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  1. onanysunday

    2011 Polaris XP900 MCX Turbo - Priced to sell

    Deposit taken and sale pending.
  2. Yep, He can do both. He just ordered new wheels and 32" tires for it.
  3. onanysunday

    2018 Can Am X3 RS shock re-valve and springs

    Great info. Thanks everyone.
  4. onanysunday

    Ken Block X3

    Different and sort of cool. Not near the HP to smoke em like he normally does. Should have had some bigger jumps in there.
  5. Very true! I kept telling him to buy a turbo to get beefier parts on it.
  6. Thanks, He ended up buying a 2018 turbo Polaris.
  7. onanysunday

    Crazy things you see in Glamis

    Goin big! Potty break near the swingset. Damn! https://www.facebook.com/100008383083345/videos/2353205558302191/
  8. onanysunday

    snowed in Prescott

    Side by side sounds like fun. Finally get to go play in the snow. 24" at the house up north and 40" on top of Mormon mountain. yeehaw! With the next storm we will have 5' to play in. https://youtu.be/RecOZZGNA40?t=3
  9. onanysunday

    Stand-alone recommendations

    Can you buy another Link ECU and put your tune into it? Maybe a used one out there? I know I had a new spare Autronic computer that we sold at a discount. Personally would not want the fuel pump running off of a toggle. You crash and get incapacitated and the pump keeps running with the engine off. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Link-ECU-1UZFE-VVTI-or-Non-vvti-MONSOON/303044784707?hash=item468ee07243:g:QO4AAOSwVXZbQ878:rk:1:pf:0
  10. onanysunday

    Green new deal

    Unreal................. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/tear-down-that-border-wall-the-new-dem-litmus-test
  11. onanysunday

    Green new deal

  12. onanysunday

    32ft country coach diesel pusher

    That thing is cool!
  13. onanysunday


  14. onanysunday

    2018 Can Am X3 RS shock re-valve and springs

    Certainly a lot better.

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