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  1. BansheeBoy914

    My new to me Sand Pro 2

    Well first shakedown trip was phenomenal! Car ran absolutely amazing and was a blast to drive. Its definitely a massive upgrade from my last one! Couple bugs we found this time, but nothing major. -clutch slave cylinder is bad. Worked ok for the rides we did but was completely toasted when we finished. Already have a new one, just need to put it on. -radio and intercoms wont turn on at all. Checked all the fuses and none of them are blown, going to have to chase the wiring and see. -seat belts are JUNK. Going to the first thing I swap out ASAP -need to have starter rebuilt I think. Sometimes just clicks and needs to be cycled on and off to get it to spin Overall, considering I had 3 days to go over it and get it ready, i couldn't be happier. Looking forward to spending a lot of time and money in this thing!
  2. BansheeBoy914

    My new to me Sand Pro 2

    Well I made the move and picked up this Sand Pro 2 on Monday. It's got a Turnkey ls2 and a mendeola 2d. Was originally one of the KFROG radio cars, but it was the extra one so its supposedly been driven very little. Brought it home and immediately peeled off the wrap (absolutely hated it) and wired up the safeglo whip (last owner never wired it and didn't even know what color it was lol). Lots of changes to come, but all in due time. Quick list of plans: -Swap all lights to LED -Swap 2d to s4 -Hood, windshield and dash with iPad -New seats and belts -Supercharger (someday way down the line) -Anodize shocks black And I'm sure I'll come up with plenty of other ideas to spend money as time goes on. But until then, I cant wait to drive it!
  3. BansheeBoy914

    Thoughts on Dunn tech cars

    I feel like I know who you're talking about... 😶
  4. BansheeBoy914

    2005 Ford F-350 6.0 part out

    Do you still have the front bumper? Whst color is it?
  5. BansheeBoy914

    Thoughts on Dunn tech cars

    I had one for years. It was a great car and a ton of fun to drive once I got a few of the bugs worked out of it. Sean had some strange ideas when it came to geometry. The car came from the shop with 6 inches of bump steer. We had to cut out and re-locate the rack to fix it, but after we did, I could drive it with one hand all day. The rear arms were trippy looking, but built such that they had a bunch of dead tubes and all the stress was on one. The rear shock mounts on the arms were in a position that caused them to bind as well. After I had wicked rebuild the arms, and move the tabs, they worked great. After I went through the car though, I had a blast driving it. It turned on a dime, and the chassis I had was really lightweight
  6. BansheeBoy914

    Funco Gen 4 $34000.00 SOLD Thank GDC

    Ad says it's a 4s2d no?
  7. BansheeBoy914


    We've used it on a couple trophy truck and 10 car chassis and absolutely love it. Not cheap by any means, but badass that you can weld right to it
  8. Looking at a new pair of 13.00x15 paddles for my car, but currently have 13.00 plus' ... what is the difference?
  9. BansheeBoy914

    Craftsman toolbox set - SOLD

  10. BansheeBoy914

    2054 VW motor -SOLD

  11. BansheeBoy914

    Sand Car!!

    What chassis is it?
  12. BansheeBoy914

    2054 VW motor -SOLD

  13. BansheeBoy914

    So it begins, My Gen 5 summer 2018 conversion, Outfront Style

    Saw it today.... its gooooorgeous
  14. BansheeBoy914

    Incredible customer service

    I cant say enough good things about @John@Outfront Mtrsprts and the whole team at Outfront. My car developed a strange electrical problem over Thanksgiving and the alternator wouldn't charge. I bought a new one (turned out to be unnecessary) and still wouldn't work. And I unfortunately didnt know enough about electronics to diagnose it. I took it to John, and he had it figured out in less than 5 minutes. Turns out my excitor (sp?) wire broke, but I couldn't find it. John told me he'd have it fixed in an hour and I'd be ready to go. When I came back, John told me he'd fixed my alternator and found a few other minor issues and was just going ahead and taking care of them. He fixed some stuff I didnt even know was wrong and my car runs better now than it ever has. John and his crew are the best and I can't say enough good things about them. Ive called them countless times with questions and they couldn't be more helpful or nice. I have my heart set on a v8 car next, but they've really got me thinking about another subi with support like this.

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