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  1. Hi guys, I am struggling getting some brakes bled with a Jamar master cylinder like the one below. Any chance someone in G has a pressure bleed cap I could borrow for a few hours?
  2. Moving up to Prescott az until the new house build gets done. Moving shit up steep driveways and stairs isnt fun but man the scenery and weather is beautiful up here.
  3. Turned out absolutely amazing, if there was (and should be) a funco calendar this needs to be on the cover.
  4. The 2018 + Attitudes have a much better quality Lippard frame/ chassis. Very similar to the Genesis. I've owned both in recent years (2017 36CK and 2018 32DBG) and my main takeaways is the Attitude has a nicer interior with colors and style, AC seems to be more balanced and work better with the lower ceilings. The width of the slide is bigger and better placed so I could put my Funco in forwards (with paddles) or backwards with skinnies. The Genesis has nicer exterior fiberglass, bigger basement/ storage area and has more 5er bed clearance for taller for lifted trucks. AC and heat was way off from balanced. The slide was positioned in a way I had to change tires and could only fit my car by backing it in. Another lesson learned is the new gray fiberglass style is dumb, adds at least 10 more degrees over the white ones. Next trailer will be white for sure.
  5. SOLD! to a badass GD member, thanks for all the complements guys and hope to see you all out at the Regatta.
  6. pinnedcr250f

    WTB Funco

    Still got a good lookin blue gen 5 for sale, she is all ready for the regatta.
  7. Headed to Glamis for the weekend, I could bring this car to save the long drive to PHX for any interested CA buyers.
  8. Wow on the inside job, my truck was the only truck stolen. It didn't seem real but you sure can fit lots of expensive rims in a 8' bed. It was the Happy Valley and 23rd ave location. I am still working on the insurance end but Discounts original response was they have no liability in the situation and they offered to pay $250 for my deductible.
  9. So my truck was stolen last Thursday from Discount tire, inside the shop locked up overnight if you would believe that. So I am looking for a replacement either a clean used or late model 2500 3500 Diesel, I am located in Phoenix AZ. Anyone selling please PM me. Thanks!
  10. A leak down and compression test would be wise to make sure you are diagnosing with a healthy motor.
  11. I've ridden a 380 EXC in the sand and @Morgy is damn right, these things are a new level of fast. Torque for days and a killer powerband GLWS

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