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  1. Do you have commercial insurance on this truck? Might be worth a call to your insurance carrier.
  2. www.glamisrent.com Orchard City RV is the rental company listed above. They set up in vendor row and have really nice units. They store and deliver from vendors row. @HozayKwarvo booked and worked with them last season for a veterans weekend family event. The trailers were great. Well above the worn out ones we see towed in and out from other suppliers. The company and staff were excellent to work with. 6 trailers were booked. Delivered. Set up and plugged into 25kw diesel gensets for 24 hour a day power. Serviced as needed and when we were done, picked up and put away.
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  4. I want to personally thank each and every one of you. For the help I have received, and the help you've provided and continue to provide to our members here at Post up your experience. I'm sure they would love to read it as well.
  5. Went to the way back machine website. Looks like it was shot in November 2007.
  6. Scrambling more now then ever. Wish you all a great weekend.
  7. Sorry guys, Life's in the way. Work, House and moms been back n forth to the hospital.
  8. I met with Walker at the show. I've been a dealer for their marine products for 20 years. I didn't even realize they were into the on highway/off-road stuff until this post. They are OEM suppliers for numerous diesel engines and when they started with marine they were leaders in the industry. Today they still are and am happy to see them in this sport as well. We discussed their dry filters and the others on the market. I will be switching to their dry filters now.
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  10. Taking a slight break from the house. SSSS You all have fun and be safe

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