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  1. BansheeBoy914


    This car would be killer with a KATG body on it...
  2. BansheeBoy914

    Rate my suspension

    That was a hell of a ride 🤘
  3. BansheeBoy914

    red licorice and axle rotation explained

    I'm now questioning my entire childhood...
  4. BansheeBoy914

    Shout out to Alper

    Can't wait to have him build me a set
  5. BansheeBoy914

    whats your favorite expression?

    F*ck it, lets party
  6. I got to see this thing on one of those two trips this year and the pictures really dont do it justice. I honestly thought it was a brand new car...
  7. BansheeBoy914

    Two Seat Sandcar Length

    My 2 seat Dunn tech was 12'7" end to end.
  8. BansheeBoy914

    Racer engineering sandcar for sale

    I was just going to ask if this was it Haha I knew it
  9. BansheeBoy914

    Did Sandlimo close?

    @L.R.S. does transports to and from AZ and great prep work... just saying
  10. BansheeBoy914

    Switch Pro pad set up

    We use them on one of the race cars for starter and ignition. Havent had a single problem yet
  11. BansheeBoy914

    My new to me Sand Pro 2

    Well first shakedown trip was phenomenal! Car ran absolutely amazing and was a blast to drive. Its definitely a massive upgrade from my last one! Couple bugs we found this time, but nothing major. -clutch slave cylinder is bad. Worked ok for the rides we did but was completely toasted when we finished. Already have a new one, just need to put it on. -radio and intercoms wont turn on at all. Checked all the fuses and none of them are blown, going to have to chase the wiring and see. -seat belts are JUNK. Going to the first thing I swap out ASAP -need to have starter rebuilt I think. Sometimes just clicks and needs to be cycled on and off to get it to spin Overall, considering I had 3 days to go over it and get it ready, i couldn't be happier. Looking forward to spending a lot of time and money in this thing!
  12. BansheeBoy914

    My new to me Sand Pro 2

    Well I made the move and picked up this Sand Pro 2 on Monday. It's got a Turnkey ls2 and a mendeola 2d. Was originally one of the KFROG radio cars, but it was the extra one so its supposedly been driven very little. Brought it home and immediately peeled off the wrap (absolutely hated it) and wired up the safeglo whip (last owner never wired it and didn't even know what color it was lol). Lots of changes to come, but all in due time. Quick list of plans: -Swap all lights to LED -Swap 2d to s4 -Hood, windshield and dash with iPad -New seats and belts -Supercharger (someday way down the line) -Anodize shocks black And I'm sure I'll come up with plenty of other ideas to spend money as time goes on. But until then, I cant wait to drive it!
  13. BansheeBoy914

    Thoughts on Dunn tech cars

    I feel like I know who you're talking about... 😶
  14. BansheeBoy914

    2005 Ford F-350 6.0 part out

    Do you still have the front bumper? Whst color is it?

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