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  1. Take a look at your fans to see if they have the high cfm ratings. Also make sure the shroud is drawing all the air through the fins.
  2. Check out the second guy in this episode. What a collection of old cars and junk.
  3. Seen this car in person and all I can say is wow. Someone is going to score.
  4. When I get home I need to see what pump I have. If I need to buy one it would be this one. Called Tilton and for my project at least and how far uphill I am going he said -8 would work but felt -10 would be better.
  5. I am not planning on running a thermal switch but assume you wire it to an idiot light?
  6. I actually canceled my order for the - 8 and going to go - 10 on both lines. I don't follow you on the switch. I will have a toggle switch up front to turn the pump off and on.
  7. Just read that cooler holds a full quart of oil. That plus the pan extension will put me at 7 quarts plus the extra in the lines.
  8. I hear you. Still though I just ordered the Big boy Series 9 Proline 34 row. Easy to partially block it off or just turn off the pump if it runs to cool. I doubt it will. I would like to see 210-220 when running hard. We will see. That would be dropping it 55-65 degrees. Damn, those two special -8 90 degree fittings were $34 each.
  9. Good thread from the 370z guys tracking their cars. The factory has the cars set up to go into limp mode when the oil gets to hot. http://www.the370z.com/engine-drivetrain/115882-recommended-oil-coolers-questions.html From that thread: http://www.the370z.com/engine-drivetrain/93884-lets-talk-oil-coolers-2.html
  10. Most important will be seat of the pants and smile on your face.
  11. So can I return into the oil down low or does it need to be above the oil line? Pulling the girdle is a PITA. Easy to weld in two bungs into the bottom of the pan.
  12. I had not thought of that but an electric pump would work well. In my case I wouldn't have to change my cooling lines. I actually have a spare transmission oil pump laying around I paid $50 for. I would need to pull the oil pan and weld a bung in for suction . The trick would be where to dump it back into the motor. I do have a couple big breathers at the VVT covers. Could also go in where I am not using one of the cam sensors. Then there is the valve cover but that would be an AN fitting at the cooler and then a clamp at the valve cover. It would be very nice to wait until the oil is up to temperature before running it through the cooler. I would just run it on a toggle switch

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