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  1. onanysunday

    Operation trailer chop

    All the bolts on the brackets are grade 8. That grade 5 hinge bolt does not carry any load other than when it hinges up when parked. And it is 1/2" !
  2. onanysunday

    Operation trailer chop

  3. onanysunday

    Maxxis Big Hrons

    Before opening the thread I thought WTH, I know he can spell. Those would be the Big H. Ron series. Special!
  4. Just take it to the dealer.......
  5. onanysunday

    Operation trailer chop

    No. It won't need it
  6. onanysunday

    Operation trailer chop

    Might be wishing I had done Chromo.
  7. onanysunday

    Operation trailer chop

    Cool idea. Was it an aluminum trailer? Not much structure underneath mine and would need some sort of steel frame to make that work. (The main strength is in the channel that I cut) I was trying to think of a way to do pins and not bolts but figured it will only take a few minutes each time with the air ratchet.
  8. onanysunday

    Is this Bearing slop or ????

    Good job. Had to be sneaky and not take off to much. Then it gets to tight. Kind of like filing end gaps on piston rings. Slow and careful.
  9. onanysunday

    Operation trailer chop

    The existing jack gets removed. Then the headache bar gets notched 2.25" so the bulldog jack fits in. Then tabs get welded top and bottom to bolt it on. Lot more throw and adjustment on the bulldog jack with adjustable drop leg. . https://images.etrailer.com/static/images/video/Demo-Bulldog-Trailer-Jack-BD190754.webm
  10. onanysunday

    Operation trailer chop

    I will make a hinge at at the top of each side. Then the hitch section will swing straight up. Had to paint each of the 4 box sections and press them on. Then I need to drill for all the bolts. Then I can grind some paint back off and weld on my hinge pieces. There are (6) 7/16 fine thread bolts that bolt each side together after it pivots down into place. Much easier than driving 23 miles one way to get my trailer each time. I can let the air out of the air bags and the buggy and trailer will go into the garage together. Brake and tail light wires all have to be extended also.
  11. onanysunday

    Operation trailer chop

    I went back and forth on the welds but of course they twisted around a little bit with all that heat. All .187 plate so pretty stout. Went to hammer the first one on and it got stuck about halfway. Thought crap now what. That was with soap slimed on all the surfaces. I cut the weld on the 2" wide piece and beat it on there. Put a big clamp on it and re-welded in position. On the other 3 I found a big hammer with brass head and beat them on. Tiiiiiiight fit! No way they will ever come off without cutting the welds. Of course I will nut and bolt it with grade 8 bolts. Probably overkill. I ordered this bad boy from Etrailer. I will notch the headache bar and mount it on the front of the bed. This jack is made to weld on the outside which is nice.
  12. onanysunday

    Operation trailer chop

    Projects are fun. I will say the S4 and full car rehab with 400+ hours this summer ate my lunch at the end.
  13. onanysunday

    Operation trailer chop

    Yup. Thursday I was out in the sun working but today got to put in inside.
  14. onanysunday

    Operation trailer chop

    Need to fit this in my garage. Crap ton of work to do.
  15. onanysunday

    Chassis swap

    Will your fuses be covered or open to let sand fall in? If open sand will get down in the blades and can cause problems. Ask me how I know. Burned my fan relays into a pile of goo. That car was a Sand Limo and how they were mounted. When I built this car I made a box to seal everything in.

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