not that that helps you any. Lol
  11. jtmoney714

    Looking for a Jeep

    What’s been done to it?
  12. jtmoney714

    Looking for a Jeep

    A budget vehicle that wheels right there with the 70k jk’s.
  13. jtmoney714

    Looking for a Jeep

    How much for the tj?
  14. jtmoney714

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    Tial or turbosmsart are what I recommend for bov and wastegate.
  15. jtmoney714

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    Don’t get a boost controller. Not yet at least. Just put whatever spring you want in your wastegate. That will save some money there too. You won’t be able to utilize most of its functions aside from high/low boost.

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