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  1. my fifth wheel was done by bob moses here in az- $85.00 per foot- and yes its worth it
  2. In Carlsbad today and leaving tomorrow to Phoenix. Have a 16ft flatbed empty and the bed of my f250 (have a fifth wheel hitch installed) and tonneau cover that is foldable. If anyone needs anything taken to Phoenix let me know. I won’t be checking the forum often today so if you need this offer text me 623-221-2031 Thanks, John
  3. Im going to carlsbad this weekend and will have a empty flatbed coming home to phoenix this sunday
  4. I appreciate everyones input- we have now changed our mind once again and are thinking about this trailer https://www.desertrvcenter.com/vehicle-details/2022-attitude-3821gig-88f1496b5251bd4b88a05c1256912769 The pricing on their website isnt what I would buy it for just fyi
  5. Damn!!! glad its covered and yeah depending on the dealer the alotment is low- my friends lucked out they went to a dealer here in az and were going to look for a truck for their daughter to tow her toy hauler (had to be lariat black on black on black) and as they pulled up to look at the truck an auto transporter pulled in and had two f450 platinums on the trailer 1 vin number apart- they ended up walking out with 3 trucks that day cause the dealer had them instock and the 450s came in cheaper then the 350s cause alot of people still dont know about the commercial plates and stuff.... the chevy dealer I buy parts from for my automotive repair business offered 10k more then I paid for my truck and it has 44k miles on it- im trying not to give in and order a new superduty again.....
  6. It was an awesome trailer I just sold it last week to another couple going back and forth from california!
  7. @tjZ06 Wrote up about this topic before the crash- I believe he stepped up his budget and went with a Newmar product that had a feature that made the coach more pleasurable to drive and was less tiring.
  8. Recently I picked up a new to me trailer- 08 weekend warrior and We got it home and my girl friend and I made the mistake of looking at a friends new toy hauler. My girlfriend and I are now entertaining the idea of purchasing a new one compared to keeping the old one. So I am looking for real world opinions.... I feel the momentum is built better but has limited cargo space, the vortex isnt much difference in price and I get more cargo then I need right now. If you own one of these brands how do you feel about the quality, fit and finish and are their options that I should consider adding to the trailer before I buy it or order it? Thanks in advance, John
  9. I think all trucks have their problems but I will say after buying my first ford in 2014 and having since purchasing 2 more trucks I dont think I will go back to another brand unless something drastic changes.
  10. squatcher- what does that run on average for you for the weekend?
  11. What beer fridge do you use in your toy hauler or rv? I have seen in some motorhomes and buses in the underbelly storage a 12 volt fridge that will keep your beer ice cold with out the need of ice. Looking for opinions and options on what to buy. Thanks, John

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