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  1. I am getting the bug to sell my 2011 xp900 turbo and upgrade. Desert and mountains only. No dunes. My car now has 120 hp and I run it in 4wd most of the time. It is a blast and like a little rally car. Of course we know the suspension is better on the newer cars. Not sure what my car is worth but would guess in the $10-$11k range. I am thinking the HP level of the Textron wildcat xx or the new Honda might be enough power for the desert. I like the idea of something a little more rugged that I can beat on in the rocks. Really would like to keep it at $10k out of pocket. This is just thinking and no rush. Still have to get approval from . So a used rzr, can am, wildcat xx, talon? The only other car I have driven is an xp1000 non turbo in the dunes. Suspension was plush but in that application felt like a marshmellow and needed a swaybar. I think I would like it in the desert. Also thoughts on my car. 3345 miles. Factory installed MCX LOW boost 5.5 psi kit. Very easy on the motor but really wakes it up. Not long ago I did a bad ass gusset kit in the front and put in the best ball joints I could find. It is nice aftermarket cage I had powdercoated and installed. (My Baja designs light would not go with the car) Turbo was installed much later and does not have a lot of miles since the install. Bought it from Iron City and they said the original owner maintained with an open checkbook. Only difference from the pics is I put a like new set of 28" Roctanes on the beadlocks and have not even driven the car yet. Also has nice aftermarket doors. (Don't remember the brand). I bought and installed the graphic kit.
  2. onanysunday

    Sand car pre-purchase inspection.

    Smart move on the inspection. So many things to look at on a sand car.
  3. Shark, You sharing this had turned into a double good deed!! So one of my dune buddies sold his big high HP Tatum recently and sounded like they were going to step away from the dunes for a while. A few days after my deal I get a text from another dune buddie that our Tatum buddie can't stay away from the dunes and is buying an X3. He sends me a picture of this car. Deal is made and he is on his way down with funds to pick it up. Same 2018 RS but $1000 more OTD and no Smart Lok front diff. He cancels the deal and goes to Ride now and buys the last car at that price. I am pretty sure there were two and we got both of them. lol. Same colors and everything. Of course dunes only and he does not want to bash rocks with it like me but pretty cool how the timing was that good. Literally hours and he would have bought the other car.
  4. This car will be desert only and no dunes. Been researching and have it scoped out. Going to put a Geiser brothers bulkhead and radius link plate. Geiser is racing an X3 with just this setup and they beat the dog out of it. Maybe add a shock tower down the road after springs and shock work. Wife bought some aftermarket pouches for storage. Nice for phones, glasses, keys, wallet, keys, etc. I found a stock new tire and wheel and have on order a DMX spare tire carrier. Bottom of the tire is 21" above the bed so plenty of room to get into the rear bag. Bought a set of aftermarket lower door panels but they fit horrible and returning. Found a set used like new for $150. Just need to pick those up. Wife also bought some cheap pads for the stock 4 point harness. Love how the harness works when rock crawling because it releases and you can move forward to look over the hood. Downside is they are not sfi rated and not sure how they would hold up in a high speed crash. Can't seem to get a straight answer other than the stock belts were tested for safety. My wife can also just slide the seat forward and drive the car which is really nice. For now we just have some cheap pads for the stock belts. Yesterday in one of the washes she was telling me to slow down so these things haul for sure. Today I ordered a 5w radio from Rugged along with a cable and mount to work with my off road headset. I still need to weld up a bracket to get it mounted to the dash. Also got their extended ducky antenna. Figure I need 1-2 miles range for instructions where to turn as we are flying through the desert and which way to turn each time. This is the kit and bracket. Still need to figure out my spare belt. It is between a stock Can Am 422280625 or one of the Evo bad ass belts. I lot of the racers run the Evo and supposedly they are 3 times stronger. I called the factory today and at least that is what he said. He said they have sold about 2000 of those belts. I can imagine how many stock belts Can Am has sold. Have not even touched the shocks yet. For sure I have heard crank down on the springs to bring up the ride height. Then start playing with clickers. The smart lok front diff is pretty cool. Went up a couple pretty steep spots on our ride and it was nothing with the front diff locked.
  5. onanysunday

    Ok, So things have changed.

    Welcome to the board. For dunes only one of the ultimate sand cars is a Funco Gen 3 with a Subie. Light and nimble and a blast to throw around in the dunes. Works well in tight or big dunes. They do pop up in the low to mid 20s but you have to be watching. This one has high sides next to the back seats. 350-400 hp in one of these cars is plenty. If it is an Outfront motor you know it is top notch. Here is another one which shows the standard sides. Even a 300 hp car priced closer to your budget would be a lot of fun. If you go side by side get a turbo xp1000 or Can AM X3 turbo. 900-1000s with no turbo will always lack power in the dunes. Sure you can have fun but if you meet up with some different groups that run at a decent speed you will want the turbo. IMO.
  6. onanysunday

    Crazy things you see in Glamis

    So I am going to start a thread to post all the crazy mishaps you see in Glamis. We know with social media and mobile phones so many things are now getting filmed. This thread will most likely get bumped at holidays. Feel free to add. Smart girl eats sand Truck crashes jumping down Olds. Greg Biffle black bag project Great to see and amazing how many McPenis'es leave their trash.
  7. onanysunday

