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  1. Best part of the city in my opinion is north of Thomas, east of the 51, and west of the 101. Go as far north as you can. There are a few pockets in there that arent great but over all thats the place to be. I live in the middle of the desert now though, which trumps everything
  2. Also curious about this. Have always thought about leaving the drain plug cracked open (or drilling a hole through a "dry ice use only" spare) and trying it out. Seems sketch.
  3. We love our Canyons. Have the 22, 35, and 75 and they all serve their purpose well. The little one is just for the drive. Keep some snacks and a couple of drinks in there - I used it during the week as a lunch box, too. The 35 is great for drinks. I know its going to get opened a lot - count on having to refill with ice and drinks a couple of times depending on where we are and what we are doing. The 75 holds our food. We get in it maybe 5 times a day, but we know what we are looking for and dont mess around. Its not the end of the world if ice melts, they still keep stuff really Fn cold for a long time. For us, we like local, like the look, and try to stick to the same thing. Also, we got our 35 used for a smoking deal. Might be worth watching that, too. People sell their stuff all the time....
  4. I have been buying take offs (usually used 0-2,000 miles) and currently have some Michelins that have been awesome. Wearing really well and have a ton of life left. I bought them for $500 last summer/35-40k ago and they came on wheels that fit my truck. Thats what I plan on doing from here on out. Currently looking for some good AT tires for my second set of wheel. It works for me....
  5. My shop is in Tempe off of Priest and Broadway. Right where the 10 hooks left and goes west if youre coming from the south
  6. Oh thats good to hear.... I would have killed for something like this when I was 16 years old. Maybe thats why Im doing it now, but its crazy how things have changed just in the last 15 years. Ayeeeee
  7. Title says it all I am looking for someone to help out around the shop here and there, anywhere from 4 to 15 hours a week maybe. Could be more, could be less. We are a welding shop, but dont do any of the big structural stuff or pretty tig jobs. We can do those, but its not the norm. Mostly looking for someone who can help with installs, can learn how do to the basics of mig welding with 16ga - 1/4" material (tube, sheets, angle, strap, plate, etc) and of course grinding/sanding. We have a lot of work right now and its just too much for my partner and I to handle alone. Would be great to have an extra set of hands available. We have workmans comp, run payroll every two weeks, and a fully stocked fridge haha. Located in the PHX area
  8. Not stoked on fuel but shes not getting the greatest right now, and an Exped will get better than my truck, which is the current family wagon when we go anywhere together, be it to dinner or on road trips. I have a small commuter truck that will get close to 50mpg when its back on the road, so maybe that will even things out haha. We live in the boondocks, so fuel consumption isnt new. Doesnt mean its easy!
  9. We are looking for an EL or a MAX and I would assume those come with the bigger tank, but will dig into that for sure!
  10. What would you consider high milage on these guys? Looking at one thats just under 100k, one around 130k, and another sweet one thats at 170k....
  11. That would be nice. Its the best looking for sure, but we are going to cap out under $30k
  12. Also go to know, because I am looking at the earlier ones. Is the 2013 the truck or the Expedition?
  13. Good to know its a ripper. I like the 5.0 because it just seems to work. My mom has a 2014 and we both love it. I just dont know much abiut the EB and dont have any buddies with any, so Im happy to have your input on owning both
  14. Hey all. I will try to keep this short and to the point. Looking at an Expedition (or a Navigator if one pops up) for my wife. I wanted one with the 5.0 V8 but quickly realized they went from the 5.4 to the EcoBoost with no 5.0 option ever. I still cant believe that to be true, but it sure seems to be.... Anyways, I know the EcoBoost can be a good motor, but I also know there were a few things to watch for and a few things you could do to try and prevent some of the bigger issues. I dont know what those things are, but believe that they surround the turbos. Anyone in here have an EcoBoost or know them well that can shed some light on what I would be getting in to, what I should look for (shopping used from about 2013 on), what I should and should not worry about? We were going back and forth between an Expedition and an F-150 (mostly for the 5.0 option) but I think the Exped EL or MAX is the way to go for us. I have a 1 ton, we dont need another truck, but could use the space of the SUV for sure, and like that it can still tow our small boat and haul more than just the four of us around if needed. She currently drives an Edge. Thanks!!
  15. John Crist is pretty good. Hard to figure out, but I like him. Actually going to see him at the tail end of this year - looking forward to our first comedy show!

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