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  1. Real smart guy sending a new rider into the dunes with no helmet.
  2. Tedious and long process for wiring. He ran the engine but did not run very good. Waiting for a different tune for the motor. Working on other odds and ends and getting closer to be able to send off for paint. This will probably end up being my favorite build of his.
  3. Thanks guys. Called Roberts tire who is just down the street from where I store the coach. $50 for a flat repair. I don't think I am there yet but they won't work on tires with a date code past 5 years,
  4. Wish diesel and propane were this cheap all of the time. I am normally a $200 bill to get to and from the dunes.
  5. Wow, Right next to camps. Glad everyone is ok. Could have been very bad.
  6. So I run 105 psi in my Toyos. Have one that drops to 70-80 psi when it sits for weeks or months. It is a rear inner. Sprayed some soapy water thinking it was the braided line from the outside valve stem to the inside. Not seeing anything. If it was a screw or nail I would think it would go all the way flat. This is a very small leak. It never drops below 70 psi. Maybe squirt some goo in it? Starch? What say the experts.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/josh.dawley.7/videos/250618212998540/
  8. https://www.facebook.com/josh.dawley.7/videos/250618162998545/
  9. Same here. I have 3 total. One on the pedal. One that wraps around the throttle body shaft. Then a custom return spring. With a sealed control cable. Works excellent.
  10. Oh and still plenty of fresh sand to be had. Big stuff by Osborne is tracked up a fair amount but you can still find some smooth stuff. Along Gecko is still pretty rough and The Ridges. If you get south of roadrunner and head back towards the hill across the dunes we found a lot of Great Sand
  11. We did a huge Loop today from wash 13 and it was Eerie to see Gecko and especially Roadrunner empty. Hardly anyone in the place but a few campers scattered in the washes. I say if you can do it safely getting your fuel and food get out of town and do it. This is the best time of year out here and why not socially distance yourself here instead of in your house. The flowers blooming every where are beautiful right now. And thousands of butterflies we're flying yesterday.
  12. We were on a run this afternoon but the Rangers came by and told someone in our group to be out in the morning. Heading to the washes. Dunes are wrecked from all the people here.

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