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    Shocks Leaking Badly with Minimal Use After Rebuild?

    I switched from the King oil to Amsoil synthetic. Lasts much longer and the car works better. I run the light number 5. https://www.amsoil.com/lit/databulletins/g1663.pdf
  2. onanysunday

    Need Recommendations on Beachfront Hotels

    Wife and I love Mission beach and each year in September get a place 4 doors away from the boardwalk. That is around $1500.00 for a week. You can get places right on the boardwalk but of course more money. Lots of things to do with the kids: https://www.tripadvisor.com/AttractionsNear-g60750-d156251-Mission_Beach_Boardwalk-San_Diego_California.html https://www.vrbo.com/vacation-rentals/usa/california/san-diego-county/mission-beach?k_clickid=CjwKCAjwycfkBRAFEiwAnLX5IeeewXFtrB3MydQcvebRyuP3IeXi2ZhNvtYY2W4dAFkvuGf-xfTxpxoC830QAvD_BwE&ds_cid=71700000037713224&ds_kids=p34550185364&ds_kid=39700034550185364&ksprof_id=700000001593178&ksdevice=c&ktarget=dsa-468291272795&kloct=&klocf=9030007&ds_aid=58700004177472709&ha_t=1t1:g:41501960437&gclid=CjwKCAjwycfkBRAFEiwAnLX5IeeewXFtrB3MydQcvebRyuP3IeXi2ZhNvtYY2W4dAFkvuGf-xfTxpxoC830QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  3. onanysunday

    Honda Talon

    Maybe the Honda can climb this...................
  4. onanysunday

    1970 Chevy ground up build thread

    My Dad got bored with his Corvettes and has been buying a bunch of 67-72 Chevy pickups. This one is going to be pretty cool. New style direct injected motor with a 6 speed auto. Not the LT1 but the truck engine. I think he said it will still be 400 hp which will get it down the road. He sent the engine and trans computers out to be flashed for better performance. Pretty cool technology in these new motors. 72 psi fuel pressure up to the high pressure pump and then 2175 psi into the chamber. Wilwood spindle and brake front kit. Ford 9" rear end. Dirty Dingo bracket kit on the motor. My dad is old school and likes his 15" wheels. He is even running fan with clutch vs an electric fan.
  5. onanysunday

    1970 Chevy ground up build thread

  6. onanysunday

    Ottawa Canada travel advice

    Good info. Don't think we want to be on a train for 7 hours. Probably just rent a car and stay in the Ottawa area. Plenty of air bnbs under $100 per night close to Commissioners park. We both agreed to stay in town closer to the restaurants and pubs. Anyone else?
  7. onanysunday

    Ottawa Canada travel advice

    Anyone on here know the city? We are going to spend a week there in May for the Tulip festival. Got our round trip tickets for under $300 each. Been looking at air bnbs and have no clue if we should stay in the city or outside more in the country. Wife talked about taking a train to the Canada side of Niagara falls. She thought maybe not rent a car and just uber? I am thinking rent a car for the week. What other cool or fun stuff should we look into? We do like to river raft. Weather still looks pretty cold there in May. Any great restaurants you know of? My wife did mention some museums in the city. Thank you for any input.
  8. onanysunday

    Mushy clutch pedal questions

    So I have around 850 miles on my car since I put the S4 in last summer. I was warned to put a pedal stop so it would not over travel the TO bearing. I also rebuilt my cnc clutch master cylinder with a new rebuild kit. It has always seemed inconsistent on the firmness of the pedal and releasing the clutch. Today it was acting up and did not feel like it was disengaging the clutch. Then it gets better again. I have run the pedal stop down further but don't want to go to far. I know I need to bleed it and see if there is any air. How much fluid should be in the reservoir? It looks to be about half full right now. I have also heard rebuild kits in the master don't always work well. In mine the bore was very nice and I cleaned it with fine emery paper with a drill and slotted bar. Sort of like a flapper that spins and cleans the bore. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  9. onanysunday

    Do you guys like pics?

