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  1. So we went with this. I’ll report back after the weekend my thoughts. B7C94C29-68AB-4C0D-B00E-5DC9ACEBA3F4.MOV A8B36355-9959-4114-87A0-EBEB65851997.MOV
  2. Lol good catch. Apparently my phone likes dick as opposed to dock.
  3. The Avalon’s are nice but definitely out of the budget. I wonder if a similar toon with the same power would cruise the same speeds. Or if the added price tag is Bc it rides and gets up and goes better?
  4. Part of what I’m going for is being able to beach it and bump into the dock and not yell at my kids for letting me do it.
  5. Good to know. Ya the I/O seems to be the ticket as far as speed and fuel mileage.
  6. You going 25 with the family or with extra people? Also does yours have the lifting strakes on the side? I hear that helps a lot too.
  7. How good are you at tuning?
  8. Lol try that with a jet boat in the same conditions. Jet boat has no neutral and zero steering unless you give it gas. And a handful of beers to that mix and it’s even more fun.
  9. That’s good info. Thank you.
  10. Looking at getting a pontoon boat. Floor plans don’t necessarily matter to me but I’d like to have a decent enough motor to cruise at 35 or so. There are a few I/os for sale but I’m wanting newer. So that kinda leaves outboards. Guys that have them how long are they and what size motor are you running? And what kind of speeds you looking at?
  11. American girls want too much for that act. And only put out half the effort.
  12. Is the wheeling as cool as Moab? Or is it more scenic?
  13. I’d film and yell worldstar over and over again.

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