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  1. Strap those little kiddies in and go!!
  2. Round 3. Nasty sound is there but does not sound like a rod knock. Need to pull the trans and look at that clutch. Oil pressure is good and at the end it actually idles. Carbs dry as a bone and have been sitting for years. If this motor is bad my dad has a fresh rebuilt 283 with numbers for this vintage Corvette. Hopefully not since that cuts into my share. Once we determine that I will have a couple ways to go. (1) Get the motor, trans, brakes all working so the car is drivable. Then sell it as a project to put together. Probably worth $35k at that point. Or (2) Do a full build and put 100s of hours into it. Then the car would be worth $55-$60k. My dad has many other projects and he would teach me but I would do most of the work. Great schooling to learn about these cars. On this particular one I am leaning toward option 1. First need to get that trans out and see what the noise is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUti-ppKV2M
  3. This is round 2 and the first time the engine starts. 3 things going on here. (1) Right side rocker cover is upside down and rocker arm are digging in to the cover. (2) One side of the exhaust is missing a muffler and the other side has a glasspack. (3) This one is speculation. The son told us dad the owner did not get the clutch fork on properly. We are thinking the clutch is hitting that and making racket. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wg7P4OHrAL8
  4. First vid trying to start the motor. My dad called a vette guru he knows and within less than a minute told us the motor numbers are from a 65-68 Chevelle 327 with manual trans. So much for him telling us it was a numbers matching motor. lol. Price was good enough we weren't worried about it. In this vid number one spark plug is still out and also we did not now the distributor clamp was completely loose!! Guy told us it was a running motor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8TjvfJIPLU
  5. New exhaust system for a 61-62 my dad has. Front section will work but he thinks the tailpipes are different. Not sure if we will end up getting that far.
  6. Color has grown on me after getting it cleaned up. Some nice metallic in the sun. Lots of orange peel so no color sanding . A few blemishes but not bad. Maybe a repaint if we took this car to the next level. Most likely won't happen.
  7. Pics underneath before I pressure washed all the cobwebs off. Nice exhaust with no muffler on one side.
  8. Just a few pics but trailer was full when we were done.
  9. Rear and side glasses will need to be replaced. Apparently a PITA to do.
  10. A fair amount of chrome and stainless needs redone or massaged and polished. Front and rear bumpers are pretty nice. Extra parts! $$$
  11. Apparently this dash piece is not so fun to put in after drilling the spot welds. It is literally paper thin.
  12. Car will need new front glass. Not so easy to pull all of the trim off.
  13. Car came with some pieces of a new interior kit. I get it green turquoise was a 50s color but not seeing how it goes with the light blue. My dad says the dash will be shrunk and it went in the garbage. Rest will go in CL or ebay. I would be thinking all black on the interior. Not sure another color would work.
  14. Unload and sort parts day. Amazing how many parts are on one of these cars. Of course we have extra stuff which is nice.

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