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  1. I drive over the scales at Davis Salvage whenever I need to know my weight. Takes a little bit of work, loading/unloading and driving over twice, but I have a shop right next door if you want to go that route and need a place stage. I know the guys pretty well over there and can usually do whatever I want. Thats all Ive got....
  2. Everyone should be questioning that - its so stupid. Scream loud enough for long enough and youll convince yourself that what youre saying is right, regardless of how wrong you are. I was not and have never been afraid of it. I am healthy, take care of myself, and have been sick before. This is not new and is not scary. Ive joked the whole time about handing out free hugs to those who've had it to make them feel better, and I would! Not because Im cocky or ignorant, but because I 100% believe its not going to kill me or a massive majority of those that do or did get it. I was worried from the start about what is happening now.
  3. You guys are insane. Love this site!
  4. Be right back - drooling 👅 Right now the budget is pretty capped at $8k for the right one. That might even be a stretch as we are looking for some "shelter" as well. We have a small set up, but would love to move into an older, but nicer cabover. Just missed a couple, but we will get there. We also dont have to make anything happen this year. We've always been good at being patient and waiting for the right thing to come our way. Looked and shopped for our truck for about 6 years, boat took about three. We will get there! This VW is the first thing in a while thats been really tempting
  5. I would add a b pillar for sure - just looks wrong. We will get a SxS someday, just not today haha. All good points so far, thanks guys
  6. My wife and I have been kicking around the idea of getting a rail or SxS for the last year or so. We haven't been to the dunes in forever and when we did go, it was quads and bikes. We have two kids now, and they are both big enough to ride in a rail without having to worry about their heads twisting off of their necks, so the conversation starts again.... We have friends with big boy cars and turbo RZRs and all that fun stuff that we would go with. Right now, a $7k rail is within reach but a $17k SxS is not. Big thing Im curious and clueless about is upkeep and maintenance. I know, I know, if you own a VW you'll learn how to work on them really quick. Sure, thats great and I am totally cool with that, but what do I REALLY need to look out for or plan for? We like this one, linked below, but haven't looked at it yet. What do I ask, look for, or need to know, and again, what can or should I expect down the road? Thanks all! https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/snw/d/phoenix-sandlimo-sand-rail/7385878095.html
  7. There was a thread about it on the old site. I am also NOT curious about this.... 😬 😅
  8. Ok, on to the next topic - catalytic converter. When I bought the truck it had the stock exhaust on it. Went through emissions and it passed just fine, but failed the visual because theres no cat. I really should have caught that one.... Anyways, I bought one from ebay and will be installing it this week. Do I knock out the innards or leave it as is? Just want the best performance, obviously. Thanks again
  9. Thats awesome! Almost 20 years ahead of me. Hit 10 on the 10th 👍🏼
  10. Hey guys, first time Ive logged on in almost a week - hope I didnt leave anyone hanging!
  11. I will be in OC and Lakewood this weekend and can get them back to my shop in Tempe. Plenty of room in my truck on the way back. Let me know if I can help Chad 602-618-3158
  12. My mind goes to a welding shop. Specifically one that does cylinder exchanges. Maybe they would know what you need?
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