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  1. I saw these just dont want all the wired and stuff to be seen it will be ugly.
  2. I like that. I don't want to see wires and stuff.
  3. Hey guys, Thinking about getting radios in my car but I have no dash spot to install them? Anyone out there deal with this and have good ideas where you should put them if you don't have a dash?
  4. Yeah he says first day he can get it 80% there and 2nd day would be fine tuning. He brings everything in his giant race trailer has lathe's , mill , car hoist said he has it all and I have been recommended him by quite a few people. Hope we can dial it in.
  5. They are fun. Ya I only have bypass in rear so we will see how it does. I do have 2.5 on the front so that should help. Nice ride btw. I am relocating my radiator to where u have it right now because it's to close to the gas tank and to covered up and getting to hot. Looking forward to the season!
  6. Thanks guys, Just spoke with Alltech and Wayne seems awesome looks like I might be going with him to do 2 days of full suspension tuning in Glamis.
  7. Still looking for more options as no one is getting back to me. I want someone that knows what they are doing and is good at it. I have all the weights and everything.
  8. I have a new 2019 BFD 2 seater Mid Engine care with an LS1 that needs full suspension tuning. I am wondering who is the best in the desert for this because right now my can am x3 rides softer and smother than the buggy. The buggy is brand new and has not yet had any suspension work done. I am hoping to find someone that goes to the dunes and test and does setup there. Looking to test in Glamis. Please let me know. Thank you!

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