    Crazy things you see in Glamis

  8. onanysunday

    New motor

    Boost = Fun
  9. onanysunday

    2011 Polaris XP900 MCX Turbo

  10. onanysunday

    2011 Polaris XP900 MCX Turbo

    I bought this car approx 4 years ago with approx. 2200 miles on it. It now has 3347 miles. Purchased from Iron City Polaris and it was a trade in from one of their very good customers. Salesperson told me they maintained all of their stuff with an open checkbook. It has a $5k MCX turbo kit that was installed at the MCX factory. Low boost 5.5psi kit and uses an automotive style turbo. Very good quality. (Turbo was installed not to long before the car was traded in. Most of its life did not have the turbo) The low boost kit is 120hp and very easy on the motor. A while back MCX told me the kit can easily be upgrade to a 2 injector vs 1 injector to make a lot more HP. I never felt the car needed it and runs very well. Not even a comparison to a stock 900. For me it has been flawless. The car features Pro Armor doors and a Proline wrap. Not very many miles ago l installed a Badass gusset kit for the front end along with Super Daves trick bushings and the best ball joints available. The Roctane XD 28X10.00R14 tires are like new with a few hundred miles on them and are mounted on STI beadlock wheels. The after market cage has a radiused roof line and I did install two flag/whip mounts. The roof is metal powdercoated white and insulated so no rattles. There are two Joes racing convex mirrors mounted to weld on tabs giving great visibility. In back there is a UTV Inc. rear gusset plate to tie the back end together. It does have nice Dragonfire Racing wide 4 point belts for safety and comfort. The suspensions works very well and I think the original owner may have had some valving done to the shocks. This has been a great car and is a lot of fun. $10,500. Kurtis - 602-326-5720
  11. Straight into the mud, rocks, and trees. Thing rips in the desert. Good time for sure. I built a frame out of 3/4 plywood that goes down inside the bottom of a big heavy duty duffle. We can load a ton of stuff into it. I had an old sign left over made from dual sided aluminum with corrugated plastic between. Put that under the bag and seemed to fix the heat problem these cars have. Waiting on my spare tire rack which will hold the tire above the duffle.
  12. onanysunday

    Want the wall built?

  13. onanysunday

    Figure Me This, Broken tube.

    Damn that sucks. Could you tie it up and 3 wheel back? Pics we need pics. lol
  14. onanysunday

    Figure Me This, Broken tube.

    It is damn rough in the wet sand. Going to be a while before things dry out. Get out the welder!
  15. onanysunday

    Transporting a Rail/SxS

  16. onanysunday

    Handheld radio question

    So I have a Rugged 660 and Yaesu radio for the buggy and it all works awesome. Need to put something in the new Can Am SxS and don't want to break the bank. For desert and mountains only how well would a handheld radio work? My buddy told me yesterday in the desert it is nice for everyone to spread out from the dust and then let the next person know of a turn or y in the road. Looks like Rugged has several handheld radios on their site. I already have this under the helmet headseat. It works great with my snowboard helmet and I would wear the same setup. It does have the big plug so not sure if I would need an adapter to go into the handheld unit. Also how would you mount the handheld to get to the button easily? My thought was up high under the roll bar. Better for reception? My other option is to do quick disconnects to move the radio gear over from the buggy to the sxs each time but that would be a PITA. Plus all of the wiring.
  17. onanysunday

    Handheld radio question

    Rugged shows $325 and here on ebay it is less than half the price. Wonder why such a difference if the same. So if you do just a radio with no intercom you would still need the external speaker and an antenna? I assume I could still use my same antenna for the Yaesu and just buy the cable. A small speaker like this? Also I was reading with this 60 watt radio you need a license to transmit?
  18. onanysunday

    Handheld radio question

    At first I was thinking about just adding brackets and moving my radio gear back and forth. Problem is mounting it in the Can Am would be a Royal PITA. This guy did it and looks like some big aftermarket piece and the rugged metal bracket underneath to mount the radio and intercom. Not much room up in that dash. (Stock cockpit photo attached) Just don't want to buy a complete set of gear again either. I know the range will be marginal depending on terrain but need to stick with the handheld route. This looks like a nice kit with extra battery and the longer antenna. I am guessing this is the cord from Rugged to used my headset.
  19. onanysunday

    Handheld radio question

    PM Sent
  20. onanysunday

    Handheld radio question

    I am not following you when you say bigger radio.
  21. onanysunday

    Handheld radio question

    I am sure Socaldmax will chime in. I bought my Yaesu from him and very happy with it. Unlocking all the channels would be nice. I would also need to know how to plug my rugged headset into it. Plus where and how to mount it for ease of pushing the button to talk.
  22. onanysunday

    2011 Polaris XP900 MCX Turbo

  23. onanysunday

    Handheld radio question

    Wow! $25 is cheap. I do also see a lot of Horizon lower priced Marine radios online.
  24. onanysunday

    Handheld radio question

  25. onanysunday

    Crazy things you see in Glamis


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