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  1. Thank you man! Always good to see you and I'm glad it went to a great home!
  2. I fall into that group. My wife loves going to the dunes but has no desire to drive and all my friends have their own toys. I don't have both yet, but I will. We love the rail, and dont really have any desire to choose a sxs over it in the dunes, but we want one for all the other places we want to go where the sandrail wont or shouldn't go. Local trails/moab/arizona/etc.
  3. Duned with this car years ago, and it boogies! Someone will get a great deal here
  4. So many flashbacks! I miss those.... I've been here since 03, and even though I still get on a couple times a day to browse around, I'll admit I don't like the new format and the site really has died off a lot. Makes me sad because I used to spend hours and hours reading through and i learned a lot of what I know now on thos site. I still spend time here and there's still lots to read, but it's not the same.
  5. Can I get a price on 2 10.50x15 fronts?
  6. This car would be killer with a KATG body on it...
  7. That was a hell of a ride 🤘
  8. Can't wait to have him build me a set

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