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  1. While you’re at it may as well just 4 link it. Leafs are for trees.
  2. Oh man I bet @Rockwood, @tjZ06, and @socaldmax are gonna have a 3 page discussion on this. Thanks for posting I need something to read and learn today.
  3. I understand staying at home helps prevent the spread. But are we supposed to stay at home forever? What makes this virus just die. Not being sarcastic. Just trying to figure out how if I’m going outside in 2 or 3 months from now how I won’t catch it.
  4. Lol the snowball keeps on rolling...
  5. Ya just looked it up. It’s 2.5 hours away. Is it worth flatbedding jeep out there for a day trip?
  6. This looks like a good time. How far is this from corona?
  7. I dune in sunglasses and flip flops and no bypasses
  8. We were supposed to go to sand hollow this coming weekend for 4 days but the weather looks like it’s not going to cooperate. That coupled with some other odd circumstances has me figuring out a different plan. Was gonna take the kids to mammoth for som skiing but they just closed the resort. So now I’m thinking about heading to havasu. I’d like to find the fun jeep trails. And by fun I mean the hard stuff. Anyone have any insight? Or any havasu people want to go jeeping next weekend?
  9. Depends which bellhousing.
  10. I used to dune out that direction all by myself for years. Then the swingset shows up and so does everyone else.
  11. Those tires aren’t flat. I had them on my vw car. They are the same profile as a blaster.
  12. I thought about the Jeep but it already has Baja designs. You know when you’re in a jk you have to only have the best to match the angry eyes grill.

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