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  1. The turbo kit is by K&T. Unfortunately like the older YXZ's, the KRX engine internals are not turbo friendly and will only handle around 5 lbs, so hp will only be around 150 per K&T. It is very well built and I enjoyed driving one , but it's not any faster than my Polaris General. The KRX rides much better though.
  2. Can't believe dealers still have 2018 X3's. For that price I would buy a X3 in a heart beat over the Kawi also.
  3. Kawasaki offers Click Six harnesses in the KRX accessory catalog. No pics though.
  4. Read somewhere that Jackson said the dct would only handle 200 hp max. That would be a big letdown if it's true.
  5. Nate is running 32's on Alba's test Talon. Be interesting to hear what he thinks.
  6. The Reese is endorsed by Lippert and will not void warranty or cause any damage to the fifth wheel frame. Being it replaces the entire kingpin box it doesn't add any additional stress to the frame. I ran the Anderson for a while but switched to the Reese 94623 20k gooseneck box on my Fuzion.
  7. Looking at a 2014 bms navigo ss22w and needing some info about the trailer. Do they have decent build quality? Being they are out of business I can't find any info on them.
  8. Still has the same cramped uncomfortable interior that my 2014 XP has and basically looks like a five year old RZR with a facelift. When is Polaris going to release a all new RZR? I am sure the die hard Polaris fanboys will jump all over this so called new RZR but I for one am disappointed once again so will keep my fingers crossed for next year.
  9. Looks like it would be fun if your into riding wooded trails but way to short and underpowered for any of the riding we do. Imagine things get real ugly real quick in the deep whoops like comparing a RZR 800 to a X3 XRS..
  10. XP900

    WTB toter

    Will check it out. Thanks...
  11. XP900

    WTB toter

    Looking for a F650, Freightliner, International, exedra. Either crew or extended cab is fine.
  12. Didn't get caught up in the RZR hype for once at the Sand Show. Got caught in the X3 hype instead and ordered a XDS and XRS.LOL..
  13. Skats are definitely faster in a straight line. As soon as I start duning in a straight line I will be switching over. Why didn't you run the 30x13x14 xtreme skat if you wanted a "dune" tire?
  14. Tim at Xtreme Tire could answer that for you..
  15. The belts can be found on Amazon for around $135

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