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  1. get a Brie Bread at Maurice Carie on the way in...
  2. Make an appointment with David Jr. @ Olympus Financial (Rancho Cucamonga) and they will give you the best advice. Thats my $0.02
  3. pretty cool trick. All about the angle of observation.
  4. Anyone watch the first episode? Some intense 1st-person footage of Soldiers in Afghanistan. Give you a whole new appreciation of the men/women on the front lines and will probably make you hate people like Kapernick even more. The second episode is on Tuesday evening, so I'm sure they'll replay the 1st episode that day as well.
  5. Cool, but only does up to 3/16" mild steel.
  6. Anybody here on the boards know software programming and/or working with sql server databases? Our family company utilizes another company's software, but we pay like $20k annually. Hoping to partner up with a few guys to use/resell it.
  7. They'll just argue the scam listings were posted with gross negligence, knowing the FBI won't prosecute.
  8. Decorative Specialties can take care of you. (626) 960-7731
  9. Kelm8Deuce

    Ammo Deals

  10. File, save as, .dxf super easy. I've designed some stuff in illustrator and sent it to Paul ztfab for cutout...
  11. If a crime was committed in your presence, you can make an arrest, civilians included.

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