    Great pics
  10. We have camped up there a few times. Not enough room for big rigs. When the wind blows the road up can get piled up with 2' of sand. Ask me how I know this. lol. Watched a guy one night late trying to mob his class C up that hill through the deep sand. We laughed so hard. Buddy of mine took a tourist off a bus for a ride one time and got paid $40. His eyes were as big as silver dollars after that ride.
  11. onanysunday

    Mushy clutch pedal questions

    How much movement should the clutch arm have at the pivot point? It had quite a bit and I ran the double nut in at least two threads. Now it has around 1/4 to 3/8 freeplay at the pivot. Reverse was grinding meaning the clutch was not disengaging. Now that is a lot better. This is how I adjusted the clutch in the beginning. 1/4" movement at the pedal after releasing is not much. Guess I need to jack it up and check this again.
  12. onanysunday

    Mushy clutch pedal questions

    It is a 6 puck. Same thing I have run for years and not had any issues other than cracks in the discs. Oh and one clutch wore more on one side years ago which was weird. Clutch is still holding and working fine. The issue is more in the hydraulic system somewhere.
  13. onanysunday

    Mushy clutch pedal questions

    It is a Kennedy stage 2 double disc.
  14. onanysunday

    Mushy clutch pedal questions

    I guess I need to look closer at the fluid level. Here CNC says 3/4 full.
  15. onanysunday

    Carnage report 3/14-16

    We had one of those repairs this week. Nice to get back in the dunes. Then go home and clean, cut, and re-weld.
  16. onanysunday

    Gas can on SxS floorboard?

  17. onanysunday

    Gas can on SxS floorboard?

    Think about what your fuel container would do in a hard crash or rollover. Please be very careful. I had a buddy that was burned from a fuel jug leaking and he passed away. Ask yourself is it worth the risk.
  18. onanysunday

    2012 Polaris RzR XP 900 - Only 32 hours!

    You might want to add xp900 and xp-900 to your text. Then it will show up on a search easier.
  19. onanysunday

    2012 Polaris RzR XP 900 - Only 32 hours!

    I just sold my 2011 XP 900 with an MCX turbo kit on it. 3300 miles and got $9750.00. From watching the ads I think you are fair on price for how low the hours are. Basically a new machine. I don't think there are a ton of buyers for these and it might take a little time. I would say hold out on your price for the right buyer. Great car for someone that has a $10k budget.
  20. I know this is a long shot but want to throw it out there. I brought 55 gallons of fuel and with conditions so good have burned through it faster than expected. Would like to stay a few more days. My first option is if someone has an ethanol fuel tester and if I could find some E85 in Brawley. So far can't find any calling around. I could make my own with a tester. Mine is at home. The quick fuels 36-E85QFT shows on Oreillys website but Brawley does not have it. Other options would be if someone is coming down tomorrow from Phoenix and will be getting gas anyway and could grab me some. Don't want anyone going out of their way. Only a few select stations have it. Like I said a long shot. I have fuel for tomorrow. Thankyou.
  21. onanysunday

    Down in Glamis and need some more fuel - Flex fuel E50-54

    John, Thanks for the offer. I assume you have E85? Would rather not have to try mix the fuel for the correct ratio if possible.
  22. onanysunday

    Down in Glamis and need some more fuel - Flex fuel E50-54

    Huge shout out and thanks to Chizzle on the board. He is going to drive across town, buy me some fuel, and bring tomorrow.
  23. onanysunday

    Down in Glamis and need some more fuel - Flex fuel E50-54

    I guess I don't want to have someone unhook their truck and drive me all the way to El Centro for extra fuel. Epic trip and one more day of duning I will go home Happy. My car is running so damn good. Just don't want to go home. Most things in life are just a filler in between going on a killer Dune trip.

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