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  1. I've ridden a 380 EXC in the sand and @Morgy is damn right, these things are a new level of fast. Torque for days and a killer powerband GLWS
  2. 2010 Funco Gen 5 Subi/2d -Outfront closed deck motor built by Forced Air Tech in AZ and tuned by Outfront using E80 fuel. (done 2019) (On Outfronts Dyno it made 335 to the rear wheels on (his dyno conversion ratio X1.5=502.5 engine hp) @ 17 psi. It had 3.7 psi at 2000 rpm and 10 psi at 2500 rpm. It's a very quick car that comes on the boost fast and pulls hard.) -Refreshed 2d with entire new clutch & pressure plate (done 2019) -Turbo refreshed (2018) -New Axles (2017) -Car has new gray area 930s (done 2020, not one trip on them) -New Exhaust from C&G with heat shield and brace to prevent from cracking (2019) -Mid board hubs - Car to car radio and intercom system - Buffed baja pros and paddle tires have no plugs and hold air - 6 Vision X lights and the big daddy Baja Designs light bar (this car has amazing light) -Highly desirable wing trunk (perfect for snacks, jackets, goggles etc etc (@MellenMPZ compliments it all the time) -Odyssey Gel Battery (car has a spot for a 2nd battery) -Fresh fuel filters, air filter and outerwears -LED whip -LED tail lights -Dragonfire memory foam harnesses with breast clip (extremely comfy) -Garmin GPS -very cool see thru chrome floor I can send more pics and info for interested buyers. Clean Arizona Funco Title with Funco VIN This car is very fresh, runs awesome and need nothing Located in Phoenix, Az NO TRADES, cash or wire only $42,000 DM or text/call 602-eight2six-8379
  3. One badass beautiful subi Funco right there, Someone is getting one legend of a car, GLWS GM!
  4. Got lucky 🍀, thanks megadesertdiesel
  5. The wet sand was a little rough on the wheels on the new to me x3. Anyone know who makes this wheel?
  6. Looking for a 06-19 Yz250 2 stroke. Please PM if anyone has one and looking to sell. Thanks!
  7. Great price, even if its for a backup motor this is a great deal. Where are you located?
  8. Oh man, what a beautiful Funco. Thieves suck and hopefully something pops up soon.
  9. Wanted to do a shout out to @hondajimz for an awesome transaction buying his X3. He went way out of his way to meet at G, picked up a sweet set of harnesses for me on his way and did a great job describing the machine. It was even better in person than what I was expecting. We ran the X3 all weekend with no issues and had a blast. thumbs up to @hondajimz for being a solid dude and a great seller. Thank you!
  10. I agree on the good price but the salvage title on this one is a deal killer.
  11. If anyone has actual recent OTD pricing on XRS X3s I would appreciate it. On X3s everyone has told me Adrenaline Motorsports in Casa Grande has the best pricing.
  12. I am sure your car is mighty nice but too fancy for my blood. I am in the $20-25k budget depending on miles and mods.

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