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  1. fmyth

    Hunting Trips Who Has What Planned?

    If you put in for the same species for 5 years in a row you get an additional bonus point(forever as long as you put in for the draw for that species every year). If you take the AZFG hunters safety course you get a lifetime bonus point for all species. With these two points you can draw an elk archery tag every year for some good units or a rifle tag every 5 or 6 years. If you want to hunt bull elk with a rifle early season on the strip you'll be waiting many many years. I'm 51 and don't want to wait til I am 80 to draw a trophy tag so I hunt archery in a unit that has the best odds and the most elk. I'd rather hunt every year than hunt a trophy unit once in my lifetime.
  2. fmyth

    Hunting Trips Who Has What Planned?

    I drew an AZ unit 6a early archery bull elk tag for this year. This is my 3rd AZ elk tag in row. I also was drawn for a WY general any sex elk tag and will be hunting just north of the CO/WY border the first two weeks of Sept. If unsuccessful during archery I can return during the Oct firearms season for no additional fee. I am still waiting to see if I draw my CO 2nd season rifle bull hunt. If you really want to draw tags invest $149 a year for Gohunt.com and use the analytic tools to find the unit/hunt with your best odds. To have a good chance of hunting every year it helps to put in for multiple states.
  3. fmyth

    Rzr frame mods ?

    Would it be possible to incorporate a collapsible steering shaft similar to what the stock car/sprint car guys run? https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Sweet-Mfg-405-10325-Collapsible-Steering-Column-32-42-Inch,6843.html?sku=91032302&utm_medium=CSEGoogle&utm_source=CSE&utm_campaign=CSEGOOGLE&gclid=Cj0KCQiApvbhBRDXARIsALnNoK3RruGmjiidtghKu6qRnZMhglT8nFonmj3FsILUVp03LLcM7epmyZMaArS5EALw_wcB
  4. Was the advertised price $18,999 and the out the door $23,700? If so that seems like a lot of add on fees .
  5. fmyth

    Buggy VS Rzr?

    Here is a pic of whats left of the RZR. I'm not surprised at the amount of damage after watching the video. If you watch the video in slow motion you can see roost as the rear tires touch down on the landing. Looks to me like the buggy driver landed under power and probably never saw the RZR and didn't apply the brakes before hitting the RZR.
  6. fmyth


    Kevin McMullen used it on Conner McMullens new Alumacraft 10 car. I saw it before the first race and after he won his class in the Vegas to Reno race and it still looked great. Any place that was damaged they just touched up with a spray can of the stuff. Pretty amazing paint if it can hold up to Baja.
  7. fmyth

    Hunting Trips Who Has What Planned?

    Congratulations! Getting an elk with an OTC tag in CO is a big accomplishment! I got tag soup for CO and AZ archery this year. I am sure I won't draw this you so will likely be trying my first CO OTC hunt. I could use some pointers on CO OTC if you care to share some intel. If you want to put in for AZ I can offer some advice.
  8. fmyth

    Genesis two seater with Toyota 3.0

    I've duned with this car and it flat out gets it. It had no problem keeping up with our group on dune runs. If I were in the market I'd buy it. Good luck with the sale.
  9. fmyth

    The New Honda Talon!

    There is a dealer here in AZ selling left over white/blue YXZ's for $13,900 plus ttl. One of my friends recently bought one and iirc it was under 15k otd.
  10. fmyth

    buying new truck out of state

    Montana LLC's were a great way to do this. Now several states including LA and NE are onto it and going after people who establish LLC's in MT to avoid paying sales tax. Montana politicians are also interested in cashing in on people who do this buy increasing licensing fees. I am going to establish residence in SD for many other reasons. Saving 6% on the sales tax of a new truck/trailer is just one of the perks. https://www.bozemandailychronicle.com/news/out-of-state-car-buyers-use-montana-llc-s-to/article_b4b37d29-e894-523e-b0ed-be7c0bf7e398.html https://www.bozemandailychronicle.com/news/mtleg/lawmakers-still-looking-to-charge-fees-on-luxury-cars-rvs/article_09f7a6fa-c65c-5a8e-b91d-5b1c0956d663.html
  11. fmyth

    buying new truck out of state

    I will be registering my next new truck and travel trailer in South Dakota. I can get away with it because I have grey hair and live in an area over run with snowbirds. You only have to spend one night in SD one time to set up residence and never have to return to keep your vehicles licensed there. No smog, no inspections and only 4% sales tax upon purchase and extremely cheap tags (about $100 a year for my 14 Ram 2500. There are a couple of SD based companies that will handle everything for you for about $150 a year. This is the company I will probably use: http://www.americas-mailbox.com/
  12. fmyth

    Polaris 1000 chain tensioners

    This is the only mod I've made to the engine on my XP900 and I'm closing in on 7k miles.
  13. fmyth

    Bypass shocks when?

    Is Revolution still in business? I had a set on an AG and didn't care for the handling of the car. Can't say it was all the fault of the shocks but I wan not impressed.
  14. fmyth

    school me on the new Rams/Cummins

    Don't forget the shitty fuel mileage. I don't understand how a smaller, more advanced engine in a smaller, lighter more aerodynamic package could burn twice the fuel my 5 year old truck does. My 2014 Ram averages 16 in the city and it has 35" tires, bed rack and a roof top tent. Nissan failed.

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