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  1. It does make sense loss is not a percentage of output.
  2. onanysunday


    Reminds me of my first house that got broke into. Thief got cut and bled all over my windowsill. Then dumped all the drawers on the master bed in a pile to look for valuables. Got a couple of my guns on that one. All I could hope is he bled out somewhere. Drugs are bad. For sure a bunch of stooges on that one.
  3. Are you wearing breathing protection working around that much mold? Or at least some bleach? Yuck!! Been there and done that. Dry mold spores can be dangerous.
  4. First Godfather being a 10? Second and third were not as good and the third being my least favorite. Still a great trilogy.
  5. Think about how many people out there look at one source for news. Today on Fox this is the second article from the top next to impeachment: https://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/usmca-trade-deal-done Of course it is hard to watch that woman without wanting to throw up in ones mouth. This is the TOP article on Yahoos page: https://www.yahoo.com/news/mystery-rudy-giulianis-spokeswoman-100049936.html And of course plenty more on a transgender girl from UK, Celebrities, and lets bash trump. And true to form an article on AOC and one on the Obamas. Nothing to be found on the trade deal.
  6. Looks like a fun car. Custom oil pan? What kind of carbs?
  7. First thing I would do is jack up the front and back and check the wheels and bearings. Jerk the tire back and forth to check for play. Enough play and a brake rotor could rub as well.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/officialjackvale/videos/2362134363823800/
  9. I will 3rd sealed relays. Sand does evil things to open connectors. Exact same thing happened to my Sand Limo years ago. Melted the connector into a ball way worse than yours. Also check all grounds.
  10. 60 mph on sand highway, busy weekend, alcohol in some cases, going over blind ridges, flag pushed back at that speed, what could go wrong ?...………..

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