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  1. Kept just missing you last season. Hopefully this season I can take that ride too
  2. 2nd this. They just changed ownership and from what I hear the new owner is awesome
  3. Not that I'm aware of. It's never been out of the box except to take pics
  4. BansheeBoy914


    Took this in partial trade for a light bar, but have no use for it. Brand new still in the plastic with manuals, antenna, and magnetic mount. From what the guy told me, apparently you can even program this one yourself at home. Would be perfect in a sandrail or sxs. Sold 951-834-2622 -Chris
  5. Love my odessy. Ran an interstate AGM in my last car but it was bulky and expensive
  6. Thank you man! Always good to see you and I'm glad it went to a great home!
  7. I fall into that group. My wife loves going to the dunes but has no desire to drive and all my friends have their own toys. I don't have both yet, but I will. We love the rail, and dont really have any desire to choose a sxs over it in the dunes, but we want one for all the other places we want to go where the sandrail wont or shouldn't go. Local trails/moab/arizona/etc.
  8. Duned with this car years ago, and it boogies! Someone will get a great deal here
  9. So many flashbacks! I miss those.... I've been here since 03, and even though I still get on a couple times a day to browse around, I'll admit I don't like the new format and the site really has died off a lot. Makes me sad because I used to spend hours and hours reading through and i learned a lot of what I know now on thos site. I still spend time here and there's still lots to read, but it's not the same.

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