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  1. Oww ok. I will be calling them tomorrow!
  2. Loved playing grab ass with my quad group! My dad, his buddy, buddies son (my buddy), and I would RIP through the dunes. Positions 2-4 were always changing, but the lead dog never changed. Some fun rides right there. This spring marks 10 years since Ive been. Keep saying I need to get back there.... Heres a video from the last trip I took. Not a lot of duning, mostly pee peeing around, but its fun to look back on....
  3. What can I do with these? I would like to change the valve and get them filled so I never have to swap out tanks for my grill or flat top ever again, but I dont know if thats possible. Also, they need to be re-certified. Is it even worth it? Who fills them on the DL? Thanks all
  4. You should be fine in Troon with water. Pretty sure its all city water with no hauled or wells. Rio Verde is almost all hauled or well water - going to be a big issue soon. Im told wells are $10k+ just for the hole and you dont even know if you'll hit water. I live in the SE corner of Rio, and am one of just a small handful that are on city water. So glad I dont have to deal with all the BS my neighbors will have to deal with. It may be a matter of time before they come after me, too, but for now Im good. I know a good amount of builders all throughout the valley. If youre looking for a rec, let me know. Troon is big money - doing some steel work for a house there right now thats not holding back - has to keep up with the neighbors!
  5. I had a pic of a either a Dodge for a Ford with a GD.com sticker on it parked like douche that I never posted up. Couldnt throw him under the bus like that. It may have been a Ford at the time because I think he drives a Dodge now. Either way, it was too funny 😂
  6. These are great! https://coolershock.com/
  7. I'll throw Canyon out there again. They are pricy, but not the most expensive, and work really well. I like they they are local to me, and seem to have great customer service. A handful of ACE Hardware stores sell them here in town, too. We have the 75 which has worked well for my family of four on a few weekend camping trips (tent camping at the lake) and my wife and I took it on a 6 day road trip last summer where is did everything we wanted it to do. I have been eye balling the 120 just because I like big things and the 35 for the back seat of the truck on longer day trips where we may want some lunch to stay cold, or a place to keep the road orange juice. Really though - find the size and color you like, whatever brand it is, make sure youre wife will be able to help you move it once its full, and enjoy the ride. Also, look up a product called "cooler shock"
  8. Look up "skoolie" conversions - there was a lot of people doing it recently. Cheaper than a Sprinter, bigger too. I helped sheet the side of one for a buddy a while back.
  9. I think it sold for $8,100 or so. A little too much cash for me to gamble with, but man I wanted it!
  10. Funny thing - we own a welding shop haha
  11. Looking for some info on this car. Posted in Sandrail Tech, but figured it might get more eyes on it over here. Thanks!
  12. Buddy found it at an auction. Curious if anyone knows a little bit about it. According to the add.... 2.5 turbo subaru, lynx computer, 091 built pat hughes trans, 18" travel
  13. Was waiting for someone to bring that one up. I will be splitting my starter wood when needed - thats about it haha. If anyone would like to come split it for me, using the method mention above, youre welcome to take half of it once its all split! 😜

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