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  1. x2 on Hondo, well worth the drive to Tucson. He builds some badass exhaust
  2. Heated seats will be quite the hit with the ladies. Install is easy but if you wire them directly to the battery you could wake up to a dead one. Wiring them with a relay off of the ignition is recommended.
  3. Finally got a permit for a new house build. Pushing some dirt around and starting the over ex on the detached garage. Fun fun
  4. Dune prep is in full swing. Trans fluid, oil, fuel filters, fresh fuel, nut and bolt check. The season can’t come soon enough
  5. St John is a very close neighboring island, right off of St Thomas. There is a ferry that runs back and forth several times a day that leaves from Redhook on St Thomas. Beautiful place that's much smaller and really has that island feel. For beaches Trunk bay about as good as it gets, have fun and enjoy that good life.
  6. Looking for a G52 or Gen 6 factory funco built car, I have $80k to spend. Shoot me a PM or text at 602-eight 2 6-83seven9
  7. These pictures make me feel all tingly, figured they needed to be shared...
  8. Some gnarly front rotors on that thing. Have fun and tear it up.
  9. 40CR is a great model. Any loaded Funco pics @rampster ?
  10. Car turned out great and major props to @Hondo The roof lines and doors turned out killer. The refresh is a great mix of modern looks but still has the "open" feel that makes these cars great. Props for a great build.
  11. 2016 Polaris RZR 1000, NOT A TURBO, 581 miles, recent full service, this car is all set up to ride with lots of bolt ons. $14,200 -30" pro armor tires -Polaris 14" beadlock wheels -Full size matching spare -Polaris Winch -Rigid light bar -Polaris retractable harnesses -PRP door bags -Polaris front bumper -Polaris rear bumper -Plastic roof -Turbo hood -side mirrors -Spare unused belt
  12. I nominate @CHIZZLE Any guy rocking a sway bar on a Gen 4 subi isnt messing around. Smooth is fast and fast is smooth.

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