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  1. Havent been specifically to onyx ranch, but been near there (off horse canyon road) really cool place with TONS of trails and riding
  2. Doesn't surprise me. I heard the separation wasn't exactly smooth 😬
  3. It came fuel injected from Honda. My brother in law (who I bought it from) just updated it to the system from a 2010 because it was more reliable
  4. For bone stock, this thing really gets down 🤘 20200412_121231.mp4 20200412_121307.mp4
  5. Thank you very much, I'm super pleased with the build so far. Itll be getting Madigan doors, bumpers, grill, mirrors, sway bar links, radius rod plate, and shock guards. Eventually maybe replacement arms. I've known Tom a long time, wouldn't take my business anywhere else. I will be powder coating the cage, just have to wait until I weld in the mounts for a chase light and window nets.
  6. Shameless plug time. Gotta give a huge shoutout to both Madigan Motorsports and Rugged Radios. Both companies have taken phenomenal care of us so far with this build as well as my previous cars. Gonna have lots more Madigan stuff on the car before it's done, and even with all the craziness going on, Rugged has been hooking it up with the 1 day shipping
  7. What he said 👍 c&r is a completely different company. Clint that owns CBR used to be management for PWR. Still in the same building
  8. Got a quick "test session" in after I finished the lightbar and buttoned her back up. Could not be happier!
  9. Were out in Menifee... you still up in Phelan?
  10. The welds aren't the prettiest, but I'd say they're ok for a "has been" welder 😂😂 Been a long time since I picked up a torch for anything significant
  11. Haha yes, I had just started to weld, so none of the backside is welded in that pic 😂 but that's also not a pin hole, just just where I stopped and the gas created a little nipple in the puddle. Torque is clearly a big fan 🐶
  12. I've affectionately started calling this thing "money pit" 😅😅 but in all honestly I'm very excited about it. It's been a looooong time since I used to build these things, but it's a little like riding a bicycle. Still got a very long list of things to go, but itll all come in time. But I'm pretty impatient, so we'll see how much time that ends up being 😅 The details: 2019 RZR Turbo S Velocity Cagewrx "Baja spec" cage - completely tig welded Polaris lower door inserts (will be getting full metal Madigan Motorsports doors later) Dragonfire racing seat cut out's PRP 5.3 harnesses Quick release fire extinguisher Rugged Radios M3 pumper with variable speed controller Rugged Radios 60 watt radio and rrp660 intercom Madigan Motorsports steering wheel with quick disconnect Getting a Falcon 40" single row radius LED bar today
  13. Looking for a set of tires for the wifes truck. Big fan of the Pro Comp AT but not super picky as long as they're good tires. Would also consider 33/12.50R17

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