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  1. I based my decision to DIY because I'm a cheap bastard. Looking at Craigslist RV repair guys the prices range from $10 to $30 per foot depending on what level of product they use. I asked Ray's RV what they charge and they said ballpark $30 per foot in labor plus materials. Too rich for my blood. Watched a bunch of you tube videos and decided I could do it. Worst part was I decided to do it during the last heat wave we had.... It was like 105 and being up on the roof (which had turned mostly black) was brutal. Cooked my knees and hands. A quote from my 15yo son who helped me out, "Dad, this is pretty easy, we should start doing this on the side."
  2. Just redid my 04 gearbox using Henry Tropi-cool from home Depot. Hardest part and most important is the prep. So far so good. ( 33 foot 5th wheel, 2 gallons of Tropi-cool, about 10 tubes of seam sealer for the edges and all roof fixtures ) About 250 in materials. Next time I'll pay to have it done
  3. For sale: 2 X PRP 5.3 harnesses. $SOLD$ PRP drop harness bar for 16-18 YXZ. $50 for the harness bar. If anyone can use this I will bring to Glamis this Veteran's Day Weekend and you can have it for free *or small donation of alcohol
  4. ....she said I belonged to an age group outside of the desired demographic scope Oh well....
  5. I'm using a Garmin nuvi that I got off offer up for $20. It doesn't have off road trails but you can input gps coordinates and save waypoints, etc. Easy off road navigation, just follow the arrow. Cheap, effective, reliable.
  6. You should be able to make the round trip on less than a tank of fuel.
  7. Yes still have 'em. Located in Moreno Valley at the moment.
  8. Will be in Glamis this weekend if anyone wants to pick these up. Bump and price drop. $50 for the pair. Tired of looking at them in the garage.
  9. I can deliver to Glamis this weekend, i'll be in Glamis 2/15 thru 2/18. Not willing to split up the wheels at this time. $1000 for all 4.
  10. 450Rudy

    CBD oil

    My brother was taking the under-the-tongue drops for awhile. He is subject to randoms at work. During his physical at Kaiser he asked his doc to test his blood for thc. It did show up. He decided the "benefit" is not worth the risk of losing his job.
  11. Can deliver to Glamis this weekend Dec 28-31. Let me know ASAP so I can pack these things to bring with me.
  12. Will be in Glamis Dec 28-31 if anyone wants to pick these up.
  13. I don't want to start a pissing contest, but....are the electrical loads of any vehicle connected to the battery or the alternator? Yes, the vehicle will run on the alternator alone, but not at peak capacity.. The alternator alone (nor battery) can not satisfy all of the electrical demands of the vehicle. Try disconnecting the battery once running , and turn on all the lights and see what happens with voltage.
  14. How old is your battery? The battery is what supplies the electricity for your system. The alternators job is to charge the battery, not run the electrical system. Another thing to consider is electrical interference from the alternator inducing RF into the wiring which can interrupt the signals to the injectors and coils. Sometimes a bad coil can have the same effect.
  15. Can deliver to Glamis this weekend. Trades ??
  16. Tires Only. Basically new condition. 3 rib, no holes no patches. $100 for the pair.
  17. BUMP IT UP Tires are SOLD!! Wheels are available for $1000. I will post some pics of the bare wheels as soon as I get a chance.

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