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  1. How much would it cost to stroke a Stock LS1 and redo the heads if needed ?
  2. found heating pads on water tanks, would of been more useful for water heater thanks for info peeps anything on the LP switch
  3. found heating pads on water tanks, would of been more useful for water heater thanks for info peeps anything on the LP switch
  4. Wanted to know if anyone can tell me what this switch is for(bottom right hand side). When i flip the switch the light turns on only while the generator is running. Also above this switch is a LP gas switch witch I don't know what it is for.
  5. going to do more trouble shooting this morning thanks for info GD
  6. I was wondering why the guy at dealership was pressing back on that switch.
  7. Used my rv a few months back, toward the end of my trip I noticed gen was acting up. Went to check it out today, noticed that fuel line was loose right off the gen. After fixing hose could not get fuel up to gen, rv has a little over 1/4 tank of fuel. Any tips on how to get fuel to gen
  8. Need to replace control arms on my 02 f150. Were can i get a good set?
  9. I removed tranny my self, was told that my bill shouldnt be more than the amount quoted unless gears needed to be replaced. What got me thinking was when I questioned it the guy said he would eat the extra cost with no hesitation. Not trying to get out of paying full bill just wanted a little feed back on the situation.
  10. My gears were all reused was advised that they did not have to be replaced. The concerned is that my bill is now $200 more, no big deal just having a hard time understanding why. Was told that certain bearing were replaced that were not planed to be and that the pinion nut had to be heated to be removed.
  11. what is the most you should have to pay to do a complete rebuild to a 2d with a broken reverse?
  12. did you have it polished yes i did and it looks brand new, but i still can see a hint of where the old stickers were in the right light. http://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index....howtopic=257665 did you polish it your self or have it done? i could remove the decals myself.
  13. Can the decals on my motorhome be removed or will i have to get it painted. They are pretty faded

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