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  1. onanysunday

    Funco summer graphics project

    High tech paint booth. I sealed the top also so it really holds the fumes in. Had my respirator on but damn my eyes were watering so bad I had to keep going out for fresh air. I might need my sucks gas letters in red now.
  2. onanysunday

    Funco summer graphics project

    The panels were sandblasted with fresh paint where the decals used to be. Lots of sanding to make the surface uniform. Vibrator sander seems to chunk up the clear as it is coming off so hand sanding it is. I found a darker color called Carbon Mist that looked good in the store but I still really like the flat soft iron.
  3. onanysunday

    Game 7 Sharks vs Golden Knights

    I am a huge coyotes fan and have watched all the games every season since they moved here. Plus I love playoff hockey. No other sport even comes close. Especially the playoffs. I completely agree they should never have had a 5 minute major. If the refs would have been able to do a replay to review and assess the correct penalty it would have been 2 minutes at the most. You still have to hand it to the Sharks rising to the occasion. Sharks Colorado series will be great. Crazy year with the number one seed getting knocked out by the number 8 East and West. Look out for Columbus also. I can't imagine being a Vegas fan and sitting there thinking great we're going to the next round and then it all slipping away that quickly. I know when we played the kings in the Western Conference Final a few years back I was almost ill sitting on the edge of my seat rooting them on
  4. onanysunday

    Green new deal

  5. onanysunday

    Game 7 Sharks vs Golden Knights

    Anyone else watch this series? Tonight's game was simply incredible.
  6. onanysunday

    Dune Sport Paddle Tires with Douglas Wheels

    What is the date code on the tires?
  7. onanysunday

    Anyone cover their trailers?

    I used the Adco also. Wrapped a rope around it and while standing on the roof had to pull that beast up. Fun rolling it out over AC units, vents, etc. Then I had multiple ropes to go around at the center and probably 5 crossways to keep it from whipping in the wind. Had to pull those tight underneath. Royal PITA. I'm done with it.
  8. onanysunday

    Anyone cover their trailers?

    I covered my pusher for a while an what a royal PITA. Just letting it bake now. Be careful with darker covers. I have heard the temps under the top part can get quite high and turn it into an oven. Proper type of cover also affects that. ( Winter vs summer if IIRC)
  9. onanysunday

    What is her car worth?

    Hagerty price guide shows this for a 4bb 289 coupe. Lots of other choices though. https://www.hagerty.com/apps/valuationtools/search/Auto/1967/Ford/Mustang You might also look at closed ebay sales.
  10. onanysunday

    Funco summer graphics project

    I usually do a couple good coats of paint and then 3-4 coats of clear.
  11. onanysunday

    Funco summer graphics project

    Designed a layout that I like. Marker is purple but those stripes will be red. Then the center stripe and side panel of the roof gun metal. Then a wide gun metal stripe with narrow red stripes like the Mustang pic on top of the roof and wing. Could go either no stripes down the back of the trunk but thinking I want them there.
  12. onanysunday

    Funco summer graphics project

    Really leaning towards just keeping the side panels all white except the Funco graphic. Might paint the Funco side pieces only of the roof in the soft iron color. I want kind of a graphite or gun metal looking color and need to look at the options. Buy some colors and spray out. Front skid plate would also get changed to the iron color.
  13. onanysunday

    Funco summer graphics project

    This is cool. Maybe just leave my panels all white except the Funco decal behind the rear shocks. Then do something like this for the roof and rear trunk. Do my flat iron color in the middle and then thin red stripes. Or do a simple side graphic like they have on this car.
  14. onanysunday

    Funco summer graphics project

    Maybe shorten up the 3rd swoop like this. Looks a little cleaner. I dont mind a big area on the panel with white only.
  15. onanysunday

    Funco summer graphics project

    So I am a glutton for punishment and figured why not change my car up. Some stickers have been removed and I hate to say it but ONANYSUNDAY is coming off the car! Only thing I ever powdercoated on my car was the frame and everything else rustoleum. Honestly now with all the sand and miles you couldn't hardly tell a difference. So I figured why not do rustoleum again. Frame will stay red. Panels and wing trunk will now be white like the roof. Here is a rough crude first layout of some graphics I am thinking of. Front and back swoop on the panel would be red. For the middle swoop I want some thing a little different and was thinking the flat iron. (Right in photo) I could flip those colors and do front and back swoop in the iron and the middle one red. Especially with so much red on the car. Then on top of the roof, wrapping over, and on top of the wing trunk and down the back of the wing trunk do one of each color in racing stripes. I think just one side would be cool. Then trim all the edges in gloss black and then clear. Behind the shocks I would put a large Funco decal. Just a larger version of what is on my turbo pipe I think would look great. It would flow well into the white paint. The pointed tip of each of the 3 swoops could go back further and wrap around by the airbag. With the outside of the panels white should I go red or white on the inside? Opinions welcomed!

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