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  1. Wanted to do a shout out to @hondajimz for an awesome transaction buying his X3. He went way out of his way to meet at G, picked up a sweet set of harnesses for me on his way and did a great job describing the machine. It was even better in person than what I was expecting. We ran the X3 all weekend with no issues and had a blast. thumbs up to @hondajimz for being a solid dude and a great seller. Thank you!
  2. I agree on the good price but the salvage title on this one is a deal killer.
  3. If anyone has actual recent OTD pricing on XRS X3s I would appreciate it. On X3s everyone has told me Adrenaline Motorsports in Casa Grande has the best pricing.
  4. I am sure your car is mighty nice but too fancy for my blood. I am in the $20-25k budget depending on miles and mods.
  5. Very generous offer. Thanks, Ill be in touch if its heading that direction.
  6. Thanks Yarder, looks to be a nice car. Hoping for something locally...
  7. Looking for a Can am X3 XRS, prefer to be under 1000 miles, clean title. Also looking for paddles. I am located in phoenix az. Thanks, please DM with anyone considering selling one. Thanks
  8. Damn that car turned out great. She sure is one stout and sexy lady.
  9. This car is crazy cool, someone is going to really score. GLWS!
  10. This is winning at life when you have to legitimity choose which Funco to drive each day. Beautiful car and congrats on snatching it up
  11. x2 on the pc925, On my gen 4 and 5 a tray wasn't necessary, just needed to turn the battery sideways.
  12. I did a post like this a while back and got some great ideas, some of my favorites are. -Washer Dryer in garage (makes clean up quick) -Do an Ice Maker -Electric water heater efficient in space and power -Big ass fan & Evap cooler works wonders -Compressor on a switch Next shop I build I would do different: -Wont do a shower, I never use it. -Have the concrete contractor dye the mud a dark gray, then use sealer and densifier. Much cheaper than epoxy and looks nice. -No windows on the West wall, its hot and the window coverings were expensive because of the odd size -5"+ slab -Install big CFM exhaust fans on a timer to suck out heat when you want to cool it down. Save money on cooling and speed up the time to cool -always make it bigger, always.
  13. x2 on Hondo, well worth the drive to Tucson. He builds some badass exhaust
  14. Heated seats will be quite the hit with the ladies. Install is easy but if you wire them directly to the battery you could wake up to a dead one. Wiring them with a relay off of the ignition is recommended.

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