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  1. Catching up on the todos, RZR all serviced and the boat and RV clean and detailed. Feels great to have a clean garage. Hopefully off to a cold beverage and chill after this 116 Phoenix heat
  2. Very cool, great way to get started. Props to giving him the tools to learn, he is working at the right place.
  3. That is a generous offer, props for posting.
  4. Do it! Makes the tow feel stable and safe, totally worth it.
  5. Bump, still looking. Please reach out if you are considering selling. my cell is 602-826-8379
  6. X2. Hondo does great work, well worth the drive to Tucson. Quality work done at a good price
  7. Bump for the FOC and for you IG folks look up Funco Owners Club on Instagram as well.
  8. Bump, still looking. Please reach out if you are considering selling
  9. I believe 13/51 is stock. If he is spending a good amount of time in the larger stuff dropping to a 50 or 49 will keep from revving the bike out to much. At his weight a 250f should be a good bike, going to a 450 to early can cause him to lose his aggression and make a timid rider. Sounds like pops needs to throw a leg over it and show him how it's done.
  10. Great looking shop! What are the dims (LxW) of your mezzanine?
  11. I am looking for a 2007+ name brand wakeboard boat in good condition in AZ or CA. Preferably a Nautique, Mastercraft, Moomba or Tige. $60k max please shoot me a text anyone interested in selling. Thank you 602-826-8379
  12. Any Funco exclusive meetups or unofficial regattas in this owners group?

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